Penang, Malaysia | Overseas Haven Report


Our Overseas Haven Report for Penang, Malaysia takes you on an adventure around the “Pearl of the Orient,” one of the most livable destinations in Southeast Asia.

$ 9.95

Penang, Malaysia, has a lot going for it. Not only is the cost of living low, but English is widely spoken, foreigners are welcome, and the government is stable. Obtaining residency as a foreign retiree in this nation is easy (easier than anywhere else in Asia). The Malaysian government invites foreigners to stay in Penang on a long-term Social Visit Pass under the “Malaysia My Second Home Programme.”

Also in this report, resident Retirement Planning Expert Paul Terhorst tells of a friend back in the United States who believes he needs US$5 million dollars to retire comfortably. Paul explains though, that, in fact, you don’t need anything like a US$5million dollar retirement fund. What you need is to be creative. Learn what you need to know to retire now, on the money you have now.

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