From the Desk of Kathleen Peddicord
Publisher, Overseas Retirement Letter
A Special Invitation To
Become Part Of A Private
Overseas Retirement Circle

Here’s Your One-Of-A-Kind Opportunity
To Fast Track Your Retire-Overseas Adventures

Dear Overseas Retirement Letter Subscriber,

When you subscribed to the Overseas Retirement Letter, you took a great and important step toward realizing your dreams of launching a new life in a new country.

I'm writing today to invite you to take another step toward making your retire-overseas dreams come becoming part of a special, private group of like-minded folks called the Overseas Retirement Circle.

The result of two years of planning and organization, this turned into a much more ambitious undertaking than we anticipated. Building a new global community is no easy thing, we’ve found! I'm delighted, though, to be able to report today that the Overseas Retirement Circle has blossomed into an extraordinarily valuable service, and membership has thrived.

Our Overseas Retirement Circle has three objectives:

Excellent Service
"I am writing to tell you that I have received the most excellent service each time I have called the Overseas Retirement Circle for advice. Most recently, Karen helped me and I could not have asked for more thorough, competent and gracious support. Really, she was wonderful! Becoming a member of the Overseas Retirement Circle was a great decision for us!"

-- Maryanne S., United States

First, to bring you more and more extensive information related to the world's top options for living and retiring better overseas. Our Overseas Retirement Circle is an opportunity to take your retire-overseas dreaming and planning to a next level...

Second, our Overseas Retirement Circle aims to provide support to help you formalize and execute your own retire-overseas plan...

Third, this private circle of like-minded folks exploring the world's top options for living and retiring well aims to connect you with your fellow members...

So that you can benefit from the many advantages of being part of this one-of-a-kind retire-overseas community.

Every member of this group is in your shoes. They, like you, are actively searching for the best place in the world to make the most of the next phase of their lives. They, like you, are considering, comparing, and contrasting the many and often confusing options.

Every Overseas Retirement Circle member is looking for all the help and support he (or she) can get.

Again, I suspect, just like you.

Thank you for all of this ongoing information. You are a lifeline to Americans wanting out right now.
-- Peggy D., United States

Which is why we've worked so long to put in place the infrastructure and to create the network of resources that I'm pleased today to be able to make available to you.

This is your opportunity to ratchet things up considerably. If you're serious about finding the overseas retirement haven with your name on it...and serious about making a plan for launching a new and better life in your exciting and exotic locale of choice...then listen up:

This is your invitation to become part of a like-minded community of retire-overseas VIPs on the fast track to making their long-held retire-overseas dreams come true...

The Many Benefits Of Becoming A Member Of The Overseas Retirement Circle

Let's get to the point. What am I talking about, specifically?

Members of our new Overseas Retirement Circle are part of an inner circle working together, with full support from us and complete access to our extensive Live and Invest Overseas resources, to realize their dreams of launching new and better lives overseas.

These folks are on the retire-overseas fast track.

In addition, our Overseas Retirement Circle members have our full attention and are treated like VIPs--by our Customer Service department, by our editors and correspondents, by our experts and in-country resources, and at our live events and conferences.

Our Panama-based staff receives thousands of phone calls and e-mails every day. We do our best to respond to every inquiry, but, the truth is, sometimes we can't. We just don't have the time or the resources to research answers to every question we receive.

However, when you're a member of our Overseas Retirement Circle, we'll take your call. We'll respond to any e-mail you send and to any request for help you make within 24 hours. We'll invest in extra research whenever necessary.

As an Overseas Retirement Circle member, you'll have direct access to our Panama-based team...and, at conferences, you'll have entrée to our VIP lounge and, as well, to all private invitation-only functions.

But that's only the start.

Here's what else membership in our Overseas Retirement Circle brings you...

Overseas Retirement Circle
Membership Benefit #1:
Monthly issues of
the Overseas Retirement Letter...

As an Overseas Retirement Circle member, you receive each issue of the Overseas Retirement Letter as it is published every month...

