Offshore Taxation, Banking and Assets

This Train Is Roaring Down The Tracks

Sept. 20, 2011, Panama City, Panama: The new U.S. HIRE Act has important implications for the ability of Americans to move their money around as they want.

Dear Overseas Opportunity Letter Reader,

"You have about 15 months to make your plan," concluded international tax and structures attorney Joel Nagel.

Joel had just finished walking the group assembled for our Emergency Offshore Summit through specific language of the new U.S. HIRE Act. As Joel put it, "If you can see the freight train coming from a few miles down the track, you should be able to save yourself from being run over."


Retire To Nerja, Spain

Bursting The Expat Bubble

Sept. 19, 2011, Nerja, Spain: The coast of Spain has been overrun in places by British and other expats; however, some corners have managed to retain their Spanish culture and appeal.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

"Expats everywhere, including in southern Spain's Alpujarra region," writes Spain Correspondent Susan Rensberger, "fall into one of two categories: Those who want to adapt to their new culture and surroundings...and those who want their new surroundings to adapt to them.


Investing In Paris, Istria And Medellin

The Three Best Places In The World Today To Spend Your Time (And Maybe Your Money)

Sept. 18, 2011, Panama City, Panama: Putting any investment or profit agenda aside, the three best places in the world to think about owning real estate today are Paris, Istria, and Medellin.

Also This Week: Emergency Offshore Summit--"Our Salvation Rests In Ourselves"...The End Of Financial Paradise...Reality Check--Here's How You Are Going To Be Able To Afford To Retire...Fortunes Will Be Made Here Over The Coming Decade, But You Don't Want To Try To Go It Alone...

Dear Overseas Opportunity Letter Reader,

"I'd like to speak with you, privately...without Lief," the gentleman began.

"Uh, OK..."


Investing In Uruguay

Capital Appreciation Is So 2006—Invest Today For The Yield

Sept. 16, 2011, Panama City, Panama: In the current climate, with very localized exceptions, the global property investing opportunity isn’t for capital upside but for yield. One of the best global property investment options from a yield perspective is productive agricultural land, including farmland in Uruguay.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

I've been beating this drum for some time, but I don't think the point can be made too strongly or too often:

It's a yields market. All over.


Offshore Banking

The End Of Financial Paradise

Sept. 15, 2011, Panama City, Panama: In the current global banking climate, there is no such thing as secret offshore banking. The truth is, it’s going to continue to become harder to control your own assets. Here’s what you do to protect yourself.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

"The G20 countries are blaming the traditional 'financial paradises' for their problems. And these G20 countries are in trouble. They need cash. So they're forcing the world's 'financial paradise' nations to sign information-sharing agreements.


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