I came for the sex

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

Lee Harrison
Senior Overseas Property

I was clearly here for the sex… at least according to the taxi driver who showed me around Medellín, Colombia, that first day back in January 2010.

 “…if you were younger, it would be drugs,” the taxista went on to explain. “The young guys want drugs… the older ones want women.”

And in a city with a reputation for legal prostitution, the world’s most beautiful women, and Pablo Escobar, I can see how that stereotype got started. All stereotypes, after all, have some basis in fact.

Unfortunately, I had to disappoint the taxi driver, who probably got a commission from the sale of sex and drugs.

Instead we checked out Medellín’s middle- and upper-class neighborhoods… its financial district… its fine restaurants… and a handful of properties.


Because even then, it was obvious to me that the world could no longer ignore Colombia: Latin America’s best place to live, work, or retire.

Colombia’s change to today’s
top expat haven was

rapid, dramatic, and inevitable

Medellín quickly became a top expat destination...

As it turned out, the world really was unable to ignore the remarkable value that Colombia holds.

Three short years later, by 2013, Colombia had changed dramatically. Expats were coming in large numbers, and the 60-something males of 2010—the lion’s share of the market at the time—were already outnumbered by couples, younger families, and entrepreneurs enjoying a wide-open field of opportunity.

And it had become one of the world’s best property markets, producing solid capital gains and excellent rental returns.

There have been times when I look back on places like this with regret, because I didn’t take action soon enough… when prices were low, and opportunity was high.

But that didn’t happen here. In fact, I bought one property soon after my first visit in 2010, and then bought a second property with my self-directed 401(k) a short time later, specifically to dip into the lucrative rental market.

By the time I landed in Colombia, I’d lived in Ecuador, Uruguay, and Brazil… so I was not easily impressed. Each of those countries offers some unique, world-class benefits to those who choose to settle there.

But Colombia offered everythingand at a much lower price.

You can make up your own mind…
but here’s what sold me on Medellín

I realize there are a lot of cities and countries out there claiming to be the best place to live, work, and retire. Many claim to be the best place to invest. Take a look at what attracted me… and then make up your own mind.

The weather: Medellín has the best all-year weather you can find. The average high temperature is 82 degrees Fahrenheit (27.8°C), with only one degree of seasonal variation. I can throw open the windows, and leave them open day and night, month after month.

Medellín has done a good job of
maintaining its natural beauty...

The culture and amenities: Medellín has theater, orchestra, fine dining, and a wealth of sidewalk cafés and bistros. There are large, ultramodern malls, as well as small shops and boutiques.

I’d put the high-end restaurant scene up against any I’ve experienced… and as a former Manhattan resident, that’s saying a lot.

The natural beauty: Surrounded by towering mountain peaks, Medellín’s El Poblado neighborhood is lush and green, with tall trees, plenty of shade, and tumbling mountain streams.

Walkability: During all my years as a homeowner in Medellín, we never owned a car. All the restaurants, cafés, shops, supermarkets and even excellent medical care were within an easy walk of our apartment.

Good infrastructure: We drink pure tap water… enjoy reliable, high-speed internet, plentiful public transportation including a shiny new Metro system… along with good electricity, phone and cell service… all at low prices.

Easy Residency: Getting my Colombian visa was fast and simple. In fact, I did it myself, without a lawyer. I gathered the documents they said to bring, went to the capital, and left with a permanent resident’s visa less than one hour after I entered the building.

Medical care: Health care in Medellín is world class, with some of the highest-rated facilities in all of Latin America. In fact, the city has become a hub for medical tourism, drawing people from the U.S., Canada, and the rest of the Americas.

According to the rankings by the World Health Organization, Colombia ranks higher than both the U.S. and Canada.

I had a great facility within two blocks of my apartment. And the excellent care was so inexpensive that I never even bothered to file an insurance claim.

