Reagan’s So-Called “Ironclad” Social Security Is On Life Support

Here’s Your One-Step Plan To Create A Second, Third,
Or Fourth Pension Check…

And Use That Income To Brighten Your Golden Years
Before Passing It On To Future Generations.

Fellow Investor,

On April 20, 1982, Ronald Reagan made what he called an Ironclad Commitment to Americans:

“Americans of middle age need no longer worry whether their career-long investment will pay off. These amendments guarantee it. And younger people can feel confident that Social Security will still be around when they need it to cushion their retirement.”

Perhaps he had reason for his optimism…

If you had retired in 1980, just before Reagan’s speech, you’d have recouped the money you paid into the program in the first three years.

After that, it would have all been gravy.

But Reagan’s enthusiasm wasn’t able to keep Social Security on the rails.

When it comes to your old-age pension, a lot’s changed.

Retire in 2020, and you won’t finally recoup your investment until you’re 88.

And given that the life expectancy of the average American is 79, we do indeed have cause to worry.

Odds are, you’ll die before you even get out of the system what you put into it.

Because times are only getting worse.

America is over US$21 trillion in debt.

The strain on Social Security is growing by the day…

In the early years of the program, there were around 40 workers for every benefit-drawing retiree. Today, the ratio is just 2.9 workers per retiree. And, it’s projected to hit just 2.1 workers by 2030.

This year, for the first time since 1982, the government is expected to dip into its reserves in order to cover the shortfall in income.

“Now, if the politicians were honest, they would tell us not to bet on Social Security… or Medicare, for that matter… The money is simply not there. As it stands, the retirement income and medical benefits millions think they already paid for aren’t going to happen.”

Forbes, June 2018

And remember, we’re only just seeing the first of the baby boomers hit retirement. As you can see by the chart, the real damage is yet to come when the bulk of boomers retire.

There’s a lot of speculation that Social Security just won’t be able to survive.

In fact, according to Harvard, the program will be completely and utterly bankrupt by 2031.

Let’s do the math…

Retire in 2020 at 66, and Social Security will be bankrupt by the time you’re 77.

And you’ll still be 11 years shy of recouping the money you put into the program.

I know. You’re probably not counting on Social Security anyway.

Clearly, you shouldn’t be.

But it’d be nice to have, wouldn’t it?

After all you paid for it.

But even if you aren’t depending on Social Security…

And even if you’ve been squirreling your pennies away for a rainy day…

Even if you’ve amassed a bunch of cash in an IRA or 401(k)…

You still could have one massive problem…

Your Nest Egg Means Nothing

If you can’t convert it into passive income that lasts at least as long as you do.

This is a hard concept to explain to young people who are still decades away from retiring…

By itself, a lump sum doesn’t do you much good if you want to live to a ripe old age and enjoy it.

What you need is steady, consistent cash flow.

You know that already.

Let’s say you’re lucky enough to have a half a million sitting in a savings account… and you’re lucky enough to earn 1% interest on that money.

(Bank of America pays 0.01% on a regular savings account these days.)

If you plan to live until 95, as an example, you could safely take out US$1,607 a month.

That’s not a heck of a lot of money.

And, of course, if you live to 100, you’d spend your final years eating Ramen noodles having burned through your half a million bucks.

If Social Security disappears, you’d have zero income to live on for those five years.

Not exactly the Golden Years that Reagan had in mind.

Unless you’re sitting on a few million and you can get 1% on a savings account or better, then your nest egg is a ticking time bomb.

Maybe you’re biding your time, hoping that interest rates will get better?

Low rates have to end sometime, right?

Not So Fast

Here’s something eerie, especially if you’re relying on bank savings for retirement…

What you’re looking at is a historical chart of interest rates in Japan.

As you can see, somewhere around 1995 and 1996, rates dropped to near 0%.

That’s a full 13 or 14 years ahead of the United States.

Why so much sooner?

Because their baby boom happened 20 years earlier.

Let’s look at Japan and the United States side by side:



Japan’s rates have been virtually frozen for 20 years.

In fact, today, interest rates in Japan are negative—you’d have to pay them to keep your money in the bank.

I know, that’s Japan, and we’re talking about the United States.

My point is this…

You simply can’t put your nest egg in the bank and rely on it to stretch long enough to take care of you and your loved ones for the rest of your life.

We’re not Japan. But Japan gives us some insight into what could happen.

The bottom line is this…

If you’re looking to turn your nest egg into income, you just can’t take the chance that savings rates are going to bounce back anytime soon.

You need a Plan B.

What about stocks?