Including the special annual "Retire Overseas Survey" issue.

In other words, your Overseas Retirement Circle membership replaces your current Overseas Retirement Letter subscription. You do not need to invest in both.

Furthermore, we will discount the cost of your existing Overseas Retirement Letter subscription against the cost of your new Overseas Retirement Circle membership. More on this in a minute...

The value of 12 monthly issues of the Overseas Retirement Letter is US$76...

Overseas Retirement Circle Membership Benefit #2:
A members-only website containing archives of every past Overseas Retirement Letter issue...

We've been publishing the Overseas Retirement Letter for over three years. That means we've produced over three dozen issues. Each one is a Country Retirement Report in its own right, and we make all ORL Country Retirement Reports available for individual sale in our online Bookstore at a cost of US$9.95 apiece.

Immediately upon becoming a member of the Overseas Retirement Circle, you'll be sent access details for your ORC members-only website, where you'll find links to each and every one of these ORL Country Retirement Reports we've published.

These include guides to the world's top retirement havens right now...from Mendoza, Argentina, and La Barra, Uruguay, to Languedoc, France, and the coast of Spain...from Hangzhou, China, and Chiang Mai, Thailand, to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Bali, Indonesia...and from Cuenca, Ecuador, and Cayo, Belize, to hidden Turkey, Ireland's Copper Coast, and beyond...

Access to all past ORL Country Retirement Reports--Value: More than US$350…

"I look Forward To Reading"
"My word, your recent Overseas Retirement Letter issue was marvelous and a great help...[I] did fall in love with the city..."

-- Frank L., China
Overseas Retirement Circle Membership Benefit #3:
A private members-only Forum on the Overseas Retirement Circle website...

Your ORC members-only Forum is a place where you can communicate and connect directly with your fellow ORC members...

Fellow members considering the alternatives just like you...fellow members making plans for their moves...fellow members on the road, scouting and reporting back...fellow members who have already taken the plunge and who are already living the new lives overseas they dreamt about and planned for for so long...

Fellow members more than happy to share details of their research, their findings, their discoveries, their successes, their frustrations, their challenges, and their ultimate triumphs with you in this private Forum.

This members-only service will make it possible for you to connect with your fellow members for business undertakings, investment opportunities, travel plans, language lessons, dinner dates...

Who knows who you might meet this way...or where the connection might lead...
Overseas Retirement Circle Membership Benefit #4:
Access to "live" Forum events, when experts from the Live and Invest Overseas team will be online to answer questions and offer recommendations in real time...

During these live and interactive Forum events, you'll be able to communicate directly and one-on-one with our key international tax, residency, banking, health care, budgeting, and real estate pros.

We'll also plan destination-focused Forum events, when you'll be able to engage in discussion with our best-traveled contributors, colleagues, and friends.

For every online Forum event, our experts will provide relevant commentary and background information to launch the discussion, along with recommendations and counsel. Then you and your fellow members will have the chance to ask questions and to engage in conversation, not only with the LIOS expert, but also with each other.

You'll find, as an Overseas Retirement Circle member, that your fellow members are a tremendous asset. Each of you is working toward the same goals, generally speaking, but each path is different.

Every Overseas Retirement Circle member has his (or her) own experiences. Oh, the tales some of you can tell. As an ORC member, you'll be privy to these tales. You'll be able to learn from and to leverage the many and diverse experiences of your fellow members.

It's all part of being on the retire-overseas fast track...
Overseas Retirement Circle Membership Benefit #5:
A standing 20% discount, throughout your membership, off every publishing product we produce...

As an Overseas Retirement Circle member, you'll never pay full price for any product we publish. You'll enjoy a discount of 20% off every purchase you make with us throughout your membership. And, yes, this members-only discount can be bundled with any other discount or sale offer on the table at the time.

This means that, as an Overseas Retirement Circle member, you'll be able to build a complete Live and Invest Overseas library at a substantial savings.

And the more you buy, the more you save!

