The “fasten seatbelts” sign lights up. The aircraft descends through wispy clouds to a bird’s-eye panorama of sea, surf, and luscious green hills.

Every muscle relaxes… and everything is about this moment.

A short string of rooftops lining the white sand of one of the smaller bays appears as the plane circles to land. You spot the one nearest sthe marina’s main pier… and smile.

Only three calendar pages ago, the stress of issues like big bills, boredom, and bosses sapped your energy and clouded your dreams. But now…

Your life is yours again… You did it… You’re home!

Stuck On The Launch Pad?

You’re Only Minutes—
And That Crumpled $1 Bill In Your Pocket—
Away From Your Chance To…

Start The Overseas Countdown Now

Join those who’ve ridden their dreams to their
preferred corners of the globe—
with much less effort than they ever thought possible...

From the world's foremost authority on
living and retiring overseas…

The only interactive training of its kind
to transition you from doubts and fears to
waking up confident and fulfilled in your reinvented life…
in only 52 days!

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,


Your new life overseas awaits...
I get it… It’s a big move—a BIG new life chapter. Things to think about, decisions to make, ducks to get in a row.

You want a better life—and why shouldn’t you have it? You’ve dreamed about it, talked about it, maybe done a little poking around. It’s feeling really exciting… and then…

Realities start clouding the vision… and you freeze in your tracks… or just forget about it. It seems so overwhelming…

Change. Big time. On many fronts—all at once!

But then again, isn’t that the whole point? A different life—one tailored to who you are now… one well worth all the speed bumps and hairpin turns along the way?

Of course. That’s why you can’t get the picture out of your head. It’s what you know you want.

Then why are you going nowhere with it? The move—and the enticing new life—remain far in the future as months and years go by.

Maybe you’re too overwhelmed to even stick your toes in the water….

Or maybe you’ve actually taken the first few steps… but keep getting bogged down in all the details that are really important to getting it right.

And so it goes… the yoyo of your overseas dreams, plans, life. Exciting, but overwhelming—and still not happening.

Still, you can’t seem to let go of the dream of…

Life Beyond The Lions,
And Tigers, And Bears...

Sea breezes. Vineyard-rowed hillsides. Medieval restorations on cobblestone streets. Those are just some of the faces of overseas living available to those willing to take on a few hurdles along the way.

Sea breezes. Vineyard-rowed hillsides. Medieval restorations on cobblestone streets. Those are just some of the faces of overseas living available to those willing to take on a few hurdles along the way…
I double-dog dare you to explore the possibilities—to discover you’re within reach of one or more of many lifestyles that so many others like you are already enjoying. With all the different "lifestyle-upgrade” options that living overseas offers—many for less than you’re paying now—you have everything to gain by checking it out.

Imagine joining those (from modest incomes and nest eggs on up) who’ve already discovered the secret of reinventing themselves overseas…. living where and as they’d never even dreamed they could afford. I’m talking about people like….

  • Thirty-somethings Dave and Melanie Stanley who slipped happily into an exciting life of copywriting, travel writing, and photographing their way through Mexico...

  • Sixty-something Hyta Holmes who transformed herself, as she puts it, into "a single girl living on a Caribbean island—trying to find out if this is where I want to grow up..."

  • Eighty-something Jules whose reinvented life in Belize was much more stimulating and fulfilling than to just "sit in my rocker and wait for the Grim Reaper.”

Turning The Page To An Overseas Chapter… Something For Everyone

This could be your view of the world...
in as few as 52 days...
FYI… you can renew and refresh yourself overseas just about anywhere along your life path. Flexible work schedules and working remotely have—as never before—made overseas living an option for 20-somethings to 70-somethings. A chance to custom build your life in creative and exciting ways—regardless of age!

As for those on the “other side” of their careers….

Retirement doesn’t have to be about scraping by and making do. This life chapter can (and should!) be about reinventing yourself, enriching your life, enhancing your lifestyle, maybe even having the adventure of your life—every day!

Regardless of the number of birthday candles you last blew out… have you stopped to wonder lately why you’re still somewhere you don’t want to be? Doing something you’d rather not be doing? And yet still dreaming of that other life—rather than living that dream?