Rental returns: I was able to earn (as it turned out) over 7.2% net return on a monthly rental property. Today, you can earn between 8% and 13% by investing in the short-term rental market, with investments starting at just $25,000.

My occupancy rates, for two well located properties, were as close to 100% as you can get. One El Poblado property was only vacant for cleaning days between rentals.

Colombia is the perfect second home destination, because it has little to no seasonal variation. There’s no “off season.” For example, you can escape the cold European winters in January… or the cold Uruguayan winters in July… knowing that the weather in Medellín will always be perfect.

And on the practical end, you’ll get all those amenities for a great price

Frankly, I’ve never seen all of Medellín’s benefits together in a single city before… and I’ve lived in (and traveled to) some pretty nice places. But even if you could, I can guarantee that you won’t find a lifestyle like this at this price… or at any price.

The walled city of Cartagena is the centerpiece of Colombia’s Caribbean...

Cost of living: A couple living in one of the country’s best neighborhoods can live this luxury lifestyle on less than $2,000 per month, including entertainment. Considering the clean, safe, and beautiful environment—not to mention the wealth of city amenities—it’s an amazing value.

If you’d rather “live like a local”—a middle-class lifestyle—you’ll be spending far less.

Cost of properties: Properties in Medellín are amazingly cheap, even in its best and most exclusive neighborhoods.

To put this in perspective, I recently completed a survey of property costs in 21 major Latin American cities, along with a few smaller markets in Colombia. Medellín came in at $1,734 per square meter.

To demonstrate the value of Medellín, look at this table, comparing it to other cities offering a similar lifestyle.




Medellín, Colombia

El Poblado


Santiago, Chile



Montevideo, Uruguay

Punta Carretas


Punta del Este, Uruguay



As you can see, Medellín properties cost as much as 48% less than its “competing” cities.

But that’s only half the picture:

  • None of these cities have Medellín’s fantastic weather
  • None have Medellín’s low cost of living
  • None have Medellín’s medical care
  • None have its density of fine restaurants and cafés
  • None is located only three hours from the U.S.

Given Medellín’s lifestyle, weather, and amenities, it would be a good value at twice the price. But at today’s prices, it should be an irresistible value.

Perfect timing: Today’s buyers have 81% more buying power than they had just a few years ago

The U.S. dollar is at historically high levels, which has dramatically increased the buying power of Americans buying in Colombia.

The strong dollar has resulted in a steep currency discount, making Colombian properties more affordable than they’ve been for many years. Savvy North Americans are buying in record numbers, with some prime markets seeing as much as a 10-fold increase in volume.

With 2013 as a baseline, current buyers have 81% more buying power… thanks to today’s favorable exchange rate.

For investors, your opportunity to earn in Colombia now is twofold: the capital gains have been dramatic over the past few years… and when the dollar enters its next downward cycle, your gains will be multiplied, in dollar terms, by the strengthening peso.

And it’s not just properties that benefit from today’s exchange rate

That upscale dinner that cost you $100 a few years back is now just $55. That’s a huge reduction, that also applies to your groceries, property taxes, HOA fees, and everything you spend money on.

This means you can live a luxury lifestyle—including theater, orchestra, fine dining, bistros, and cafés—without spending a fortune.

Here’s who should be paying close attention to Colombia in 2019

Cali is now in the expat limelight as an exciting, low-cost destination...

There are five types of people who should pay serious attention to Colombia this year:

  • The investor: Prices are an absolute, global bargain. Costs of getting in are low, and demand is growing at an accelerating rate. Income investors can still net between 8% and 12%, with investments as low as $25k.
  • The retiree: Colombia has become a popular destination for the North American retiree. Retirees can enjoy one of the world’s best climates, low prices, and a wide selection of amenities.
  • The second-home buyer: More and more, second-home buyers are now bypassing those old snowbird haunts, like Arizona and Florida, for the romance, excitement, and affordable high-end lifestyle in Medellín.
  • The entrepreneur: Over the past few years, scores of entrepreneurs have come on the scene. Many have opened brick-and-mortar businesses. One younger expat I met opened a small hotel… quite a few have opened restaurants and cafés… and several have specialized in real estate or property management. The atmosphere in Colombia is great for those with a good idea and the work ethic to make a go of it.
  • The digital nomad: Aside from brick-and-mortar businesses, even more expats have brought portable careers to take advantage of Medellín’s good infrastructure, low property cost, low cost of living, and amazing weather. Here are a few examples:
    • Writers
    • Web designers
    • Day traders
    • Currency traders
    • Consultants
    • Travel bloggers
    • Video bloggers
  • Medellín is a great place to retire…
    but it’s an even better place NOT to retire.

In today’s Colombia, Medellín is just
the tip of the iceberg

Admittedly, the scene in Medellín steals the show when looking at Colombia… but Medellín is just one destination of several that are attracting North Americans in large numbers these days.

For example, the Caribbean coast on Colombia's north shore has been drawing expats for years, especially to the historic, walled city of Cartagena. Most people know Cartagena as Colombia's #1 tourist destination, but it was actually Colombia's first major expat haven, too… and it's still growing in popularity today.

Santa Marta offers Colombia’s best
beach value...

And among savvy expats, just 140 miles along the Caribbean coast, you'll find Santa Marta, Colombia's oldest city. It offers an amazing array of lifestyles and beaches, from the newly restored historic center and waterfront… to the dancing beat of El Rodadero… to the world-class scuba diving at Taganga… to the tranquility of the beaches and condos at Bello Horizonte.

Cali is a sultry, upcoming city that has now come into its own as a major expat destination. As the world’s salsa-dancing capital, Cali has long had a reputation for its sizzling nightlife. But now it’s become popular with second-home buyers and retirees as well. 

Popayán is a colonial gem that offers
some of the world’s best weather...

For the colonial buff who likes cool mountain weather, Colombia is proud of Popayán, a beautifully maintained colonial gem that offers a small-town environment… but also offers a climate similar to the world-famous weather in Medellín.

So whether you're looking for the best of city life… an affordable hideaway on the Caribbean… or small-city living in the colonial highlands, Colombia will have a world-class destination for you.

Properties cost a bit more in Cartagena… but otherwise, these cities are even less than the already-inexpensive Medellín.

Compared to Medellín:

  • Properties are 29% less in Cali;
  • They cost 31% less in Santa Marta;
  • Properties are 60% less in Popayán;
  • You’ll spend just 4% more on properties in Cartagena.

What about the drug lords, Medellín cartel, and Pablo Escobar?

Pablo Escobar helped to create the
tremendous property values that we
have today...

When he died 25 years ago, Pablo Escobar left a complicated legacy in Colombia, as well as in the U.S. and Medellín, in particular, still carries the stigma of his reputation.

But as it turns out, Pablo Escobar and the Medellín Cartel are the best friends a retiree, investor, or property buyer could ask for.

Today’s Medellín is safe and secure.

But if it weren’t for the lingering image of the cartel, property prices in Medellín would have skyrocketed years ago. The negative stereotype succeeded in keeping prices in check for a long time. True, prices are rising now… but they’re still far behind the curve, and offer us a great value.

Discovering Colombia was a challenge
for me in 2010…

On my first trip to Colombia, I looked at 21 different properties with nine realtors. Next trip, it was 47 properties, followed by 23 on the third trip… all to buy 2 properties. As you can see, I wasn’t very efficient.

Once I settled on that first property, I found a lawyer for due diligence… but no one in her firm spoke English. I was on my own for reading and understanding the Spanish contracts and real estate law.

And when considering living in Colombia, I had no idea where to go for medical care… I didn’t know how the insurance plans worked. Opening a bank account was a complete mystery.

I even had to get my visa on my own, using regulations given on the government’s Spanish-language website…

Finally, I only knew one expat who lived there, who was busy building a business… so I had no on-the-ground resources to help out.