Overseas Retirement Circle Membership Benefit #6:
A standing US$100 off the cost of registration for every conference you attend throughout your membership...

In addition, as an Overseas Retirement Circle member, you'll never pay full price to participate in any conference or live event we sponsor during your membership. You'll enjoy a US$100 savings off the cost of registration for every event you attend.

And, again, this is in addition to all other available discounts you're eligible for at the time.

Attend two events per year, and your savings is US$200 annually...

"Insightful and Honest"
"I just wanted to write and thank you for the excellent conference. It was great to meet you all. I have been reading your information for years, and your conference was everything I hoped for and more. We felt we made a lot of new friends, and we talked with most of the attendees. Everyone agreed that your 'no-nonsense approach' is one of the main reasons they feel they can have confidence in your programs."

--Ron and Sue F., United States
Overseas Retirement Circle Membership Benefit #7:
A copy, delivered by e-mail, of my private Retire Overseas Rolodex...

This is access to my private contacts and key resources in the countries dead center of my radar right now, from Panama to France, Argentina to Croatia, Belize to Malaysia...

My Retire Overseas Rolodex (never before made available to readers) contains the contact details for preferred attorneys, residency advisors, bankers, medical care specialists, health insurance providers, tax counselors...even, in many cases, architects, contractors, painters, private drivers, favorite restaurants and hotels, and on and the world's top 20 retirement havens today.

The result of more than a quarter-century transversing the globe, this is my own little black book...that I'd like to share with Overseas Retirement Circle members.

The Retire Overseas Rolodex is not available for sale on its own...

Overseas Retirement Circle Membership Benefit #8:
A monthly members-only Teleconference on the featured destination for that month's ORL issue...

This is one Overseas Retirement Circle benefit I'm particularly excited to be able to offer.

Each month, following the fulfillment of that month's Overseas Retirement Letter issue, we'll schedule a special Overseas Retirement Circle members-only Teleconference. On the line for each of these monthly Teleconferences will be the writer of that month's ORL feature article and your ORL Managing Editor Lucy Culpepper.

This will be your opportunity to ask all the questions that occurred to you as you read our report on the month's featured destination.

Our contributors and correspondents are far-flung and perpetually on the move. However, each month, we'll track down the editor whose report we've featured in your Overseas Retirement Letter issue. We'll get him (or her) on the line, live. The month's featured editor will share further accounts of his experiences in that month's featured destination (including, sometimes, off-the-record tales that didn't make it into print!). Then he'll take your questions.

This is one-on-one access no other reader will enjoy and that you couldn't possibly arrange otherwise.

In advance of each Teleconference, you'll be invited to send questions to us by e-mail. Then you'll be able to listen in on the line while our correspondent replies live to each one.

You'll even be able to ask follow-up questions while the Teleconference is in progress. You'll be able to communicate directly (albeit, virtually), not only with the correspondent who produced that month's Country Retirement Report, but also with Lucy Culpepper, a native of Wales, and a long-experienced retire-overseas reporter. Lucy will act as moderator to keep the conversation moving and to try to make sure that every single question is responded to in full.

We won't make these calls available to anyone else. We want to keep participation limited, so that we're sure we'll have enough time to respond to every question posed.

Following each Teleconference, we'll archive the complete recording on your Overseas Retirement Circle members-only website, so that you'll have ongoing access and can refer back to any one of these conversations at any time during your ORC membership.

Again, this is a private service. You couldn't buy access to it on its own at any price. The only way to be on the line for each Overseas Retirement Teleconference, live and asking your questions about each featured overseas retirement haven, is to be an active member of our Overseas Retirement Circle.

However, if we were to make these Teleconferences available on their own, we'd charge US$100 at least for each one. That means that the value to you of these Teleconferences, as an Overseas Retirement Circle member, is US$1,200 per year...

PLUS: Special Overseas Retirement Circle Membership Benefit #9:
Access to the Live and Invest Overseas Bupa International Health Insurance Policy...

This is a one-of-a-kind benefit, available nowhere else.