Much as you dream of living overseas… good as you are about going after the things you want in life… you seem to be stuck in neutral on this one. Like a chess player stuck on making the opening move of a chess game that never happens—instead just staring at the pieces and the board.

So… what’s holding YOU back?

Could it be…

 “Takin’ Care of Business and Working Overtime”?

Let me guess. Does the scenario for why you’re not overseas yet play out something like…

You’re a responsible grown-up. As such, your days are consumed by the fall-out of lists of errands, chores, and appointments—and it’s your job to get it all done every day. That’s how you’ve made it as far as you have, after all. And, of course, if you’re going to move overseas, you have to do it right… and it’s complicated and nerve-wracking and overwhelming. And it all takes time… time that you need to keep breathing life into a life nothing like the one you’d like to live?

Time…. That’s always the clincher.

And it’s true. With all the things to think through for an overseas move, it could take years—and even decades—to:

  • Define your vision…
  • Face all the realities…
  • Get all the facts…
  • Identify choices that are right for you…
  • And, finally… just do it.

…all the while trying to make it happen in this lifetime—which also means NOT trying to work out every detail in advance.

Well… what if I told you that it doesn’t have to take anywhere near that long to…

Hit The Ground Running
(And Smiling) In Your Distant Haven…

Asap… And With All Your Bases Covered

Okay, before your overthinking and butterflies kick in again—face it, isn’t that what’s held you back so far?—take a deep breath, and rest assured that… I get it.

I really do.

No matter how long you've been dreaming about your new life overseas… and even if you're nowhere near “retirement” age… I promise I can get you where you want to be in as
few as 52 days…
I’ve been covering this live-and-invest-overseas beat for more than 30 years and living the expat life myself for over 20. However, at one time, I sat where you sit now. I’d had the idea that I wanted to try living in another country for a long time. For years I travelled regularly, all over the world… but I always returned home and rationalized why the time wasn’t right for making a permanent move.

Then one day, my international publishing career dropped a golden opportunity in my lap. I found the courage and took the leap—to finally move overseas. Very exciting, but…

I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Yes, I’d been researching and writing about living overseas for years. But research isn’t the same as reality. When my husband and I packed ourselves, our daughter, and our eight oversized suitcases into our airport-bound SUV that day in Baltimore two decades ago en route to Shannon, Ireland… we didn’t know what we didn’t know.

Naïve? Absolutely. But there were no convenient resources to turn to. And so began the huge learning curve that’s continued to the present.

We’ve reinvented our lives with moves from Baltimore to Waterford, Ireland, later on to Paris, and later still to Panama City—where we live now. Along the way, we’ve started businesses, made homes, and raised our children (our son Jackson was born in Ireland). Frankly, we’ve probably done just about everything you could imagine doing as part of a new life overseas. We’ve rented, bought, built, renovated, decorated, and sold houses. We’ve shipped personal belongings, antique furniture, and pets. We’ve qualified for residency, opened bank accounts, and even acquired second passports.

It was NOT a walk in the park.

As we struggled to figure it all out, I could never have imagined how wonderfully our lives would evolve from that first move to Ireland. It’s why I can assure you of the same fulfillment in your overseas haven pursuits. And, more importantly…

I can make your move much easier.

Our family’s acquired wisdom and skills at making overseas moves has evolved into a much more streamlined process than our first moves to Ireland and France entailed. So, why shouldn’t YOU slip into your new life overseas smoothly and confidently… without the initial hassles we faced. Let me help you…

Stand On The Doorstep Of Your New Life Overseas—Sooner Than You Think!

What if I could lay at your feet a quick-and-easy way to put your stress to rest and to speed up closing the distance to waking up in the new overseas chapter of your life? I’m talking about a fast track to your overseas dream—a fast track where…

You don’t have to lay the groundwork alone... and you don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

That’s right. Imagine just breathing easy as you systematically and confidently transition to the life you thought was only a dream—or for celebrities.

Finally, you can actually step into your overseas dream. For real. All you have to do is take my hand as I walk you through….