…but it can be a lot easier
for you in 2019

As I mentioned, I bought two properties in Medellín. What’s more, our Founding Publisher Kathleen Peddicord and real estate guru Lief Simon purchased a home here in Medellín.

And most remarkably, hundreds of your fellow readers are here as well.

So, today, we at Live and Invest Overseas have a wealth of resources in Colombia:

  • Excellent English-speaking attorneys;
  • Residency experts;
  • Health care professionals;
  • Language schools;
  • Bankers;
  • Real estate professionals;
  • Investment professionals;
  • Property managers;
  • Seasoned expats who have already moved, purchased or invested here.

This July, we’re gathering all of our considerable expertise in the same room, at the same time.

This means you can condense all my months of effort into just three action-packed days… and come away with more knowledge than I did.

So, yes, you can still come for the sex…

But if you want to live, work, invest, or retire in Colombia, there’s no better way to get started than to join us this July.

Discover the emerging champion for retiring, living, investing, or owning a second home…

Over three adventure-filled days, you’ll get to know all of the country’s regions… along with the professionals who work there, and the expats who live there… all from the comfort and convenience of the San Fernando Plaza Hotel, Medellín.

And, most importantly, you’ll have the chance to see Medellín’s best and most productive properties on the ground… in time to act while exchange rates are still so dramatically in your favor.

You're in Latin America…
but it feels like Paris

In fact, many will argue that it feels better than Paris, given Medellín’s superior weather, lack of demonstrations, and low cost of living.

Medellín is clean… safe… classy… and elegant. It's much more Euro in flavor than most of Latin America… it’s like Buenos Aires, but far safer, cleaner, and economically stable.

Medellín is the perfect place to spend your days and evenings enjoying the glorious year-round weather at the city's cafés, gardens, museums, and art galleries. See this City of Flowers once, and you will understand why tourists and investors both are increasingly infatuated with this place.

Not What I Expected!

“[The conference] really opened up my eyes and ripped apart the preconceptions and stereotypes I had that I knew I wanted to get past. Thank you so much!”

--Mike W., Panama

Sidewalk cafés are comfortable every
day of the year in Medellín’s remarkable

The mood is calm, easy-going, and relaxing.

And people are friendly and polite… even the taxi drivers. It's easy to make friends, and you'll find most everyone willing to help a newcomer.

Medellín is an economic and financial center for this country, but it's also a literary and an artistic one. Newspapers, radio networks, publishing houses, an annual poetry festival, an international jazz festival, an international tango festival, and an annual book fair, all have chosen Medellín as their base.

Medellín is also an international fashion capital, and its international fashion week, Colombia Moda, is now in its 30th year.

It's a major educational center with over 32 colleges and universities… plus an aquarium, a planetarium, botanical gardens, and sculpture gardens.

Each summer sees the five-day Festival of Flowers with its procession of horse riding, music, and of course, beautiful flowers. The Flower Festival is the highlight of the year, along with the Lighting of the Lights at Christmastime. Both draw people from around the world.

Medellín is sophisticated and cultured in a way that is uncommon anywhere in the world… but especially in Latin America.

If you want to escape the usual grit and grind of a typical big city—while still enjoying all the advantages and benefits of city life—then this is the place.

Best of all, you’ll give up nothing to enjoy this elegant lifestyle

One concern you might have if you're considering a move to Latin America is that you'll have to give up Western-standard luxuries. This couldn't be further from the reality in Medellín, where you can actually enjoy a higher quality of life… for a much lower price.

"La Feria De Las Flores" is a weeklong
event when the city of eternal spring
blooms in all its splendor...

Just look at these factors, which we'll showcase at this year’s conference.

Plentiful, well stocked shopping. Medellín offers everything from mom-and-pop corner stores, to high-end shopping malls… old-fashioned open-air markets to gleaming supermarkets… discount clothing bazaars downtown to exclusive boutiques in El Poblado. Whatever you need, it's here.