How Do You Turn Stocks Into Income?

You may have put a large portion of your retirement funds into the stock market.

That seems to be the logical way to get some return on your money since the banks aren’t doing it any more.

But consider this…

What if you retire when the market crashes, cutting your nest egg in half?

Your half a million could quickly turn into a quarter of a million, leaving you a measly 800 bucks a month for 30 years before it evaporates.

Will the market crash again?

Almost certainly, yes.


Nobody knows for sure, but to me, the market looks pretty scary right now. If I had to guess, I’d say it could slide back any time.

Not a huge deal if you’re 30 and have plenty of time to wait for it to recover.

But if you’re 55 or 60 or more, I wouldn’t take the chance.

We’re talking about income though, right?

Some investors look to dividends for income. But there’s no guarantee that dividends will continue if the market crashes.

How many quarters can you go in retirement with no dividends checks?

Especially if Social Security disappears, too.

In order to combat the effect of low interest rates on our retirement savings… to preserve our quality of life for as long as we live…

We have to…

Invest Outside The Box…

And earn 44% on your money for the rest of your life. Maybe even longer, as you’ll see in a moment.

Which is exactly why I’m writing to you today.

My name is Lief Simon and, along with my wife and partner, Kathleen Peddicord, I’ve been investing outside the box my whole life.

Not only am I not depending on Social Security, I don’t participate.

I’ve shown you why. It’s a terrible investment.

Why take more than 20 years to recoup your investment if you can do it in 8?…

Why earn about 8% on your money when you can earn 44%?…

And why risk losing your investment when you die when you can pass it on to your kids or grandkids?

You see, I’ve got many different streams of passive income, each of which more than make up for the old-age pension I won’t be getting.

Now if you’re eligible for it… and there’s still money in the pot for you… why not take it?

But if you realize that you can’t rely on Social Security, and you’re looking for a way to painlessly replace it or enhance it…

Then you should pay attention to every word I’m going to share with you here.

This Is Not Something You’ll Hear About On Fox News Or CNN—Or Anywhere,
But Here

What if I told you that you could invest just about 15% of what you’ve invested in Social Security over the last 35 or 40 years…

And you’d pretty well create a whole second check?

Or invest the same amount that you invested into Social Security over the course of your working lifetime and come out with six or seven pension checks instead of one?

Let me put a finer point on the math here…

If you earned US$50,000 a year over the course of 44 working years, you’d pay US$273,000 into Social Security.

As a result, you’d earn US$21,948 a year in income—assuming Social Security doesn’t up and die.

And then you’d have to pay tax on half of that, too.

Now if you’re already heavily invested in Social Security, there’s not much you can do about it.

But if you’re worried that it won’t be enough… or that it won’t be there for you when you need it… or that you won’t be able to depend on stocks for income…

Then you’ll love…

The “New” Under-The-Radar Investment Opportunity That Reliably Turns Your Nest Egg Into Streams Of Passive Income

What kind of investment gives you a payout every month… and earns 24% (and more) a year for the rest of your life?

It may surprise you, but what I’m talking about here is essentially farmland.

Choosing the right productive land investments can easily rescue an ailing retirement fund… or massively bolster even a well-funded one.

What am I talking about when I say “productive land investments”?

I’m talking about investing in productive land… land that’s being used to grow products that are in demand around the world.

Things like timber, livestock, and fruit and vegetables.

The world is expected to reach 10 billion people by the year 2050. And those people are going to need timber, food, and more.

And we’re not going to meet that demand in the United States.

Fully, 80% of food demands will be met by developing countries.

No Need To Lift A Finger…
Beyond Accepting Your Annual Paychecks

You see, productive land is the new gold.

And will be for the next 35 years—and beyond.

As you’ll see, agricultural investments make for amazing hands-free income streams…

As long you pick the right projects.

I’ll tell you about some of these opportunities in a moment. But first, in case you’re thinking an investment in productive land means working dawn till dusk, let me tell you the best part…

Today’s agriculture investments are completely turnkey. You don’t need to be able to work a tractor… or know how to start a farm from scratch.

Not all opportunities are created equal, though. Here are two things I look out for when assessing any productive land investment:

I only ever invest in large-scale turnkey agricultural investments that are fully managed by experienced staff. I have zero interest in doing any actual farming myself. I want the numbers to work without ever having to lift a finger.

I only ever invest in growth products. Owning title to the property and having great turnkey management in place would do little if nobody wanted to buy the product.


I stick firmly by these rules. And I recommend you do the same.

