Bahía de Navidad, Mexico | Overseas Haven Report

In many ways, La Bahía de Navidad, on Mexico’s Costa Alegre (“Christmas Bay on the Happy Coast”), is an inexpensive, small-town version of up-scale Puerto Vallarta four hours to the north.

Our Overseas Haven Report will introduce you to the quaint and happy town of Bahía de Navidad, a favorite among expats looking to enjoy life off the well-worn path.

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With a Mexican population of just a few thousand friendly folks, the 500 or so full-year expats integrate easily into Barra de Navidad and Melaque, the two towns on the bay. Melaque is a typical ocean-side Mexican village where fishing, agriculture, and tourism provide a relaxed lifestyle for the locals. Barra de Navidad is chic and picturesque, with good restaurants and jumping nightspots, anchored by the elegant Grand Bay Hotel on the south-east side. Both of these towns receive thousands of winter visitors each year, primarily Canadian snowbirds celebrating their escape from the freezing weather back home by sunbathing and drinking frosty margaritas.

The Bahía of Navidad has rightfully earned a reputation as an outstanding wintering destination, and a full-year retreat for those folks that love hot weather. The bay is well-connected by air to both the United States and Canada, and the rest of Mexico, with flight times of just a few hours. The influx of winter visitors provides plenty of stimulation and seasonal business opportunities for those expats searching for a full-year retreat.

If your dream haven includes sunny beaches, good restaurants, friendly people, fishing, boating, and surfing in a small-town setting, then this area will put a special smile on your face.