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This Overseas Haven Report features Antigua, Guatemala, the overlooked colonial city in the heart of Central America with plenty to offer the would-be foreign retiree. A few of the city’s main draws include various cost lifestyle options, tax advantages, little to no humidity, entertainment, and even affordable real estate.

Antigua combines a moderate cost of living, moderate climate, good food, old-world charm, friendly people, lots of culture, and engaging activities to create a vibrant and welcoming community for expats seeking solace and tranquility from the lunacy of the modern world.

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This overlooked colonial city in the heart of Central America has plenty to offer the would-be foreign retiree. Correspondent Michael Paladin recently set up home in Antigua and reports that real estate is affordable, the people are friendly, the climate is perfect with little to no humidity, overseas income is free of local tax, and you can live a very good lifestyle for less than US$1,400 a month, including regular entertainment, eating out, and a furnished rental at US$800 monthly.

In fact, though, you could live in Antigua on much less. For, as Michael explains, you could rent small and basic in this town for as little as US$250 a month. That’d make your total monthly budget but US$850. Own your own place, and you can do away with rent altogether…meaning you could enjoy life in this beautiful colonial city for as little as US$600 a month…


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