Las Tablas, Panama | Overseas Haven Report


In this Overseas Haven Report, we unlock on of Central America’s best retirement spots: Las Tablas, Panama.

Las Tablas is a tranquil, one-stoplight town located on Panama’s Azuero peninsula, where women walk under the shade of their umbrellas, men don the traditional sombrero hats, and kids ride bicycles through their neighborhoods.

$ 9.95

Situated on the eastern coast of Panama’s Azuero Peninsula is Las Tablas, a town widely known for its outrageous Carnaval celebrations, where residents and tourists alike crowd the streets to dance to live tipico music beneath a shower of water sprayed down upon them from hoses on full blast.

Any other time of the year you’ll find this place to be one of the most calm and comfortable on the isthmus. The food is affordable (lunch is around US$5.50), the people are some of the friendliest you’ll find anywhere, and everyone is relaxed.

One expat couple we know of is renting a fully furnished, two-bedroom house where their front lawn is white sand and they can watch the ocean roll in from the comfort of their porch. This dreamy lifestyle sets them back only US$600 per month. How does this couple spend their days? Sitting out on their hammocks, reading books… not a care in the world.

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