Cash In On The Global Demand For Produce—With Double-Digit
Annual Returns

And, here’s another rule I’ve always maintained when sizing up opportunities in overseas real estate…

I only focus on projects where the expected annual net return is at least 5% to 8%. Anything less is just not worth it.

At least, that’s the minimum range I’ve always recommended to my readers for traditional real estate investments…

And, with an investment in short-term rentals—outside of some extraordinary market situation—5% to 8% is often the best offer you’ll get.

Not so with productive land…

Thanks to the growing—and urgent—demand for agricultural produce, this type of investment is a whole other ball game.

In some of the most attractive projects on the market today, we’re talking double-digit returns. Generous double-digit returns.

Over the last decade, I’ve invested in a number of these personally… and put my readers onto them, too. In all cases, the numbers have played out, and those of us lucky to get in early are already enjoying the payouts.

To give you an idea, here are some of the returns these projects are generating today:

  • In an aquaponics farm investment, the internal rate of return is 15.17% (starting from 10.49% the first year and stretching to 35% by year 20). Just 12 months after some of my readers got in on one aquaponics investment in Asia, they got their first payout…
  • On one organic fruit plantation in Latin America, the projected return—taking into account the first years when no return will be generated—works out to 17%. The projected annual net yield on the initial investment once your trees have reached full production is 27.37%—or US$9,989 in net cash flow for each hectare you buy…
  • Or how about the most expensive food in the world that offers 24% annualized return on investment? Demand for this crop in Europe is 10 to 20 times more than production level. Though cash flow is low in the first few years (it takes some time to develop), by year 12, annual cash flow is expected to generate 75% of the original investment…

With investments like these, on top of the double-digit yearly returns, you’d be further diversifying your portfolio… diversifying into foreign currencies (in politically safe destinations)… and all without lifting a finger…

But let’s put these returns in some context. We started out talking Social Security here, remember?

You’re probably aware of this fact already, but with Social Security, the scales are tipped in favor of low-wage earners. So, the more you put in… the less you get out (as a percentage of your salary).

I’ve just told you about opportunities with projected annual payouts ranging between 15% and 24%.

But what’s your rate of return on those tax dollars you’re pumping into Social Security over decades of hard work?


Reuters reports that, “A very low-income couple born in 1943 will receive a 6.79 percent annual return, compared with 3.92 percent for their high-earning counterparts.”

Meanwhile, thanks to her better prospects in longevity, a medium-earning single female born in 1943 can expect a 2.49% rate of return compared with 2.09% for her male counterpart.

If these figures were put before me as prospective investments, they wouldn’t get a second glance.

Again, I’m not saying you should completely ignore Social Security… it’s fine for small change.

But, to keep the quality of life you’ve become accustomed to—all the way through your retirement (which may be three or more decades these days)—you’re going to need a backup plan…

The Biggest Wealth-Building Opportunity
Of Our Lifetimes

For me, global real estate is the closest you can come to foolproof investing… it’s my first choice for profits and also for fun.

More importantly, I see investing in productive land as the biggest and most lucrative wealth-building opportunity of our lifetimes.

And that’s why I’m writing to you today…

When I started buying up property some two-and-a-half decades ago, I saw real estate as the smartest investment strategy imaginable.

Today, this investment approach has evolved into a globe-trotting life of adventure.

I’ve been an active global property investor for nearly 25 years. In that time, I’ve bought, sold, and profited from real estate in 24 countries. I’ve built a multi-million-dollar global property portfolio that right now includes more than 25 pieces of property in 14 countries.

I’ve had grand-slam home-run successes… I’ve made many investments that have played out even better than expected… and, yes, I’ve experienced a few no-holds-barred disasters.

I know what I’m talking about… and I’m writing today to tell you that there has never been a better time in our lifetimes to begin building your overseas property portfolio… or to grow one you’ve already started…

The double-digit agri-investments that have been coming online lately simply didn’t exist when I was starting out.

Why haven’t you already heard of some of these?

First of all, the best opportunities are outside the United States… far beyond the expertise of your traditional financial advisor…

Second, these generous cash flow opportunities tend to sell out fast… and usually to those with the right connections…

In a moment, I’m going to tell you how you can get on the “list” for such projects…

But, I fear I’m getting ahead of myself. So, let’s back up for a moment…

If your investment focus historically has been the stock market, you may wonder… why invest in real estate at all?

Top Six Reasons To Invest
In Global Real Estate

For my money, real estate is the world’s best investment class… for many reasons, including these:

  1. I never want to see any investment I’ve made go to zero.

    You know as well as I do that stocks go up and down… and sometimes they crash.