The 52 Days To Your
New Life OverseasCourse

There's an art and a science to launching a new life in a new country. My new
52-day program shows you both...
Tired of trying to work out your move overseas all by yourself? And afraid of finding yourself in the same spot where you sit right now a decade from today?

Instead why not follow the fully detailed, step-by-step, fool-proof program I've designed… to get where you want to be in as few as 52 days.

I guarantee you: This is the overseas-move guidance you’ve been looking for.

Get all the skinny on moving overseas… that isn’t offered this thoroughly and interactively anywhere else—not the way we do it. You’ll get insight, details, and assurance relevant to your overseas move as you pour through my family's collected knowledge (and that of our most trusted friends and contacts around the world)…

One topic at a time. Once a day. For 52 days. What’s more, the classroom is open 24/7/365.

Preparing for an overseas move doesn’t get any easier than this. We break down the potentially overwhelming into manageable steps. Every day, for 52 days, I email you:

  • A daily lesson on a particular aspect of moving overseas…
  • And prescribed research for YOU to complete.

You take it from there—with help only an email away—if you need it.

The daily-lesson dispatches cut to the chase of the overseas move with…

Strategies, insights, and resources from my decades of overseas moving, living, working, investing, and networking. This fully detailed, step-by-step interactive process gives you an unparalleled array of tools and resources for taking on the challenges you’ll face. It’s exactly what you need to confidently plan and transition into your own overseas dream—with minimum hassle and cost and maximum enjoyment—and in less time than anything else short of private consulting.

It’s All About You
And The Only TWO Things You Have to Do

Feel the empowerment of coming up with and following a realistic, detailed, and personally tailored plan for your overseas move. And there are only two things you need to do to make that happen:
  1. Show up.

  2. Do your homework (the assigned reading and research).
That’s the beauty of it…

You at the helm—utilizing the provided resources to steer your course.

And me at your side—guiding you as you navigate the waters to the haven with your name on it… and even trouble-shooting things like the panic typical in the first months in that haven.

Yes, I said, “panic.” You know I don’t sugarcoat—and it’s especially important when it comes to all the logistics and emotions involved in relocating overseas. So, one lesson in the 52-Day Course deals specifically with the likelihood of some initial panic and provides strategies for dealing with it.

And that’s just one example of how, during our 52 days together, I’ll help keep your feet on the ground as you consider options and start plotting your course. I know the pitfalls, so I’ll guide you with reminders like, “Don’t marry the first beach you see,” “Don’t be scared; be prepared,” and I’ll alert you as to why land purchases with an “as good as title” status… really aren’t.

It’s just one of the differences between the 52-Day Course and any other programs you might run across with helpful hints for overseas moves.

The 52-Day Course is not just about shortening the timeline to actually getting you there. It’s the personal touch as I lead you step-by-step through all aspects of the preparation for your actual MOVE to your choice of the places you’ve been reading and dreaming about for months—or maybe even years.

You’ll get the big picture, instructions to assemble the parts… and a help line. You’re not alone on this venture. The tasks and the pace are set for you to make your move in as little as 52 days! You just do your part. And you can do it with your complete trust in the process and information knowing…

Nobody Does It Better

No one knows the butterflies, challenges, and perks of overseas living better than my Live and Invest Overseas team and I do.

So why not take advantage of my decades of overseas living and adventures? I’ll walk you through the transition to your overseas move as no one else can… by combining my own experiences with an unparalleled network of global contacts, colleagues, friends, experts, resources, expats, and advisors.

Our dynamic team is on the move nonstop—continuously growing and seeking new overseas opportunities. In the past 30 years, I personally have travelled to more than 50 countries… invested in real estate in 23… established businesses in 7… renovated historic properties in 6… and educated my children in 4.

So it’s no surprise that so many people come to me for information and advice on pursuing far-away havens for re-inventing lives and investing. It’s why both the Huffington Post and U.S. News & World Report run a weekly retire-overseas blog I write, and why The New York Times, Forbes, Money Magazine, the AARP Magazine, and others regularly quote me.

