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As we've been reporting, we believe 2014 will be a game-changing year in this country. Unlike many other countries in the world and in the region, Panama did not crash post-2008, neither its economy nor its property markets. It chugged on (as we predicted it would), growing, prospering, building, improving. Now it's gearing up for another run. Important infrastructure works are coming online this year (including the new Panama City metro and Phase 3 of the city-center Cinta Costera thoroughfare). Plus, the completion of the Panama Canal expansion project is just around the corner.

Property values softened in Panama starting in 2008 but stabilized by 2011 and have begun again to appreciate. The rate of appreciation will quicken this year. Right now, it's still possible to buy a water-view condo along Avenida Balboa, one of the city's best addresses, for as little as US$2,000 per square meter. This will not be the case a year from now.

This is one important topic of conversation at this week's conference. Our key property advisors are convened with Lief starting today over in the meeting rooms of the Veneto Hotel to discuss the best current property buys, how to shop for a rental investment, how to maximize net rental yield, where to buy for appreciation, where to go for local financing, and where to look for the best long-term store of value, both in Panama City and in other key local markets across the country.

Also on the program is a detailed economic update from an expert I trust with long experience both in the region and in Panama specifically. His report, I know, is enthusiastically positive. Unfortunately, as I said, though, I won't be there to hear all the details for myself.

That's why I've asked my daughter Kaitlin to act as my eyes and ears on the ground. Kaitlin will be sending me updates over the coming few days, which I'll relay to you in real time.

As I write, our recommended legal eagle in this country, Rainelda Mata-Kelly, is on stage, Kaitlin reports (via Skype), telling the group in detail about all 14 of Panama's residency options, including the new and ground-breaking Specific Countries visa program this country premiered last year.

I'm not there to hear firsthand...and maybe you're not we'll stand by for updates from Kaitlin and others on the scene. They've promised to send photos, too.

Then, after the event has concluded, I'll look forward to listening to the recordings of these proceedings for even greater detail and insight. Every speaker's presentation is being recorded, in full, including all live Q&A. We'll bundle these recordings, once edited, to create our all-new Live and Invest in Panama Home Conference Kit. If you'd like, you can arrange to receive this package of real-time Panama resources, too, once it's available. Reserve your copy now to avail of the 50% pre-release discount.

Kathleen Peddicord

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