Cuenca, Ecuador | Overseas Haven Report


This Overseas Haven Report covers Cuenca, Ecuador, a city that offers a cost of living that’s among the lowest in Latin America, a rich quality of life, a thriving expat community, and welcoming locals.

$ 9.95

Take an in depth look at Cuenca, Ecuador–the country that Publisher Kathleen Peddicord has named the cheapest country in Latin America. As many expats will tell you, the country of Ecuador is one of the best deals out there when it comes to an overseas retirement destination…and Cuenca is the best that Ecuador has to offer.

Expats here can take advantage of a cost of living that’s among the lowest in Latin America…real estate prices that are unheard-of in a city with such a rich quality of life…an unbeatable retiree benefit package…and a thriving expat community surrounded by a warm and welcoming people who make you feel like you really belong.

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