My many books over the years more recently include "How to Retire Overseas," (Penguin Books, 2010) and “How to Buy Real Estate Overseas,” (Wiley & Sons, 2013).

Many people also return often to my multi-decade stream of reports and essays on topics such as… where and how people like you and I can escape the retirement-tromping economy at home and live like royalty on a modest budget... where you can invest for profits overseas ahead of the crowds... and you can secure your dream lifestyle in the world's most appealing destinations.

Your overseas move decisions deserve the best resources and insights available, and I make sure you get just that.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. This one-of-a-kind, comprehensive, highly supported program for getting you overseas ASAP is nothing short of the nudge you’ve been waiting for to make your move happen. Minutes from now you can…

Take A Seat, Dig Into Your 52-Day Introductory Email, And Start
Crossing Days Off The Calendar

There’s no better way to make it happen, if you’re really serious about a reinvented life overseas.

And now is the time.

With 52 Days To Your New Life Overseas you won’t have to figure it out on your own (as I’d done again and again and again—when there was no such resource available).

The 52-Day Program maximizes your potential for a smooth and successful transition overseas. You’ll systematically and confidently take on the realities of all facets of an overseas move and of life in your new setting—all by following…

Fully Actionable Steps...
With Interactive Worksheets, Spreadsheets, Videos, And More to Help You Forecast, Plan, And Budget

No more indefinitely putting off your overseas move—and all the critical decisions and arrangements that go with it. Certain considerations… and the order of considering them… are extremely important. In this 52-Day Course, I will explain—and you will reflect on and research—your options regarding burning questions like:

    Even if you're not ready to launch your retire-overseas adventures in 52 days, this program is an opportunity for you to create your complete retire-overseas plan in a box, as it were... a box that you can put on a shelf, to pull down later, anytime, whenever you're ready...
  • "Which country is best for me?"
  • "What’s the day-to-day living cost for the kind of lifestyle I want to lead?"
  • "Should I bring my car? If I do, what’ll it cost to run, maintain, and park?"
  •  "What visas do I qualify for? Should I apply for residency… or citizenship?"
  • "In what part of the country do I want to live?"
  • "Should I buy or rent? Are there restrictions on foreigners owning real estate?"
  • "What’s the health care like, and how much will it cost?"
  • "Do I need to learn the language? If so, what’s the best way to learn it?"
  • "How hard is it to stay in touch with family and friends back home?"
  • "How do I open a bank account... pay my bills... insure my car?"

The Devil’s In The Details…

I don’t believe in leaving any stone unturned. You’ll get valuable information and my personal insights on:

  • Immigration officers and attorneys...
  • Potential miscommunications, misinterpretations, misunderstandings, and other language missteps (even in Ireland, where the language is "English") ...
  • Tax advisors and tax returns, filing in the States as non-resident Americans and abroad when there’s income to report...
  • Real estate agents and property developers in undeveloped, unregulated markets…
  • Choosing education systems and schools...
  • Setting up shop—and hiring staff—in a series of foreign countries...
  • Setting up house—renovating, furnishing, decorating—again, in a series of countries…
  • Navigating local real estate markets where no one's ever heard of a Multiple Listing Service—figuring how to rent, how to own, where and when to buy, what to pay...
  • Bank accounts, Internet packages, health insurance, dentist visits, buying cars, selling cars, moving pets, getting driver's licenses, wiring money, paying credit card bills, managing investment accounts, and arranging piano tutors and after-school activities for kids… sometimes in a choice of languages.

It’s a lot to think about... but you’ll be glad you did.

Until now, you haven’t been able to wrap your head around all the mind-spinning questions—and the dozens more springing naturally from those. You’ve likely wondered more than once whether you can even do the move—or if you’re crazy for considering it.

But with the 52-Day Course all the puzzle pieces come together as you could never have imagined. And you rediscover that excitement about your dream haven—and understand how and why so many others have taken and are taking advantage of this fast track to their overseas dreams.

So, if just continuing to dream about a life overseas is enough for you… read no further.

