Private Bank Vaults
Panama City, Panama


Located in the heart of Panama City’s international banking district, in the Universal Tower building, Private Bank Vaults offers secure, private, anonymous, and guarded safety deposit boxes inside a private bank vault. Locked metal deposit boxes inside locked metal security boxes inside a large double-gated bank vault with an extra heavy steel trip-locked door encased in concrete behind steel gates are protected by armed guards 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Your safety and privacy are assured. Private Bank Vaults can pick you up in their private car with a licensed and bonded uniformed guard from the airport or your hotel to provide safe escort to the vault site. 

The facility is protected by seven layers of security and features private, guarded parking.  

Extra large boxes and private individual safes are also available. Or you can bring your own portable safe and secure it inside the vault for your private and anonymous use. Your visits and access are not limited.

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