Ipoh, Malaysia | Overseas Haven Report

This Overseas Haven Report features Ipoh, Malaysia. Ipoh boasts one of the lowest costs of living in Malaysia. Its large suburbs offer quiet and comfort for all budgets and lifestyles.

Whether you prefer relaxing days at the country club, testing your limits with rugged outdoor adventure, or socializing over a cup of Ipoh’s famous “white coffee,” you can live a five-star lifestyle on a three-star budget in affordable, Ipoh.

$ 9.95

Ipoh is an enticing destination that offers many incentives to Westerners interested in relocation in Southeast Asia. Known as “The City Built on Tin,” “The City of Millionaires,” and “The City of Bougainvillea,” Ipoh is also an increasingly popular retirement haven for Malaysians in-the-know, who claim that its fresh air, clean water, and relaxing lifestyle not only improves the quality of life but also promotes longevity.

Despite having a population of over half a million, Ipoh feels like a small town. You can expect first-world healthcare and a modern infrastructure, but no overcrowded city center packed with skyscrapers and high-rises. Ample opportunity exists to mingle with friendly locals who speak fluent English. You can take a step back in time to Ipoh’s British Colonial heyday or wander the maze of narrow streets and alleyways in Ipoh’s large Chinatown…

The Malaysian government actively encourages foreign residents to relocate to their country. Lenient immigration policies make Malaysia an easy country to live in for months or years, with or without a retirement visa. Exotic in enough ways to keep it from feeling ordinary, but familiar enough to be comfortable, Ipoh provides an intriguing blend of ancient Oriental and modern Occidental cultures. Ipoh’s prime location, low cost of living, English-speaking locals, and sumptuous food are but a few of the many reasons why the ‘City Built on Tin’ might be your perfect overseas retirement home.