Maceió, Brazil | Overseas Haven Report

Our Overseas Haven Report for Maceió, Brazil is an up-close an personal look at Northeast Brazil’s best beachfront city.

Maceió makes a terrific first impression and one that will most certainly last. This is a city that’s hard to beat… with it’s beautiful coastline and bargain real estate, you’ll be wondering what took you so long to discover what many say is on of Brazil’s most beautiful cities.

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Maceió, Brazil

If you’re looking to retire to a beachfront city in Northeast Brazil, look no farther than Maceió,” writes Latin American Correspondent Christian MacDonald. “When it comes to making a terrific first impression on arrival, this is a city that’s hard to beat.

“In fact, when I crested the hill on my approach to the beach, the view to the sea was so impressive that I missed my turn and got lost. But when I finally turned and hit the beachfront promenade, I was treated to a gleaming, modern city that soon jumped to the forefront of all the cities I’ve visited in Brazil with an eye on retirement.

“And, better yet, you can buy a large, three-bedroom apartment here for less than US$75,000, and enjoy the good life here for under US$1,400 per month.”