Arranging health insurance in your new country of residence can be one of the most important and confusing issues you'll face as you prepare for your new life overseas. The options are many.

What's best for you? We can't say, of course. However, I can tell you that the international health insurance Lief and I have chosen to carry since we left the States more than 13 years ago is with Bupa.

Why Bupa? We consider it the best international health insurance available.

Bupa provides...

  • Completely global coverage, making this the best choice if you intend to divide your time in retirement among two or more countries or if you plan to travel regularly...
  • Plans that can include coverage in the United States...
  • More than 5,500 participating hospitals and clinics worldwide...
  • Flexible options, allowing you to choose where you want to be treated, in a network or in any recognized hospital or clinic worldwide...
  • The option in many cases for paying your hospital bills directly, saving you the out-of-pocket expense and the hassle of chasing down reimbursement...
  • A long track record, as the company was established in 1947...
  • More than 10 million insured in more than 190 countries...
  • A 24-hour hotline, where your call is answered by multi-lingual staff...
  • Coverage that includes emergency evacuation and repatriation services...
  • A policy to pay all claims in the currency of the region where you reside, so you don't have to worry about the exchange rate when paying your medical bills...
  • No limit on the number of claims in any one-year period...

In addition, Bupa's rates are very competitive relative to other international insurance options. In other words, this is the most comprehensive, complete, and reliable international health insurance you can arrange...and it'll likely cost you considerably less than you've been spending for health coverage in the United States, for example.

In fact, your Bupa International coverage could, depending on your age and country of residence, cost less than Medicare. And, again, your Bupa policy will follow you wherever you travel.

Kathleen, as a reader of Overseas Opportunity Letter and a Private Placement Funding Syndicator for over 25 years, I really have to commend you for your insight and honesty in telling it like it is to your readers. It is uplifting to read an article from a person like yourself who is delivering the truth to her readers. Keep up the good work.

-- Norman S., United States

As I said, we've been sold on Bupa International since we left the States. And the more research we've done, the more convinced we've become that this is the gold standard for international health insurance.

That's why, when we conceived our Overseas Retirement Circle, we approached our contacts at Bupa to inquire about group coverage for our ORC members.

I'm delighted to report that we have been able to organize a Live and Invest Overseas Group Policy, available for all eligible Overseas Retirement Circle members.

And, further, that all ORC members enjoy a 10% discount off the cost of their coverage.

Your cost of coverage will depend on your age, your country of residence, and your personal health circumstances. An average premium cost for someone aged 65 or older can be US$2,500 per year, meaning your member discount would be US$250 every year you're an Overseas Retirement Circle member.

Again, this is a unique benefit, unavailable anywhere else.

We'll share full details in your Overseas Retirement Circle New Member Welcome Kit.
A 25-Year Track Record Helping People Find The Overseas Retirement Havens Of Their Dreams

I've been helping people find the overseas retirement havens of their dreams for more than a quarter-century. I've personally spent time discovering and exploring more than 50 of the world's top options for living and retiring well, and, along the way, I've developed the most extensive global network of friends, colleagues, correspondents, experts, and expats you'll find anywhere. The truth is, the worldwide infrastructure I've been fortunate enough to build is unparalleled.

Now, through my new Overseas Retirement Circle, I'm making this global network, along with all the benefits, advantages, and support it provides, available to you. Plugging into this far-flung community is the best next step I can imagine if you're serious about identifying the overseas retirement haven with your name on it...and then launching your new (and I predict dramatically improved and enriched) life there.

What Does Your Retire-Overseas Dream Look Like?

Perhaps you're shopping for a new life at the beach.

This was Ann Kuffner's dream. All her life, Ann had been drawn to the Caribbean, to the warm, clear, turquoise water and the relaxed way of life. Finally, 10 years ago, Ann and her husband Mike made Ann's dream come true--they launched a new life on Ambergris Caye, Belize, where they appreciate full-time access to the Caribbean and the beach, of course, but where they've also fallen in love with the new community they've been welcomed into...