Tremendous diversity of outdoor recreation options. Colombia is a natural wonderland, with dramatic scenery, natural wonders, and fascinating cultures. It offers everything from excellent scuba diving, to exploring colonial villages, to zip-lining down an Andean valley.

Medellín’s world-class shopping means
you’ll never want for any item from
around the world...

Medellín is a major educational center. More than 32 colleges and universities give a lift to the ambiance of the city and help to provide a vibrancy that you can feel from the moment you land.

The Colombian economy is thriving and on the upswing by any measure, and is one of the leaders of Latin American and the world.

Friendly, helpful people. An expat haven has a hard time surviving if the expats and investors are not welcome. But in Colombia, the proud, friendly, and welcoming people are one of its strongest assets.

High standards of service and hospitality give Medellín a true, first-world feel.

Easy Access. Non-stops from the United States are available to Medellín, Bogotá, Cali, and Cartagena. Flight times to Miami are about 3 hours. Medellín is the only city in Colombia with two transportation terminals and two airports. Across the country, public transportation is excellent, with a modern, efficient metro, inexpensive buses and metered taxis available everywhere.

These are just a few more of the reasons that convinced me to buy in Medellín—along with Kathleen Peddicord, Lief Simon, and hundreds of your fellow readers.

Sound too good to be true?
Remember, you’ll find ups and downs in every country

There are strong reasons why everyone is paying serious attention to Colombia right now. We're excited by what we see around the country.

But we're not fools. We know that no city and no country are perfect. Anywhere you go you’ll find pros and cons… and Colombia is no different.

For example, English is not spoken by most of the locals in Medellín. Though you can find it spoken at the larger hotels, restaurants, and businesses, this is not the rule everywhere. All of the instructions and interactions required for my Colombian visa, for example, were in Spanish.

But at this year’s event, we will introduce you to the best places we know to study Spanish, to smooth out this rough spot.

Straight Answers

“I can't tell you how good it feels to get straight answers to my questions... no hype and no baloney.”

--Timothy Steel, United States

Thanks to Colombia’s exchange controls, another downside is that things like opening a bank account and moving money into the country are not straightforward. It's possible to do these easily—once you know how—but you'll need help learning the ropes… before the fact.

The sandy beach in Santa Marta features calm, warm Caribbean waters and
low prices...

To make your way easily, you'll need connections… and introductions. And at this year’s event, you'll meet the people who can make it happen for you.

That's the driving agenda of this conference: to prepare you. Like anywhere in the world, knowing what you're getting into in advance will allow you to make well informed decisions and smart choices that will protect you from any potential downsides.

An important part of our agenda at this event, therefore, is to show you the downsides… and then show you how to navigate and overcome them.

To this end, you'll hear from a number of expats who have already chosen to re-launch their lives in this special country. They'll show you firsthand how they overcame the obstacles to make things happen.

Information, contacts, connections, and real-world insights. That's what we promise… and that's what we deliver.

It’s not too early… or too late
The timing is right to stake your
claim here

Santa Fe is a popular destination for Colombians and expats alike...

We’re still in a compelling window of opportunity for Colombia. I've seen how this plays out before and recognize the potential that the country is offering to both the investor and the retiree.

And today’s exchange rates make this a particularly important time to pay attention.

But I also know from experience that this window can't stay open indefinitely. Already, change is coming to this market. Change and recognition. Just this past year, The New York Times placed Medellín high on their list of Places to go in 2018.

So the mainstream is on the way.

Downtown Sabaneta runs at a quieter, simpler pace… just minutes from

On one hand, this is a good thing. As Medellín and Colombia become more recognized for the investment and retirement havens that they are, it will become ever easier to invest and retire here… more user-friendly.

On the other hand, as more and more investors and retirees discover what Medellín and Colombia have to offer… the more costly it will become to get in on the action and to enjoy this enviable lifestyle.

