How To Live Or Retire Tax-Free

Strategies For A Tax-Free Life

April 13, 2011, Panama City, Panama: An American abroad can use a foreign corporation, in a zero-tax jurisdiction, to legally and legitimately reduce or even eliminate U.S. tax on his business income.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

"Most U.S. expats realize that the United States taxes its citizens on their worldwide income," writes international tax guru Chris Rusch.

"They understand, too, that every U.S. citizen must file a U.S. tax return every year, regardless where he chooses to reside.


Offshore Banking

Offshore Banking For Virgins

April 12, 2011, Panama City, Panama: Opening a foreign bank account is the best first step in any offshore strategy.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

Relocating your assets to another jurisdiction can seem a big, intimidating, even frightening idea.

But it doesn't have to be.

First, what does it mean, "go offshore"?


Offshore Havens

This Train Is Fast Approaching...But You've Still Got Time To Get Out Of The Way

April 11, 2011, Panama City, Panama: Though the Bush tax cuts were temporarily extended late last year, an ever-mounting U.S. deficit will almost certainly lead to new tax legislation. The December 2010 extension was only a temporary reprieve. From Jan. 1, 2013, Americans across the board are going to experience significant tax increases. The best defense is to diversify offshore now.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

Like many Americans, you may already have seen your nest egg shrink, the value of your home fall, your investment portfolio lose half its worth or more...


Real Estate In Medellin, Colombia

Return To Medellin--Where The Five-Star Life Is A Bargain

April 10, 2011, Medellin, Colombia: Medellin, Colombia, is one of the world’s top property investment markets today and a highly affordable place to indulge in the good life.

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Dear Overseas Opportunity Letter Reader,

You've gotta' love a city where the best room (the "Grand Suite") in the best hotel (five-star) costs US$146 a night, including tax, full breakfast, and wireless Internet. Medellin's Park 10 Hotel would qualify as one of the best in the city even if it were located in Manhattan or London. In those towns, though, the Grand Suite might go for US$1,000 a night or more...


How To Buy Foreign Real Estate

Who Says What's Fair Market Value?

April 8, 2011, Panama City, Panama:

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

I own a beachfront lot in a development in Nicaragua. Recently, the developer contacted me asking if I'd like to sell it. In fact, he knew that I was interested in selling, as I'd had the lot listed for sale with his sales office for several months.


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