You are so much better than the others out there writing on these same topics. I receive this kind of information from many other sources. None of them compare. They're all sales letters pitching their next seminars or books or secret stock tips. Anyway, just wanted to let you know you are on the right track. Anyone who makes the comparison between you and the other resources available will choose you.

-- Stephen S., United States

Macarena Rose hadn't dreamt her whole life of relocating overseas, but, when she discovered Belize seven years ago, she was smitten. She wanted to make this charming, friendly, English-speaking nation her new home. It wasn't Belize's Caribbean cayes that drew Macarena. She was irresistibly drawn to the rain forest interior of this country and, in the seven years since, has built a new home and a new life in San Ignacio in the Cayo, where she coaches soccer, sits on the board of the Humane Society, has made many dozens of new friends, and has even launched a successful new business...

Jay Snyder fell in love with the colonial city of Granada, Nicaragua, from the first day of his first visit...and, in the 5 years since, has developed a condo-hotel, where Jay and his wife are "retired" part-time. The rest of the year they spend "back home" in Vermont...

Tom and Yvonne Phelan have relocated full-time to San Rafael, Argentina, where they're now the proud owners of their own vineyard and are preparing for their first grape harvest!...

David James left the States more than a decade ago. He lived in Nicaragua for a few years then was drawn farther south, to Uruguay, where he and his wife are now raising their young daughter...

Following a divorce from his wife in the States, George Martin has reinvented his life entirely in the highlands of Panama. George says it's like he's been born again...

A new life in retirement overseas can take many forms.

Whatever retire-overseas dream you harbor, the key to realizing it is information you can trust...and experienced support you can count on.

Now, as an Overseas Retirement Circle member, you have access to both things. You're connected to a far-flung and ever-widening network of retire-overseas experts, all of whom can provide you with information gleaned not from Internet research but from firsthand experience.

Plus, you have instant access to all the support you need. You have the opportunity to become part of a global community of like-minded folks all hot on the trail of new and better lives in the most appealing, most beautiful, most affordable, most welcoming places on earth.

It's this community, I believe, that is the greatest value of Overseas Retirement Circle membership. No other such community exists. Nowhere else can you communicate and connect directly and privately with others doing just what you're doing...with other would-be foreign expats and retirees considering the options, the opportunities, the advantages, and the challenges of building a new life in a new country...

Just like you.

Entrée to this private community is a benefit that is impossible to find anywhere else, that would be impossible to create on your own, and that is impossible to value.

And it's only the start of what it means to be a member of the Overseas Retirement Circle.

In addition, as an Overseas Retirement Circle member, you also enjoy the more quantifiable benefits I've been detailing for you...

As an Overseas Retirement Circle member, as I've explained, for example, you enjoy a VIP-only rate on every book, newsletter, report, publication, kit, course, white paper, and subscription service we offer...throughout your Overseas Retirement Circle membership...

You save 20% off the lowest price on offer for any product we publish. That means that, if we offer a product on sale at half price, you get to take another 20% ORC membership discount on top of that, for a total savings of a full 70%!

As an Overseas Retirement Circle member, you also save US$100 off the lowest event rate available for every conference on our calendar. You won't pay full price to attend any of our live events ever.

And, again, when you qualify for another discount, you can combine it with your ORC member discount for maximum savings.

As an Overseas Retirement Circle member, you not only enjoy substantial members-only savings, you also enjoy special VIP treatment every time you interact with us.

ORC member inquiries are given top priority by our Customer Service team. We receive thousands of reader inquiries every day, and we do our best to respond to every one of them. However, as an ORC member, your inquiry will go straight to the top of the pile. You'll receive a response to any query, comment, or question within 24 hours.

At live events, Overseas Retirement Circle members are invited to make themselves at home in our special VIP Lounge. At every event, we arrange a private room and make it available for use exclusively by our Live and Invest Overseas VIP members, including ORC members.

