Iveragh Peninsula, Ireland | Overseas Haven Report

Tucked away in Ireland’s southwest, in the “Kingdom” county of Kerry, is the marvelously unspoiled Iveragh Peninsula. Parts of the peninsula are designated “Gaeltacht” areas–zoned as such to protect the native language, heritage, and landscape–and, it’s thanks to that status that the area retains its natural beauty.

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Really, this is as close to picture postcard Ireland as it gets. And, when the sun peeps over the craggy coastline, illuminating Ireland’s whitest sands and clearest water, you can’t help but think (with a sense of humor) “Irish Riviera.”

While tour buses weave their way around the Kerry coastline all year — and especially during the summer months — you’ll drive most of the Iveragh Peninsula without seeing any big hotels or resorts. The privileged folks who live (and keep holiday homes) out here enjoy a tranquil life, surrounded by stunning seascapes. And, Killarney National Park — with its famous lakes and mountains—is at your doorstep.

With Irish property prices as low as they’ve been in more than a decade, this could be your chance to find a cozy, affordable cottage in one of the world’s most romantic spots.