Béarn, France | Overseas Haven Report

In this Overseas Haven Report we feature the region of Béarn, France.

Béarn, France is home to the French towns of Nay and Morlaas. They are a good size; not too big or too small. We’ve found them both very welcoming, both have every facility and service you need, both have an interesting historical center, and both set in beautiful, though different, countryside.

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With so much on offer around the Béarn region, we found it difficult to recommend any single town, but finally settled on two, Nay and Morlaas.

Describing the history of beret-making in the French town of Nay (sometimes called “Little Manchester”), writer Lucy Culpepper is careful to point out that Nay is “no dirty industrial town.” It seems the French never compromised on style, even through peak production. Nay is just one of the many attractive towns and villages dotted around France’s Béarn region, the focus of this report.