Hanoi, Vietnam | Overseas Haven Report

In this Overseas Haven Report we introduce you to Hanoi, Vietnam.

The cultural and traditional capital city of Hanoi is thriving, growing, and maturing, defining its place in the global community. The frenetic pace of life; its teaming streets filled with unbridled energy, make Hanoi one of the most exciting and interesting cities in the world.

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Hanoi is breathtakingly beautiful, graceful and gritty, it seems as if every neighborhood, every street corner, every peasant, every sidewalk vendor, each uniform-clad schoolchild and every narrow building begs for a photograph. Arising jubilantly from the ashes of war, Hanoi is quickly regaining its place in the world.

The post-war Socialist-Communist way of conducting business has gradually given way to a new economy. Now, for all intents and purposes embracing a free-market society.