The 13 Best Places To Invest In Real Estate Overseas

Why We Recommend These 13 Real Estate Investment Markets Right Now

April 11, 2014
Panama City, Panama

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

Next week I host our Global Property Summit. With the help of about two-dozen colleagues, friends, and real estate professionals from around the world who are convening here in Panama City starting this weekend, I'll be discussing how to find, buy, manage, hold, and profit from offshore real estate.

We'll be focused on 13 markets in particular, and a reporter from Bloomberg got in touch this week to ask why those countries.

I look for three things when scouting real estate markets—path of progress, crisis opportunity, and an expanding middle class. Some markets may offer more than one kind of opportunity at a time, but any single category of opportunity can get my attention.

Path of progress is straightforward. In which direction is growth moving? Where are people migrating? Where are investors or the government putting in infrastructure?

Path of progress investments aren't a guarantee of appreciating property values (take a look at some infrastructure projects in China, for example, that were big investments but that did not lead to growth in property values). You have to layer on some judgment. However, generally speaking, a new airport, a new road, a new shopping mall, etc., indicates new or expanding opportunity.


Retire To Dumaguete, Philippines

Retire To This Land Of Gentle, Welcoming People For As Little As $700 Per Month

April 10, 2014, Dumaguete, Philippines: Dumaguete, Philippines, is one of the most affordable places in the world to retire to a comfortable standard of living.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

Located along a sheltered coast on the island of Negros, the city of Dumaguete is protected against most of the typhoons that periodically batter many of the Philippines’ other 7,000-plus islands. The weather is tropical and balmy—rarely too hot and occasionally cool enough to wear a light sweater or jacket in the evening.

Dumaguete offers excellent medical care, care that has been getting even better since the city was named one of the five top retirement destinations in the Philippines. The people here speak English, and the cost of living is among the most affordable anywhere in the world offering a comfortable standard of living.

Dumaguete is rich in natural beauty, with an abundance of outdoor activities, including international-standard golf courses. It is also a place where you can take advantage of one of the best and easiest residency programs in the world, helping to explain why several thousand foreigners have decided to make Dumaguete their permanent home.

The local tourism office describes Dumaguete as "bustling yet charming," and this really does describe the city well. When you first arrive, you may be put off by the cacophony of loud motorbikes and a cityscape that looks a bit "well used," but as you linger, the town grows on you. The longer you stay, the nicer Dumaguete becomes, and many foreigners who originally traveled here for a vacation have stuck around for years.


Retirement Life On Roatan, Honduras

Retire To This Untamed Caribbean Isle

April 9, 2014, Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras: Roatan, in the Bay Islands of Honduras, offers one of the best and most affordable retirement lifestyle options in the Caribbean.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

If you were a backpacking scuba diver in the 1960s, you may have drifted through the Bay Islands of Honduras on a quest for Caribbean adventure. Many fitting that description did. Offshore from Roatan, in particular, the largest of the Bay Islands, was (and is still today) some of the best diving in the world.

The island itself back then was an off-the-radar and wholly undeveloped, untamed outpost where cows and pigs grazed freely and bananas grew everywhere.

About 20 years ago, small hotels and resorts began to appear on Roatan to accommodate the increasing number of scuba divers. As visitors discovered this idyllic part of the Caribbean no one had ever heard of, they started to buy land and build homes. This was the beginning of an expat community that, over the two decades since, has grown to become one of the biggest and most established in the world.

That is not to say that Roatan today is developed in the way you might imagine. There are no high-rise hotels, because building regulations don’t allow for them. Density setbacks from the beach have contained development…in a good way. Cows and pigs still graze this lush, green island and occasionally wander down the center of the roads. Bananas and coconuts still grow wild. Despite the dramatic growth in its expat population, Roatan remains an untamed paradise.


Rentals In Danang, Vietnam

Luxury Living For As Little As US$500 Per Month

April 8, 2014, Danang, Vietnam Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader: Luxury-level rentals are available in Danang, Vietnam, for as little as US$500 per month.

I wrote recently to tell you about Danang, Vietnam, which is emerging as one of the best places in the world to retire comfortably on a small budget. A couple of retirees could live well in this clean, modern, and cosmopolitan city on a budget of US$1,200 per month or less.

One reason that the cost of living overall in Danang is so affordable is because the cost of renting can be super low, especially when considered in terms of the quality of what's available for rent. This is a city where even an average retiree can afford luxury-standard digs.

Asia Correspondent Wendy Justice has filed a complete guide to retirement in Danang for this month's issue of our Overseas Retirement Letter. Wendy's report includes a sampler of current rental offerings, both apartments and houses.


Effects Of Panama’s Presidential Election On Foreign ...

Why Expat Retirees And Investors Don't Have To Care About Local Politics

April 7, 2014, Panama City, Panama: Local politics have little effect on foreign retirees and investors anywhere in the world.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

Elections took place in Afghanistan over the weekend. Voter turnout is estimated to have been more than 50% of those eligible despite concerns over safety at polling stations. Elections began today in India and will continue over the coming few weeks. The country has to stretch out the process. There are more eligible voters in India than the entire populations of the United States and Western Europe combined. 

Closer to home for me, elections are less than a month away in Panama. Voters have been showing their support in rallies, including one last night for presidential candidate Juan Carlos Varela. The parade of honking cars with flags flying and banners waving circled our apartment building for a couple of hours. No, we weren’t under attack. Coincidentally, Varela lives in the same building we do. The parade was followed by a fireworks show on the Cinta Costera that put some Fourth of July celebrations I’ve seen to shame. Latinos like their fireworks.


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