Vientiane, Laos | Overseas Haven Report

This Overseas Haven Report features, Vientiane, Laos, a destination that low-key, but offers a lot for expats and retirees. Vientiane feels like little more than a large town. With a population of about 740,000, there are no skyscrapers here, no malls or hustle and bustle…But there are outstandingly beautiful Buddhist temples, lively markets, museums, and a fine assortment of local and international cuisines…

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There is a saying in Asia, that the Vietnamese plant the rice, the Thais sell the rice, and the Laotians listen to the rice grow. It seems as if everyone who visits delightfully laid-back Laos falls in love with the place. Laos exudes “mellow”. While the rest of Southeast Asia seems to be changing and modernizing at break-neck speed, Laos ambles along, taking plenty of breaks along the way.

In some ways, being in Vientiane is like stepping back in time. It is a peaceful city where relationships mean more than commerce. It’s a social place where friends are easily made. Whether at the coffee shop, the riverfront, or at the market, life here is friendly and relaxed. Vientiane is a quirky cosmopolitan city with a quaint village feel, offering a lifestyle that has attracted a steadily growing number of foreign residents.