Copper Coast, Ireland | Overseas Haven Report

In this Overseas Haven Report, We introduce you to the charms of the Copper Coast, a stretch of dramatically beautiful coastline in an overlooked part of Ireland that boasts a particularly rich history and heritage.

$ 9.95

Ireland makes more sense for the would-be foreign retiree right now than it has in nearly a decade. Thanks to the worldwide financial crisis, the costs of both real estate and of living on the Emerald Isle have fallen dramatically, making a new life in the Auld Sod a more realistic option than you may have been thinking. In addition, of course, Ireland offers all the Old World charm, beautiful countryside and coasts, and welcoming hospitality you could hope for.

Also in this report, resident Retirement Planning Expert Paul Terhorst discusses how you can learn from the world’s oldest investors by putting your money in three “pots.”