What Kind Of Person Could Be Happy?

Who Should Retire Overseas?

April 22, 2012, Baltimore, Maryland: To make a success of a new life in retirement overseas, you need two things—an open mind and a sense of humor.

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Dear Overseas Opportunity Letter Reader,

Should you really be thinking about retiring to a new country?

That is...who should consider this idea? Surely it's not for everyone. Selling everything you own...packing up or giving away every possession...buying a plane ticket for some foreign country...and then showing up and trying to build a whole new life there? Leaving your family, your friends, your home, everything comfortable and familiar...and dropping yourself inside a new city or a new community where the people probably speak a different language and where everything else will be different, as well?

Who would do that? Why would anyone do that?


Retire To Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

All-Amenity Pacific Coast Retirement For As Little As US$150,000

April 20, 2012, Riviera Nayarit, Mexico: The private Pacific ocean-view development community called Vista Encantada is one of the top choices available for enjoying a luxury-level Pacific coast retirement, with developed services and amenities, that is also affordable.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

Coastal living comes in many varieties, but perhaps the most common dream of a life on the water involves the rugged and hilly California coast. One reason is the views. Sitting high up on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean, catching a breeze while sipping a cocktail and relaxing on your terrace, with the surf crashing beneath your feet...for many, that's the ultimate retirement dream.

The trouble is that, while this is perhaps the variety of waterfront life most often dreamt about...it's also the most costly (in large part because it is so in demand).

If the Pacific Coast is the backdrop you seek for the retirement of your dreams, I suggest you focus your search not on the coast of California...but somewhere a bit farther south, where you still can afford the view.


Retirement In Las Tablas, Panama

Las Tablas Revisited

April 19, 2012, Las Tablas, Panama: Las Tablas, Panama, remains our number-one choice for bargain beachfront retirement in Panama.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

The first (January 2010) issue of my Panama Letter featured Las Tablas, a little town on the eastern Pacific coast of this country's Azuero Peninsula.

Why did we decide, back then, to begin our up-close and no-holds-barred reporting on what it's really like to live or retire in Panama by focusing on Las Tablas?

Las Tablas is the first town of note along this Pacific Gold Coast. Other beaches, certainly, are easier to access from Panama City. But these "city beaches," as they're called, have gotten expensive. Panamanians like to be able to leave work on Friday afternoons and reach their places on the water by dinnertime, and they are willing to pay a premium for that privilege. Properties at these Panama City beach areas, therefore, have appreciated in value over the past several years, but I'd say that, generally, the experience doesn't support the inflation.


Live & Invest In Panama Conference

The Many Faces Of Today’s Panama

April 18, 2012, Panama City, Panama: Panama remains today the world’s top retirement haven, the world’s best place to run an international business, and a tax haven.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

Panama today is a wildly different place from the Panama I visited for the first time 12 years ago...and a significantly different place, even, from the Panama Lief and I moved to, with our family and our business, four years ago.

A dozen years ago, Panama was in recession, following the still-recent departure of the U.S. military who had been managing and operating the Panama Canal. When they left, they took their families and their disposable income with them. Leaving a hole...

That Panama quickly stepped up to fill. This country took control of its canal and turned it, in short order, into a burgeoning business. Then it began reinvesting the profits the canal revenues were throwing off.


Fund Your Retirement Overseas

The Smartest Possible Investment Strategy For The Retired Expat

April 17, 2012, Medellin, Colombia: The smartest investment strategy for the retired expat is to diversify globally, follow your instincts, and stick with your game plan, no matter what other investors are doing.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

"Even experienced investors can make very bad bets," writes Retirement Planning Correspondent Paul Terhorst.

"Take John Paulson, for example, who made megabucks shorting subprime mortgages in 2007. Last year a Paulson hedge fund lost over 50%, mainly by betting on Bank of America. B of A's stock collapsed in 2011, and, at the end of the year, Paulson finally sold out at a huge loss.

"B of A promptly turned around, and, 2012 year-to-date, is up sharply. Paulson lost out.


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