    If it’s invested 100% in the stock market, your nest egg is vulnerable.

    It could drop, even dramatically… and maybe right before retirement.

    That kind of risk is not for me.

    Because real estate has an underlying asset—land—it holds value. Unless you over-leverage, you’re never left holding nothing more than useless paper.

  1. Control.

    When you buy a piece of property you own something that’s tangible. You can touch it.

    More important, you can make improvements to it and increase its value.

    You can add another story, split the parcel, tear a single family home down and put up a double, etc. When you buy stocks, your hands are tied.

  1. With real estate, your investment can make you money while also supercharging your lifestyle.

    Buying a second home in Portugal, France, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Panama, or any of a number of other countries provides a place for you to go—on vacation or in retirement… full- or part-time… with your family and your friends…

    A second home overseas can be a cash-flowing asset, a week in the sun, a permanent escape hatch, or all of the above.

  1. You can have somebody else pay for your real estate.

    A well-purchased rental can be completely paid for by your tenants. Nobody is going to “rent” your stock.

  1. True diversity. Owning real property in multiple countries is far better diversity than any mutual fund.

    Consider what happens to most mutual funds when the market turns…

    Today’s stock market is overheated. It’s going to take some retirement funds with it when it reverses.

    Consider, though, if you had, as an example, a rental property in Colombia, another in Mexico, your own hectare of fruit trees in Panama, and a piece of beachfront in Brazil…

    That’s diversity. Diversity of markets, asset types, and currencies…

    That’s true diversity.

  1. Passive income.

    One reason a lot of people stick to stocks is that stocks are simple. True, real estate is a little more work. Even if I had to manage everything myself, the five reasons I’ve cited above would still make real estate my investment of choice.

    But the truth is… real estate can be passive, too. I’m not out fixing toilets… showing properties… or grafting trees. I have management in place that takes care of everything for me.

    My wife Kathleen Peddicord and I have spent more than 30 years building an infrastructure of contacts and resources around the world. These are the folks who make it possible for us to manage and continually expand what has become a big and diverse portfolio of holdings.

    If you’re ready to make some of the potentially most profitable property purchases available in our lifetime and to begin building a global real estate portfolio of your own, I’ll be happy to steer you in the right direction.

    More on this below…

One Well-Chosen Investment Can Be
All You Need

As I’ve mentioned, Kathleen and I hold a well-diversified and ever-growing portfolio of real estate that right now includes properties in 14 countries.

That may be a more ambitious portfolio than you’re interested in building. No problem… I certainly understand.

The very good news is that you can achieve the level of diversification you need in today’s world… while realizing all the many advantages of investing in foreign real estate assets… with even just one foreign property investment.

If it’s the right one.

My first pre-construction purchase in Spain was a textbook success. I sold the contract for the unit I’d bought 20 months after signing, before I had to take possession. I didn’t have to come up with the final balloon payment, and I banked annualized returns of 35% over the period I held the asset.

A friend recently saw more immediate success with one of his buy-to-flip investments. Six months after taking ownership to a beach house in Brazil, he sold it for 78% more than he’d paid.

That sort of payout can seriously fatten up your savings…

Or, if you’d rather something more long term—something that would provide you with regular cash flow—a buy-to-let property may be your solution.

One retiree friend used his 401(k) to invest in a buy-to-let property in Medellín, Colombia, which he rents for US$1,900 a month.

That figure alone is an easy sum to live on in this part of the world… and a healthy supplement to an existing pension.

My diversified portfolio—that includes buy-to-let property, capital appreciation plays, productive land investment, and more—means I never worry about what’s going on in any particular market or in the world in general.

It means I read the news every day without concern because I’m well insulated against global crises and financial collapses.

You can be, too.

That’s a huge advantage of this investment strategy…

The Upside You May Not Have
Thought About

Global property as an investment system is a lifestyle, too…
an enormously appealing lifestyle with lots of
perks and upsides…

However, do you know what Kathleen and I have come to appreciate even more about global property as an investment system?

It’s a lifestyle, too… an enormously appealing lifestyle with lots of perks and upsides.

Thanks to the offshore real estate investment program we’ve followed, we own retirement property in four countries. We’d be overjoyed to spend our golden years in any of these places.

Our plan right now is to spread our retirement among all four of them… following the seasons from Paris to Panama and from Medellín to Istria…

Over the years that we’ve been working to build the portfolio we hold today, we’ve been able to travel the world for fun and profit… much of our adventure taken tax-free.

And we’ve been able to do what we’ve done without the advantages you have today.

