La Barra, Uruguay | Overseas Haven Report

Our Overseas Haven Report from Uruguay will show you the life you could enjoy in one of the world’s best options for sophisticated seaside living in the little coastal town of La Barra.

$ 9.95

La Barra, as our Uruguay correspondent explains, is also a place where you could generate good rental income if you were to invest now for a retirement home in the future.

Also in this report resident Retirement Planning Expert Paul Terhorst, retired overseas for more than 25 years, since the ripe age of 35, begins a conversation that could be one of the most important of your life.

Paul has survived no fewer than 12 “financial meltdowns” in various corners of the world. In this report, Paul tells you what you need (and don’t need) to make the leap to retirement overseas. Paul also shares his tried-and-tested methods for setting yourself up in retirement in a foreign country.