Property Investing In Malaga, Costa Del Sol, Spain

"Prices Are Absolutely Crawling On The Floor"—Why Now Is The Time To Be Shopping In This Crisis Market

Nov. 13, 2014, Malaga, Spain: The foreign-driven property markets on the Costa del Sol, Spain, specifically in Malaga, have hit the bottom; it’s time to buy.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

Malaga is a wonderfully picturesque city on Spain's Costa del Sol sandwiched between the looming Montes de Malaga and the azure Mediterranean and capital of the varied, culture-rich province of Andalusia. It's also right in the middle of what is Europe's most tourist-heavy stretch of coastline. And while you might expect to find the same endless nondescript white tower block apartments and hotels that scar much of the rest of the Mediterranean's most popular locales here, Malaga has a whole lot more to offer. 

When I stepped off a plane into the Andalusian capital last week I found a ribbon of great beaches, mountain trails that make for superb hiking, remarkable architectural sites, and art museums that befit the birthplace of Pablo Picasso. But the big surprise was that Malaga also offers a surprisingly authentic slice of Spanish life. Freshly landed fish sold in bustling, ancient markets...eclectic tapas in hidden old town eateries...
wild-eyed beasts being put to the sword in the bullfighting stadium...and flamenco spilling down cobbled streets through wooden-shuttered windows. Malaga is the postcard image of Spain-made life.

Yet Malaga is largely overlooked.


"Well," explained English-born expat Barbara Woods when I met with her, "this was a right tatty dump 20 years ago!"


Rental Property Investment In Salinas, Ecuador

Own In This Pacific Coast Resort Town 
For As Little As US$40,000

Nov. 12, 2014, Salinas, Ecuador: Salinas is the top choice for rental property investing on the coast of Ecuador.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

The coast of Ecuador is dotted with beautiful, unspoiled, and undeveloped seaside towns. In this context, Salinas distinguishes itself. This is one spot on this country's coast that offers amenities such as restaurants, cafes, nightlife, etc., as well as groomed beaches and an active rentals market.

Best of all, condo prices here start at just US$40,000.

Making Salinas my pick for coastal investment in this country.

Located at Ecuador's westernmost tip, Salinas occupies a unique position in more ways than one. It is Ecuador's premier and most mature resort destination with a substantial property market and a healthy tourist trade. 

With around 35,000 residents in town, Salinas is a small city but large enough to offer the services and infrastructure required by year-round residents.

It's convenient to the international airport in Guayaquil.

And, finally, Salinas draws rental traffic during off-season periods in a way that I haven't seen elsewhere in Ecuador. More on this in a minute.

The beach at the western end of Salinas is wide, sandy, and clean, bordered by the blue Pacific. Looking toward the end of the peninsula (west), you see motor yachts and sailboats from around the world parked in the attractive marina. In a country with few marinas (I've seen less than a half-dozen along the entire coast), Salinas has two nice yacht clubs.

Looking to the mainland, the curving shoreline stretches for miles into the distance, with tall modern buildings lining the waterfront alongside old-fashioned apartments and seaside restaurants. A well-kept boardwalk runs the length of the beach. 

On the beach, people relax under colorful umbrellas, play games, and swim in the safe waters. Just offshore, jet skis race back and forth, leaving shimmering wakes trailing behind. Cuenca and other mountain cities empty out during vacation periods, while Salinas fills to capacity.


Rental Property Investment In Envigado, Medellin, Colombia

Editor's Pick—Top Rental Investment Opportunity In Our Favorite Emerging Market

Nov.11, 2014, Medellin, Colombia: Envigado is an emerging market of opportunity in Medellin, Colombia, and a top place to invest in a rental property.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

We don't normally report on individual real estate listings in these dispatches, but Kathleen asked me to write to you today about an unusual opportunity in Medellin, Colombia, in an area that's been on the upswing for the past two years. 

A small, three-story townhouse in Envigado has just come on the market, and it's the first of its kind that I've seen for sale. The price is good, and the property is well suited for rental. The forecast net return works out to between 6.8% and 8%. 

We've written about Envigado in the past. This is the municipality adjacent to Medellin's more famous El Poblado. Over the past couple of years, the Envigado area known as Barrio Jardines has come into its own. This friendly, shady neighborhood has built a reputation as a gourmet restaurant district. New and more upscale restaurants are opening all the time. As a result, Barrio Jardines is drawing increased attention from foreign investors, travelers, and property buyers.


Reasons To Invest In Real Estate Overseas

The Trifecta Of Global Property Investing

Nov. 10, 2014, Istria, Croatia: When investing in property overseas, try to combine personal and profit objectives.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

"But haven't we done this already? Haven't we already bought an old stone house surrounded by mud? Isn't that what we did in Ireland? Why do you guys want to do this again?"

In 2004, my husband Lief, our two children, and I spent a week touring around Istria, Croatia, with a focused agenda. We were in the market for one of the old white stone houses you find across this peninsula. To that end, Kaitlin, 15, Jackson, 5, Lief, and I, in one car, followed our property agent, in her own car, from one stone farmhouse to another, up and down the narrow winding roads of these mountainsides, through the medieval villages, and past the ever-present fields of olive trees, grape vines, and sunflowers.

Standing in a muddy Istrian farmyard one morning of that trip, Kaitlin made the observation I share above. Probably she wasn't the only one wondering what in the world we were doing. Why had we gotten it into our heads that we wanted to buy an old stone house on the side of a mountain in Croatia?

Because we like it there and we wanted to establish a connection to this beautiful and historic part of Europe that, during previous visits, in previous years, had captured our hearts and our imaginations. We believed in the future of Croatia, a country with an extraordinarily complicated past and an extremely open-minded, forward-looking population. We recognized, at the time, that Croatia was at another turning point in its long history, and we wanted to be part of it.


Talking Real Estate Overseas

Margarita Madness

Nov. 9, 2014, Panama City, Panama: When shopping for real estate overseas you will fall in love many times and feel overwhelmed by the beauty of each paradise. This is why it is important to make decisions with a clear, sober mind after taking a step back and analyzing your options.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

You want to be sober when considering property purchase options in a foreign land. Certainly, you want your wits about you when it comes time to sign on the dotted line. The trouble is, in the lands of mañanas and fiestas, the rum flows and so do the promises. The key to success navigating overseas, especially in developing world real estate markets, is avoiding the liquor and turning a deaf ear to the assurances.

Here's how this will go. You'll arrive in the country where you're dreaming of launching your new life. In the terminal of the airport, the lobby of your hotel, and the restaurant down the street where you go for lunch, you'll be approached by friendly fellows with houses and beachfront lots to sell. Every taxi driver, every bar owner, every shopkeeper will have a piece of property for sale or a brother or a cousin in the real estate business. You won't have to seek out agents or developers to help you find your new home. They'll find you.

Once, years ago, in Granada, Nicaragua, I was early for a lunch meeting with a friend and decided to sit on a stool at the bar of the restaurant while I waited for my friend to arrive. Two minutes later, a fellow gringo sat down beside me.

"Hello," he offered. "Have you just gotten into town?"

"Yes," I replied.


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