Global Property Investing

The Noose Is Tightening--But Here's How You Slip Out

July 29, 2011, Panama City, Panama: Holding real assets in real estate outside the United States is a more important part of any diversified investment portfolio today than it has ever been.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

Putting your money into foreign real estate is becoming a more appealing strategy all the time. Real estate has always made sense to me as an asset allocation, but I'm more persuaded today than ever that foreign property should be part of every investment portfolio.


Retire To Hua Hin, Thailand

Top Retirement Choice In Southeast Asia

July 28, 2011, Hua Hin, Thailand: Hua Hin, Thailand, meets all the classic requirements of an ideal retirement haven.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

"Earlier this year, a reader sent me an inquiry about Hua Hin, Thailand," writes Asia Correspondent Wendy Justice.

"My husband and I had never been there, so we put it on our list as a place to take a closer look.

"We've just returned from Hua Hin this week, and I have to say that we were impressed.


New Community Of Expats In Vietnam

A Different Breed Of Expat

July 27, 2011, Hoi An, Vietnam: Hoi An, Vietnam, is emerging as an overseas haven of a different sort, attracting families with young children from around the world.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

"We've been in Hoi An, Vietnam, for a week now," writes Asia Correspondent Wendy Justice, "just long enough to wish that we could stay much longer.

"This is a pretty town on the central coast, with long, clean, sandy beaches and tranquil rivers. But it's the town itself that is so remarkable. Once one of the busiest international sea ports in Asia, Hoi An has been heavily influenced by traders who came here from Japan, China, and the West. This was the location of first Chinese settlement south of Vietnam's Red River delta in the far north, and many of the buildings, dating back 400 years or more, remain intact.


How To Take Your Assets Offshore

Why More Americans Than Ever Are Seeking Options And Safety Offshore

July 26, 2011, Panama City, Panama: The number of American expatriations is at  record high, and a root motivation is the way the U.S. government, specifically the IRS, is treating its citizens these days.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

The number of American expatriations each year is at a record high, reports an international tax attorney friend. Tens of thousands of Americans a year are moving abroad in search of better lives.

"A root cause," my friend explains, "is how the U.S. government is treating its citizens these days.


How To Go Offshore

It's Time To Wake Up

July 25, 2011, Del Ray Beach, Florida: Going offshore is an effective way to circumvent restrictive laws and even to expand your wealth.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

"In Jonathan Swift's classic 'Gulliver's Travels,'" writes Correspondent Robert Bauman, "the hero washes ashore after a shipwreck and awakens to find himself a prisoner of the inhabitants of Lilliput, a race of people one-twelfth the size of normal human beings. The normal-sized Gulliver is tied down to the ground by hundreds of tiny pegs, ropes, and strings.


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