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Furthermore, setting up residency in another country now can allow you to start the clock ticking toward a second citizenship down the road, and a second citizenship can open even more doors. An EU passport, for example, gives you the right to work and live in any of the 28 member states. A Panama passport would allow you to work in protected professions and to own protected businesses (retail, specifically) in that country.

That's you. What about your assets?

Moving part or all of your business, if you have one, offshore can make it possible to defer taxes, helping your business to grow faster. Maybe it would also mean less regulation. It definitely would allow you to protect the business from the most litigious population on earth (that is, Americans).

Your nonbusiness assets, including your IRA or equivalent, can be protected offshore, as well. Moving some or all of your assets offshore accomplishes two things. The first is asset protection (with the help of holding companies and/or trusts). The second benefit of taking nonbusiness assets offshore may not seem as important but is. I'm thinking of the broader range of investments you then have access to. Your offshore investment options through an onshore broker are limited to those companies willing to go through all the SEC hoops to get listed on a U.S. market. Outside the States you have tens of thousands more mutual fund and stock options.

These are the ideas, options, and opportunities we'll take up next month in Belize during my Global Asset Protection and Wealth Summit. The Early Bird Discount for this once-a-year event remains in effect for 24 hours more.

Full details are here.

Lief Simon

Where To Buy Hand-Carved Wooden Santos In Ecuador

"Kathleen, the article about the medical clinic in Nicaragua was stunning and inspiring. I have followed you for a long, long time, and I have long surmised that your underlying motive is as much service as profit. This article confirmed that.

"So this is a note of gratitude for your humanitarian vision. And a note of encouragement. Please continue to show us the service side of making the big cultural move to live and invest overseas."

--Dr. Ken P., United States


"Kathleen, reading this newsletter about your conference going on in Quito reminded me about a town that mentioned in a post during a conference in Quito a couple of years ago. At the time, you wrote about a town that you and Lief visited (somewhere around Cotacacchi and Otavalo, I think) that is known for the many santos figures for sale there, both old and new. I also collect santos and have lost that post in a computer crash since then. Could you please let me know what that town is? I would really appreciate it.

"Thanks in advance for any information you can give me on the 'santos' town!

"Also, today happens to be our two-year anniversary of living in Cuenca, which we enjoy very much. Spanish is still a challenge. We're taking lessons, but there are just 'demasiados verbos' (too many verbs) to conjugate! But we keep plugging along. Right now, we wouldn't be anywhere else!"

--Deborah D., Ecuador

Congratulations on your anniversary!

The town you're thinking of is San Antonio de Ibarra. Happy santos shopping.
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"I wish to congratulate you for the quality of your reports. The plain, matter of fact, but essential and wise information we all need to take vital decisions, especially in these extremely difficult times."

Peter L., United States


"Just great. Very welcoming and supplied answers to all questions very well. I'll see you again soon."

Charles M., United States

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