Top Health Insurance Options For The Retiree Abroad


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Our Complete Guide To Healthcare And Health Insurance Options Overseas is your detailed, comprehensive, and current guide to your best choices right now for health insurance and healthcare as an expat or retiree abroad. Spanning the globe…from Ecuador to France…from Belize to Thailand… and from Panama to Spain…this new guide is the most complete resource available on this important topic. This is the retire overseas resource you can’t afford not to have.

This all-new, updated and expanded report, in fact, is not one new report, but seven important resources you shouldn’t be without!

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Our Top Health Insurance Options For The Retiree Abroad kit comes with 5 high-quality health care resources (And 2 Bonuses!), including:

  • Resource #1: “Top Health Insurance Options for the Retiree Abroad” (US$47 value)
  • Resource #2: “The World’s Top 20 Overseas Havens For Health Care And Insurance–Health And Medical Care Choices In The World’s Top Overseas Retirement Havens” (US$49 value)
  • Resource #3: “Medical Tourism: From New Hips To Facelifts — Your Guide To The World’s Best Prices For Elective And Cosmetic Surgeries” (US$28 value)
  • Resource #4: “Health Insurance After Age 74-Your Best Options Explained” (US$14 value)
  • Resource #5: Audio Workshop: “Health Care for the Retiree Abroad Explained” (US$14 value)
  • BONUS #1: “Medicare Overseas? — New Developments In Medicare Portability” (US$9 value)
  • BONUS #2: Audio Workshop: “Going Naked” (US$14 value)

If you purchased the individual reports that make up this bundle of resources, you’d pay US$175, meaning that you can buy this comprehensive resource right now for over full 60% off. This is the retire overseas resource you can’t afford not to have.

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