Our VIP Lounge is a great place for you to check your e-mail, to meet privately with fellow VIP members, to speak one-on-one with speakers and exhibitors, or simply to escape the hubbub of the event, have a snack or a cup of coffee, and relax for a few minutes in a quiet place.

In addition, you'll also be invited to the special VIP-only cocktail receptions we organize during each event.

These private meetings are designed to give you a chance to spend more time with our assembled team of experts. Our Live and Invest Overseas staff is there, along with key speakers from the event, and, often, special invited guests and keynoters. In this more intimate, more informal setting, these experts are happy to answer your specific questions to help you further explore the options presented during the general sessions. These receptions are informative, interactive, a whole lot of fun, and reserved for VIPs only.

Adding It All Up--Here's The Value Of Your Overseas Retirement Circle Membership

To recap, here's the opportunity on the table...

Become a member of the Overseas Retirement Circle and receive:

  • 12-month subscription to the Overseas Retirement Letter (including the annual "Retire Overseas Survey" special issue)--Value: US$76...
  • Access to over 40 ORL Country Retirement Reports--Value: over US$400…
  • Access to the private members-only Forum on the Overseas Retirement Circle website, including access to the expert-led live and interactive Special Forum Events--Value: Priceless...
  • A standing 20% discount off every publishing product we produce throughout your membership--Value: The more you take advantage of this benefit, the more value you realize...
  • A standing US$100 off the cost of registration for every conference you attend throughout your membership--Value: Attend two events per year, and the value to you is US$200 annually...
  • Access to private VIP lounge at all events and conferences--Value: US$50 per event...
  • A copy, delivered electronically, of my private Retire Overseas Rolodex--Value: Available to Overseas Retirement Circle members only...
  • Monthly members-only Teleconference on the featured destination for that month's ORL issue--Value: If we were to make these Teleconferences available on their own, we'd charge US$100 at least for each one. That means that the value to you is at least US$1,200 per year...
  • Access to complete archives of all past members-only Teleconferences--Value: Each Teleconference would have a value of US$100 at least if it were offered for sale on its own...
  • Eligibility for the Live and Invest Overseas Bupa International health insurance policy--Value: Access to this group policy is available to our VIP members only, and it means a 10% discount off the cost of your Bupa International premium...translating to a potential average savings of US$250 per year...

But those are only the quantifiable benefits.

"Sophisticated and Thoughtful...
and Therefore More Useful"
"I have to say that you seem to dig deeper into the feel of a particular place and to do comparative analysis between alternative places. Your approach is more sophisticated and thoughtful and therefore more useful than that of other e-letters I've read covering these same subjects."

-- John W., United States
Connect With Fellow Members For Travel,
Business, Investment...Maybe Even Romance!

The community and support you have access to as an Overseas Retirement Circle member is perhaps the greatest and completely unquantifiable value of your membership. Who knows where the private connections you'll make with your fellow members could lead--opportunities to pool resources for real estate investment, to share information following scouting expeditions, to join in "inner-circle" business and investment deals, to meet up in your shared retirement havens of choice, to travel together, to study together, to discover together...

Maybe even to make a move together!

Readers, especially single readers, contact us regularly asking if we provide any vehicle or venue for them to connect directly and personally with other they can share stories (of success and of struggle!) they can make arrangements perhaps to meet...perhaps to...

Well, who knows where these connections could lead. Lief and I met, more than 13 years ago, on a Discovery Tour to Ireland. Lief was a longtime reader...I was leading the tour. On the final night of our trip, in a pub in central Dublin, Lief asked me to dance...

One thing led to another and, five months later, we were married and on our way, together, to launch a new life in the Emerald Isle!

Where, 13 months later, I gave birth to our son, Jackson.

The years since have been a journey of adventure and discovery that, no question, would have taken quite a different direction if not for that fated Irish expedition when Lief and I met and realized we shared many of the same dreams and ideas about how and where we wanted to spend the rest of our lives.

Over the years, I've known other couples who've likewise connected at our conferences and on our tours.

