Free Access To Every Live And Invest Overseas Conference For Life?

Count Me In!

Kathleen, I would love to join you for as many Live and Invest Overseas events as I wish...over the lifetime of my adventures overseas. Please send me my All Access Pass so I can start attending as a VIP!

I understand that with my All Access Pass, I enjoy:

  • Free entry to any (and every) conference on the Live and Invest Overseas calendar. (Regular attendees pay US$1,095 and more to attend these events, but I won’t be asked to pay a cent.)...
  • Free entry for a guest at every conference, too...
  • VIP status, so I’ll be invited to participate in private sessions and receptions reserved for elite guests where I’ll have access to special opportunities...
  • Every Home Conference Kit, so that I’ll have access to the complete set of recordings for every conference that I cannot attend in person, so I never miss out. (These packages sell for as much as US$500 on the Live And Invest Overseas online store. Again, I won’t pay a thing and will receive every Home Conference Kit for life.)...

The All Access Pass is US$5,750. I have the option of a payment plan as follows: US$2,750 at the time of registration, then US$250 per month billed each month for each of the 12 months to follow. Or I can pay in full and save US$250.

I understand that this is a limited offer and is available only to the next 10 readers to respond. When these 10 places are filled, membership will be closed indefinitely.

For my All Access Pass, I’d like to choose the following payment option:

Register Now, Pay in Full (Save US$250)

Reserve My Place!


Register Now, Avail of Payment Plan

Reserve My Place!

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