Otherwise… it’s time to remember…

Actions Speak Louder Than Dreams

If you’ve already put this off too long… now’s your chance to move things along.

Let’s get you there… in as little as 52 days! (Or longer, of course, if you want.)

Imagine the sights, sounds, and smells you could be waking up to two months from now. Picture the life you could be living—the one you’ve envisioned for so long. Make your way to the beach, stone house, or vineyard you want to grow old with.

 …in as little as 52 days—from right now!

If you were to seek professional help planning and preparing for a move to a new country… enlisting the advice and counsel of attorneys, tax experts, logistics planners, asset advisors, and other relocation pros… you'd spend perhaps tens of thousands of dollars…

And you'd still be on your own to put all the pieces together.

If you were to engage Lief Simon and myself as your personal relocation consultants, the fee would be $5,000.

On the contrary, my comprehensive 52 Days To Your New Life Overseas costs nothing like that. This step-by-step hand-holding support program is priced at just $395.

However, right now, I’m offering it to you at the very special sales price of just $195. That's a savings of $200—more than 50% off the regular price.

But because I know how hard it is to take this first big step… even at a 50% discount, I’ve also decided…

 One Single Dollar Will Get You
In The Door…

That’s right. If you’re not sure the 52-Day Course is right for you, why not try out the first 7 days for a total of only $1?

Give yourself the chance—FOR ONLY $1—to experience for yourself the kind of comprehensive and life-changing information and insights the program provides.

Can you really pass that up if you’re really serious about getting overseas sooner rather than later—or even at all?

Reserve My Place!
And there’s more…. I want to make sure you get all the information you need to get you to the right haven ASAP. So, if you enroll right now, you’ll receive—at no extra charge…

Two free bonuses... to enhance your 52-day journey…

  • Getting Started Bonus #1:
    44 Things You Must Know Before You Live, Retire, Or Invest Overseas (Value: $29)
  • Getting Started Bonus #2:
    The Annual Tax Guide For Americans Living, Investing, And Doing Business Overseas
    (Value: $29)

    But that’s not all! We also want to help you…

    Celebrate your graduation day with another special bonus!

We know the great adventure you’re headed for overseas, so once you graduate and have narrowed down your list of countries, you will receive a coupon for:

  • 3 Country Retirement Reports (Value: $29.85)

Looks like you may be out of excuses for keeping your overseas dream on the back burner. It just might be time to go for it.

Catch This 52-Day Express To The
Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Don’t miss it—if you’re really serious about launching a new life overseas. It’s the chance you’ve been waiting for—one you won’t find anywhere else.

Enroll in 52 Days To Your New Life Overseas right now and let the countdown begin—to the life-changing move of your dreams. With each passing day’s lesson, feel less stress and more confidence than you ever thought possible.

Face it, with this armload of bonus materials—and the $1 trial offer—why put off your re-invented life overseas any longer? Why should anyone else beat you to your little corner of paradise? A place where you can leave footprints on sand beaches, sip the neighboring vineyard’s wine on your own stone balcony, and follow the aroma of fresh pastries along cobblestone streets.

If you’re determined to get to where you really want to be... in as little as 52 days… better hurry!

Class starts in a few minutes. See you inside.

Kathleen Peddicord
Publisher, Live and Invest Overseas
(And Your Retire Overseas Coach)

P.S. Just a reminder that there’s no better offer anywhere to guide you to the overseas haven of your dreams. I’ve been in your shoes and also know how exciting and life-changing the next few weeks will be once you sign on. I suggest you RUN—not walk—to the life you don’t want to regret missing out on.

Reserve My Place!

 Remember... With The $1 Trial Offer... Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed

For only $1—you can test out for yourself the best resource available anywhere for guiding you, day-by-day, step-by-step, through uncertainty—to a confident move to your new haven.

You don’t even have to take my word for it. Simply enroll and, if for any reason 52 Days To Your New Life Overseas is anything but the stellar guide to an overseas move we’ve described, no problem. To cancel your enrollment, simply email or call us within 7 days of your initial purchase, and you will be billed nothing further.

So, what do you say? Deal you in?

Reserve My Place!

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