So the time to act is now… while Medellín and Colombia still qualify as emerging retirement and investment havens and prices are correspondingly, absolutely low.

You have to act ahead of the crowd to gain the big advantages. But jumping in without the right knowledge can be a costly mistake.

You could waste months, even years trying to figure out on your own how best to invest and get things done in Colombia. Not to mention the thousands of dollars you could lose by taking some all-too-common missteps.

Seasoned Advice

“I most appreciated the opportunity to hear from some very seasoned international travelers and expat residents.”

--Stephen Scott, United States

Join our team for the Live and Invest in Colombia Conference and get all the inside information and all the on-the-ground support you need.

Our staff of experts and
local expats will show you
Colombia’s amazing lifestyle

  • Explore all of Colombia, to see the best of what it has to offer, region by region. We'll not only have expats to give their point of view, but also Colombians who can showcase their country.
  • Discover the natural wonderland within Colombia. This year you'll hear from María Clara Ruiz, managing director of Zooming Tours. María will not only show you the natural wonders of Colombia from our conference room… but can organize a personal tour, to show you the best natural attractions that the region has to offer.
  • Get the facts on being a part-time resident in exciting locations like Cartagena, Santa Marta, Cali, and Medellín…

So Many Experts In One Place

“I enjoyed this seminar very much. I don't know how you got so many knowledgeable people in one place. It exceeded all my expectations.”

--V.R., United States

  • See the expat-friendly neighborhoods, with the people who live here now…
  • Discover how to find an affordable rental—starting at less than $500 per month—and where you should be looking…
  • Get the facts on safety and security in the “new Colombia”…
  • Discover Colombia's world class health care system… a system many believe to be Latin America's best, most modern, and most affordable...
  • Learning the language is a terrific investment to help you get the most out of your experience in Colombia. We'll showcase the best of Colombia's many fine language schools for your convenience…
  • Get a grasp on the cost of living, as we show you actual budgets from people who live here…
All The Nuts And Bolts

“I appreciated the nuts and bolts, especially the cost of living, the financial considerations and strategies and the businesses that you showcased were interesting and enticing.”

--Barbara Leicht, United States

And our business experts
will be here too

Find out how to do business in Colombia:

  • Learn the real story on taxes and how they may affect you in Colombia…
  • Explore today's best business opportunities, guided by entrepreneurs who have already built a successful business…

And we’ve got the practical matters covered:

  • See how to become a resident, using one of Colombia's easy, flexible residency options. You'll hear from North Americans who've settled here, as well as our staff of legal experts…
  • Learn how to navigate Colombia's financial system… from bank accounts, to investment portfolios… along with how to move money efficiently…
  • Get the facts on how to relocate to Colombia, from the experts who know the rules…

Today's Relevant Topics

“I think the topics covered were well organized and relevant to the current global events taking place presently. I would highly recommend to others considering relocating to Colombia!”

--Patricia T., United States

In the world of real estate…

    Bogotá’s Centro is changing with
    attractive new projects...
  • Find the best real estate deals, by learning where to buy… and how much to pay…
  • Learn where to invest today in Colombia, for the most upside potential…
  • Meet with Colombia's top property managers, and discover how—and where—to make money in today's rental market…
  • Explore Medellín's best commercial real estate investments, with our on-the-ground commercial experts…
  • Learn how to navigate the property purchase process, and buy real estate safely and securely…

Most importantly, you'll be able to connect directly with the expats who are already living here… so you can hear the ups and downs firsthand.

Get All The Answers

“We are getting so much great information! Thank you! You are answering questions we never even thought to ask.”

--Sheila Strong, United States

Here's the bottom line: you'll come away from the Live and Invest in Colombia Conference knowing if Colombia is right for you

And if it is right for you, you'll have all of the information and local contacts necessary to make it happen.

We’ll cover a lot of ground…
but we promise you a lot of fun, too

When you attend our conference, you'll have full access to a full schedule of interactive presentations and workshops, jam-packed with solid content.

