Costa De Oro--Affordable First World Beachfront Retirement

Aug. 1, 2011, Costa de Oro, Uruguay: The Costa de Oro, Uruguay, offers a long stretch of some of the world’s last remaining affordable beachfront supported by First World amenities.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

"You probably thought that the days of finding a house on the beach for US$75,000 were over...but they're not," writes Latin America Correspondent Christian MacDonald.

"I've been living in Uruguay for several years. This is a jewel of a South American country, boasting many world-famous beaches along its Gold Coast. I'm fortunate enough to call one of them home.

"However, there's another section of this coast that I've only more recently discovered. This region of Uruguay's Costa de Oro has been overlooked since the 1950s. It's like it was left back in time.

"Here you'll find what I believe to be the best seaside values available in any First World setting, 30 miles of uninterrupted golden sands, gentle sweeping coves, and uncrowded beaches.

"What makes the region even more noteworthy is that it also hides some of the country's best coastal towns for full-time retirement living. Small, friendly communities with shady, tree-lined streets and stately homes from another era.

"These are towns where you can enjoy going out to eat, find excellent shopping, and meet up with a handful of fellow North Americans from time to time. Towns with drinkable water, high-speed Internet, and generally First World infrastructure.

"Best of all, again, this overlooked coastal stretch is in Uruguay, a country that's emerging as an important 21st-century haven.

"Uruguay offers a peaceful, genuinely laid-back culture, plus, increasingly appealing, distance from the world's troubles. Uruguay is also a place where expats can obtain residency easily, and even a second passport.

"It's a country that offers a solid (and still-confidential) financial center, with an economy that actually grew during the recent worldwide recession. Uruguay is attracting increasing attention from investors the world over seeking financial and political safe haven.

"All things considered, I'd say that you can't beat this country--a beautiful coastline with First World infrastructure, a solid democracy with a healthy financial system, and shady seaside towns where the beachfront homes are available for as little as US$75,000."

Kathleen Peddicord

Editor's Note: Christian is finalizing his complete report on Uruguay's forgotten Costa de Oro, which will be featured in next month's issue of my Overseas Retirement Letter.

Uruguay is one of the 20 overseas retirement havens we'll also be featuring throughout our Retire Overseas Conference taking place in Orlando in October, for all the reasons Christian cites above. 


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