Volcán, Panama

In this Panama Special Report, we bring you the quaint mountain community of Volcán.

Up in the highlands of Chiriquí, near the Panama-Costa Rica border, the clouds lie low over the town of Volcán and its 14,000 or so residents. The surrounding mountains tower over the town, situated on the western slope of Volcán Barú, Panama’s highest point.

$ 14.95

The cost of living in Volcán is lower than most of Panama. While Panama City, its nearby beach communities, and other well-publicized areas grow in popularity with incoming foreigners, the costs of living in these places go up as well. Meanwhile, Volcán retains one of Panama’s lowest costs of living, without lacking in services or necessities.

Most of what is needed for day-to-day living can be found in Volcán, generally along the town’s two main streets. The main indoor market located just off the intersection of the two main streets, is a sort of one-stop shopping center where stalls are rented out to small-business entrepreneurs. In the market, you can find confectionaries, tourist trinkets, stainless-steel jewelry and knifes, hair stylists, tailors, shoe repair, an Internet café, and even a masseur.