This will be a high-energy, full-throttle event. But we'll do everything we can to make sure it's also a whole lot of fun.

A healthy fruit-and-juice breakfast in a quiet park in Bucaramanga…

We're building in cocktail receptions, sponsored lunches, open-air parties, and other special events to give you as much opportunity as possible to mingle and mix with your fellow attendees… as well as your Live and Invest Overseas panel of experts.

In fact, you might find that the networking opportunities and new relationships you gain will be more than worth your investment in the conference.

And what’s more, the event takes place on El Poblado’s famous Golden Mile, an amazing, trendy location… walkable to all of the best that Medellín has to offer.

Exceeded All Expectations

“Wonderful, just wonderful! It was far beyond ALL expectations!! The staff, speakers, and content couldn't be better! We're grateful for all the detail and hard work by all.”

--Beverly Seligman, United States

Also, please, understand this: This conference is not going to be some mammoth, overhyped event with hundreds of people in a cavernous ballroom. That's not our style. At this focused event, you'll be part of a select group, in an intimate setting, with full one-on-one access to all our experts.

This means you'll get the personal attention you deserve. And that makes all the difference.

This value-packed event is only available for a short time at
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The 2019 Live and Invest in Colombia Conference is an exclusive opportunity to get to know Colombia in a way that's simply not possible by any other means. We'll have experts on hand from around the country, to help you with every possible endeavor.

The perfect place to pause and relax with
a cappuccino in Bogotá...
  • The conference is action-oriented. Based on past experience, some attendees will begin the visa process during the event… or open financial accounts… or even buy a property.
  • And best of all—whether your interest lies in the mountains, the colonial cities, or at the ocean—we'll have experienced expats on hand to show you what life is really like in Colombia.

The full, list price of this year's only Colombia event will be $1,095 per person, and only $1,595 for two. (Yes, if you come with a spouse, friend, or associate, the second person attends for less than half price.)

But frankly, there's no need to pay that much

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So Many Experts In One Place

“I think the info and people I've met are super high quality and in the first day has more than paid for the expense of the trip.”

--Scot Cave, United States

Here's what's included with the price of admission:

  • Admission to all presentations...
  • Complete access to the restricted exhibit area...
  • Expert personal consultations...
  • Formal and informal Q&A sessions, breakouts and workshops...
  • Introductions to reliable real estate sources, business contacts, fellow expats, and professional legal resources...
  • Access to attendee-only (optional) pre-conference and post-conference real estate tours...
  • Access to optional cultural, craft, and sightseeing tours...
  • Coffee breaks and snacks...
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  • Seminar materials, notebooks, and handouts...
  • Downloads of all conference presentations after the event is over...
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Reserve your seat today by contacting our conference coordinators by email, or by calling them at 1-888-627-8834. They'll have you booked and ready to go in minutes. If you'd prefer, you can use our convenient Online Registration Form.

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Think about it. If you had to gather this information on your own, you’d spend thousands of dollars, and months of your time to do it.

Best Ever

“The absolute finest conference I ever attended (and that number is in the hundreds). Topics were great. Presenters were wonderful. Your staff was outstanding.”

--Bob Seligman, United States

And believe me, after knocking on doors, searching the internet, sitting in lawyers’ offices and hanging out with real estate agents, it would still be virtually impossible to assemble the body of knowledge that we’ve pulled together for this conference.

The Live and Invest in Colombia Conference is indispensable for anyone who’s considering living or investing in Colombia

Please sign up today, using our convenient online registration form, or contact our conference coordinators. Or if you prefer, call us at 1 (888) 627-8834, and you’ll be on your way to Colombia.

We’ll look forward to seeing you in Medellín.


Lee Harrison
Senior Property Correspondent
Live and Invest Overseas

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“Thanks for introducing us to Medellín. We will be back!!”

--Gerry & Toni Dobrilla, United States, previous conference attendees

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