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Belize is also a good place to be self-sufficient because Belizeans like to take care of themselves. They always have. Founded by pirates, the country prizes independence above everything else (despite having been independent from the U.K. for only about 30 years).

Carrying on in that tradition of independence, Maya Spring Estates will be a small community for self-sufficiency aficionados. The infrastructure will be basic, including roads and electricity (although I'm planning for my house to be off the grid). You could have your own well if you prefer, or you could go with a water catchment and storage system. Modern, efficient wastewater systems will be used for effluent.

Maya Spring Estates' location in the Cayo is near enough (15 minutes) to San Ignacio so that residents will be able to take advantage of the restaurants and shops there, but the property is very much out in the country, meaning privacy and quiet. The small village of Santa Familia is just a few minutes away and the Mennonite settlement of Spanish Lookout is only about 20 minutes away. Spanish Lookout is where you'd go for your farm supplies if farming is part of your plan.

Our plan is to build a house that we'll use for vacation and rental income in the short and medium term. However, as we're buying more than nine acres, we also intend to see if we can find a local farmer interested in leasing it from us to make it productive.

Even if we never grow a single tomato or ear of corn on the property, though, we'll have the foothold in Cayo that we've been wanting for some time. We like it here. Coming to Belize is a chance for escape. The rush of everyday life disappears as soon as you step off the plane. And at Maya Spring, we'll be able to sit on our porch and enjoy the peacefulness of both the location and of knowing that we could take cares of ourselves if we had to. If the world were, in fact, to go completely haywire, as some think it will, we'd be fine.

For more information about Maya Spring Estates, you can inquire here. The first three lot buyers get a US$5,000 discount. We've already taken the first lot so that leaves two more available with the discount.

Lief Simon

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tax-haven countries

Between trips, it wasn't unusual for the couple to work 20-hour days. Frik and his wife love business, but the life they were leading in Brussels was overwhelming them. Then one day, they pulled out their world map and noticed Belize. English-speaking, entrepreneur-friendly, and a tax-haven, Belize is also low-key and super low-stress. Maybe this was the place for them, a place where they could be in business but still enjoy life a little.

That insight inspired the De Meyeres to visit Belize several times. They started making investments in this country, diversifying their assets offshore and establishing themselves slowly. They looked at the local hospitals and schools. They interviewed resident expats, to learn from their experiences, including Boris Mannsfeld, another young entrepreneur who had opened a real estate company in Placencia.

Then the financial crisis hit in Europe. The De Meyeres went through tough times. Banks closed. Loans were cancelled. Their businesses suffered. Finally, the couple realized they needed to take action. They folded their business operations in a painful process that took more than two years to complete. Frik had to let all of his employees go.

About this time, the couple discovered they were expecting a baby. They didn't panic, as they might have, but turned to their escape plan. They decided to proceed full speed ahead with the alternate life in Belize they'd begun to build.

Frik remembered Boris Mannsfeld and got in touch. Long story short, today Frik is an associate for Mannsfeld & Associates. He participated in last week's Live and Invest in Belize Conference to represent the firm and to give a presentation about Placencia.

"It's much easier being in business here in Belize than it was in Europe," Frik says. "I was under constant stress in Belgium, where I spent 80% of my time on paperwork and only 20% on real business. Now that I'm in business in Belize, I spend 10% of my time on paperwork and 90% on business."

Frik and his wife are involved in setting up a school for young children in Placencia. Their son is 2-years-old, and they're thinking about his education.

"When we arrived in Placencia," Frik says, "we saw only a handful of foreign kids around the area. Now there are many more young couples like us living in Placencia, opening businesses. I'd say that now there are at least 50 or 60 expat kids around."

These are the kinds of people who do well in Belize. People who want to make their own way and create their own future. People who want to build something, who, when they see a need, they're eager to step up to fill it. The resilient sort.

And that describes Frik and his wife precisely.

Ann Kuffner
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