But day-to-day? Until now, we haven't been able to offer any venue for readers to communicate directly with each other, to learn from each other, to partner with each other for business or investment, or, as Lief and I were lucky enough to do years ago, to find a spark...romance...maybe more...even to make a commitment to realize long-held dreams of new lives overseas...together...

Now, with our Overseas Retirement Circle, we offer a vehicle for all those things...the potential for real and personal connection.

This isn't a dating service. But it is a way to meet like-minded folks, including singles, looking for opportunity, just like you...chasing dreams of new and improved lives, just like you...and wanting to be able to share their new lives with someone, perhaps just like you...

How to tally all this? It's impossible.

Therefore, let's start by paring away everything that you can't put a price tag on. Doing that...and assuming you attend but one conference during your year of Overseas Retirement Circle're looking at a value to you of US$2,076.

I have to make the point one more time that that is a seriously understated representation of what you're paying for when you become an Overseas Retirement Circle member.

That said, even if you got nothing but those quantifiable benefits with your membership--nothing but the Overseas Retirement Letter subscription, the over three dozen ORL Country Retirement Reports, the publication and conference discounts, the monthly members-only Teleconferences, and the Teleconferences archives--the Overseas Retirement Circle would be a tremendous value.

But, as I've outlined here, you receive benefits that far outweigh these quantifiable ones, including, especially, access to the private Overseas Retirement Circle community.

What price do we put on this total package?

The internal debate has been hot. We want to make this new service available to as many readers as possible (meaning we don't want to price it unreasonably). However, we've got an enormous amount invested in creating the infrastructure to make this offering possible. And our ongoing costs of providing the level of support we're intending won't be small.

Here's what we've decided:

Membership in the Overseas Retirement Circle is priced at US$597.

Now, here's the really good news: Right now, during this window of open enrollment, you can become a member of this VIP community for half that amount...or just US$298.50.

Plus, as I promised above, we'd like to rebate the full price of your Overseas Retirement Letter subscription against the cost of your Overseas Retirement Circle membership.

Remember, as an Overseas Retirement Circle member, you will receive each monthly ORL issue, including the special annual "Retire Overseas Survey" issue. So you no longer need your ORL subscription. We don't want you to pay for it we'll rebate the full US$76 value against the cost of your Overseas Retirement Circle membership.

You may not have paid the full US$76 for your ORL subscription, but that's the value we're assigning it for you here.

Meaning that, as an Overseas Retirement Letter subscriber, your cost to become an Overseas Retirement Circle member during this limited-time open membership enrollment period is but US$222.50.

This period of open membership enrollment will continue for the next 7 days only, through Midnight, September 8.

Your Overseas Retirement Letter subscription was a great first step toward realizing your dreams of a new life in a new country.

Here's your chance to take a next's your chance to turn up the heat on your retire-overseas adventures...

Here's your chance to put yourself on the retire-overseas fast track.

If you're ready to take a next step toward realizing your dreams of a new life in a new country, then I'd say that this special opportunity to become part of our private Overseas Retirement Circle could be just the opportunity you're looking for.

And, during this open enrollment period, you can become a member in full standing at the lowest price we will ever offer.


My entire far-flung retire-overseas team is standing by, first, to welcome you as an Overseas Retirement Circle member...

And then to provide all the ongoing information and support we can to put you on the fast track to making your retire-overseas dreams come true.


Kathleen Peddicord
Publisher, Live and Invest Overseas
Founder, Overseas Retirement Circle

P.S. When you become an Overseas Retirement Circle member, you'll have access not only to extensive Live and Invest Overseas support and resources, but also to the far-flung and ever-widening Overseas Retirement Circle community. Entrée to this private circle could well be the most valuable benefit of all...

This is your chance to fast track your retire-overseas adventures, while, during this open enrollment window, saving a full 50% off the regular membership rate.

Go here now to register your application to take advantage of it.

I look forward to welcoming you as an Overseas Retirement Circle member!


Reach us with questions and comments at
or by phone, toll free from North America
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