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World’s Best Choices For 2013


Our Panama City-based editorial team spent time this week brainstorming and planning for 2013.

First development from these meetings: We’re going to publish our first-ever World’s Top Retirement Havens Index early in 2013, comparing, contrasting, and quantifying the world’s top 36 overseas retirement havens. Research for this is under way. Our crackerjack in-house team of editors is coordinating with correspondents the world over to detail the cost of living, cost of renting, cost of health insurance, cost and standard of medical care, cost and options for foreign residency, climate, and much more for each of the top havens we’ve identified.

This is a mammoth undertaking, the complete fruits of which will be featured in a special issue of our Overseas Retirement Letter. We’ll share parts of this important study in these daily dispatches, as well. Watch this space.

Second development from last week’s editorial sessions: Our picks for your best choices in 2013, depending what you’re looking to do. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Super-cheap And More Exotic: Chiang Mai, Thailand; Nha Trang, Vietnam; Cebu, Philippines
  • Four Mild Seasons: Montevideo, Uruguay
  • World’s Best City Lifestyle: Paris
  • Best Place To Start A Web-based Business: Panama
  • Best Place To Open An Offshore Bank Account: Belize
  • Best Places To Relocate With School-aged Children: Panama City, Panama; Paris; Montevideo, Uruguay; Galway, Ireland
  • Best Places To Escape The World: New Zealand and Belize
  • Easiest Places To Establish Foreign Residency: Panama, Belize, Nicaragua, Uruguay
  • Easiest Places In Asia To Establish Foreign Residency: Malaysia and the Philippines
  • Best Places To Retire If Budget Is No Object: Paris; Lake Como, Italy
  • Best Place To Pursue A “Resilient Lifestyle”: Belize


In addition, we’ve scheduled three big events for 2013: a general getting-started Retire Overseas event in the United States that will cover the world’s best options across regions; and a Live and Invest in Asia event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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