Hoi An, Vietnam | Overseas Haven Report

For those who are considering a move to Vietnam, Hoi An may be an ideal destination. The town offers retirees and families a high quality of life at a deliciously affordable price – it has one of the lowest costs of living to be found anywhere.

$ 9.95

The small town of Hoi An is a gem set along the central coast of Vietnam. In 1999, UNESCO found the old downtown’s remarkable mix of ancient Chinese and Japanese architecture a unique cultural treasure worthy of preservation and proclaimed Hoi An a World Heritage Site. For travelers, it is one of a handful of “don’t miss” destinations on the Southeast Asian “grand tour.”

“You can shop in vibrant markets, visit ancient temples, and sample the healthy and unique cuisine particular to this town,” writes our Southeast Asia correspondent. “You can have your clothes tailor-made by experts, be pampered in your choice of spas, improve your golf swing at internationally acclaimed courses, or while away the hours on the shores of the lovely South China Sea. Step back in time and wander the vehicle-free streets of downtown during the full moon, when lanterns and candles take the place of electric lights. You will get a sense of how it was when Hoi An was the busiest, most prosperous seaport in Southeast Asia.”

The rapidly growing expatriate community is dynamic and involved – one of the things that makes living in Hoi An particularly attractive. As expat entrepreneur Michele North explains, “It’s all about community… Hoi An is amazing. If you come with a positive attitude, things happen.” Find out if Hoi An could be your community in this Country Retirement Report.