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With my Overseas Retirement Circle membership, I will enjoy:

  • 12-month subscription to the Overseas Retirement Letter (including the annual "Retire Overseas Survey" special issue)
    Value: US$76...
  • Access to over 60 ORL Country Retirement Reports
    Value: Over US$600...
  • Access to the private members-only Forum on the Overseas Retirement Circle website, including access to the expert-led live and interactive Special Forum Events
    Value: Priceless...
  • A standing 20% discount off every publishing product produced by Live and Invest Overseas throughout my membership
    Value: The more you take advantage of this benefit, the more value you realize...
  • A standing US$100 off the cost of registration for every conference I attend throughout my membership
    Value: Attend two events per year, and the value to you is US$200 annually...
  • Access to the private VIP lounge at all events and conferences
    Value: US$50 per event...
  • A copy, delivered electronically, of my private Retire Overseas Rolodex
    Value: Available to Overseas Retirement Circle members only...
  • Monthly members-only Teleconference on the featured destination for that month's ORL issue
    Value: If we were to make these Teleconferences available on their own, we'd charge US$100 at least for each one. That means that the value to you is at least US$1,200 per year...
  • Access to complete archives of all past members-only Teleconferences
    Value: Each Teleconference would have a value of US$100 at least if it were offered for sale on its own...
  • Eligibility for the Live and Invest Overseas Bupa International health insurance policy
    Value: Access to this group policy is available to our VIP members only, and it means a 10% discount off the cost of your Bupa International premium...translating to a potential average savings of US$250 per year...

Membership in the Overseas Retirement Circle is priced at US$597.

Now, here's the really good news: Right now, during this window of open enrollment, you can become a member of this VIP community for half that amount...or just US$298.50.

If you’re a current Overseas Retirement Letter subscriber,you can upgrade that subscription to become a member of the Overseas Retirement Circle. In that case, we'd like to rebate the full price of your Overseas Retirement Letter subscription against the cost of your Overseas Retirement Circle membership. Go here right now to do just that.


We guarantee that membership in our Overseas Retirement Circle is the best possible resource available anywhere to help you fast track your retire-overseas dreams. No other service or network of in-country support compares.

However, if you don't feel the Overseas Retirement Circle delivers on this promise, you can rescind your membership at any time. If you do, we'll promptly reimburse you for any term remaining on your membership. No questions asked.

The Special Reports and other materials you've already received are yours to keep, no matter what.

In addition, by joining today, you lock in the lowest membership rate possible. When you join, you will be enrolled in our auto-renewal program, which guarantees the current low price for as long as you continue with your membership. You can cancel anytime you like, and any unwanted automatic recurring charges will be refunded immediately.

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