Belize Starter Kit


If Belize is on your radar (as we suggest it should be), here’s everything you need to take the first step toward realizing your dreams of a new life in this beautiful, English-speaking Caribbean nation.

We call it the “Belize Starter Kit.” Think of it as Belize 101, everything the would-be expat or retiree considering a new life in Belize needs to get started.

$ 79.00 $ 138.00

The Belize Starter Kit includes:

—- “Live and Invest in Belize,” the complete guide for living, retiring, and investing in Belize (a US$79 value)– This complete and current guide to Belize introduces you to the country’s top choices for expat living and helps you to compare them, one to the other, with a clear look at the pluses and the minuses in each case…

–Our Special Retirement Report on Belize’s Cayo District, one of our favorite spots in the country, offering perhaps the most affordable retirement lifestyle in Belize right now (a US$9.95 value)…

–“Retire At 45 In Tropical, Tax-Free Belize,” our special report on Belize’s QRP retirement program, detailing why this is one of the top three retirement residency programs in the world right now (a US$9.99 value)…

–The special report, “44 Things You Must Know Before You Relocate, Retire, or Invest Offshore,” the nuts-and-bolts support you need to plan your adventures in Belize with confidence (a US$29 value)…

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