Assisted Living Facility In Panachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


July 6, 2012

“Kathleen, regarding the letter you published recently from the reader asking about assisted living options outside the United States, he (and other readers) might be interested to know that the July issue of the Overseas Retirement Letter, which features Lake Atitlan in Guatemala (and is in production now), includes an interview with a American couple that has built and just opened an assisted living center in Panachel, one of the villages on the shores of this beautiful lake.”

Overseas Retirement Letter Managing Editor Lucy Culpepper


“Kathleen, happy July 4th week. My mom moved to Belize and is now ready to draw out from her 401(k). What does she need to do so as not to pay any tax?”

–Derek B., United States

Unfortunately, there’s no way to defer or mitigate the taxes from 401(k) withdrawals.{module Issues Ad 11}Continuing Reading:


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