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Have you dreamed of moving overseas but thought that having children makes the idea a non-starter? Too much of a hassle to make the move with a toddler in each arm… Impossible to endure a 14-hour flight with an infant or, even worse, a teenager… Too complicated to set up a new home and enroll the kids in some strange new foreign school…

Living abroad, especially with children, is an adventure. Even the struggles can be fun and rewarding. Your life will change for the better… Your kids will grow in ways that you never could’ve imagined. They’ll have a much better understanding of the world and the people in it, as will you.

In this report, we look at the ABC’s of raising children abroad successfully from the perspective of a father who, along with his wife, lived abroad for over a decade, raising three girls along the way. Explore how they transformed their day-to-day challenges into positives, and learn how you can, too, with kids who’ll speak new languages, have amazing geography skills, and be in top demand with universities that will put a premium on their unique experiences when applying to college.

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