Right now… on the table for you… are:

  • A strong U.S. dollar…
  • Multiple ripe markets where bargains abound…
  • A number of turnkey opportunities conceived for individual investors… and ideal for someone considering making a first investment…
  • Multiple chances to invest with US$50,000 or less… even as little as US$14,500…
  • Plus… you have the opportunity to leverage my experience over the past 25 years…
  • And to access the database of contacts and the infrastructure of support that I’ve built in key markets worldwide.

This is the best time in history to begin investing in real estate overseas—or to expand your portfolio if you’ve already begun building one.

And I’m standing by to help you do just that while you have a selection of extraordinary productive land deals to choose from… and while you hold advantage as a U.S. dollar holder…

Global Property Advisor
My Overseas Real Estate
Advisory Service


I’m constantly on the move scouting out the best investment deals across the globe.

So is my team… and my team is sizable, far-spread, and long experienced.

I’ve already told you about turnkey opportunities to stake a claim in the US$35 billion organic produce industry… exclusive, unique, and handpicked ways to earn 24% annualized returns for the next 20 years…

And, if cash flow is what you’re after—and you can only make a single investment at this time—I’d urge you to focus your attention on productive land.

But, as I said above, global real estate investment is all about diversification—by both asset class and currency. Once you get that first overseas investment under your belt—and start seeing the returns firsthand—you may want to expand your portfolio further…

My team is always on the trail of new projects that make smart investment sense…

In addition to agricultural investments, here are the types of opportunities we’re constantly identifying:

  • Opportunities in markets with rapidly expanding middle classes… because developing markets moving beyond developing-world status present once-in-a-lifetime chances for profit…
  • Turnkey rentals in markets where demand is expanding for compelling reasons—places most investors are ignoring…
  • Opportunities to buy into markets undergoing significant change… the kind of change that happens but once in a generation… change that leads to opportunity to create true wealth… with returns of 200%, 300%, and more…
  • Pre-construction deals you can get in on with as little as US$50,000 or less…
  • Residency plays… opportunities for your real estate investment to double as a backup residency plan…

How Much Money Can You Make?

I invest with the expectation of doubling my capital every five years…

And, over my 20-year career as a global property investor, that’s what I’ve done.

That is not to say that every investment has worked out to return 100% within five years…

No… I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’ve had my share of losers over the past two decades.

I’ve also, though, had some fireworks on the 4th of July successes… some investments that have returned 700%, 800%, and more.

These don’t come along every day… but, boy, when they do, they sure go a long way toward building real legacy wealth.

How, specifically, can you expect to make money as a global property investor?

Through a combination of capital appreciation and cash flow…

With, sometimes, a nice currency upside.

“Lief does a great job and has a wealth of information. It’s great to learn from someone who has done what we all want to do and can pass along that information.”

–Dean M., United States

I don’t factor in any currency effect until a deal is done and done. Currencies move both in your favor and against you. Better not to count that money until it’s money in the bank.

That said, I’ve made investments over the years that have returned a premium of 50%… 100%… or more thanks to currency movements during the holding period.

Today, I share every opportunity I uncover, details of every investment I’m making personally, and every recommendation for where you should be thinking about placing your own money in each issue of my Global Property Advisor.

As you can see, investing overseas can be incredibly lucrative… and fun.

It’s been especially fun and profitable these past five years… the period I think of as the Golden Age of Global Property Investing.

Our Golden Age has been buoyed by the surging U.S. dollar.

And, right now, this dollar discount continues in key markets worldwide.

As do the deals.

More opportunities for investing in prime markets are presenting themselves right now than ever in our history.

So many tempting deals… including deals with low capital buy-ins… are crossing my desk right now that my team and I are scrambling to review and vet.

I’ve told you about the double-digit annual returns you can expect from today’s productive land deals. Another bonus of agri-investments is that the entry price is generally low… making this type of investment a no-brainer for the investor breaking into overseas markets for the first time.

How much—in real figures—could you expect to make on one of these turnkey agricultural deals?

Let’s take a concrete example from a current project that many Global Property Advisor readers have already been taking advantage of…

An investment of US$39,000 in this development today would buy you one hectare of organic-fruit-producing land.

Within four years, you’d have your first marketable crop… with a projected annual payout of US$4,920 (a 12.6% yield)…

By Year 8, your payout is expected to be US$12,639—that’s a 32.4% return on your original investment…

And, from Year 16 and beyond—by which time your parcel is producing a full crop—your annual payout is expected to be a consistent US$17,511 (a healthy 44.9% return on investment)…

That’s assuming you buy but one parcel.

In these types of projects—assuming you’re early enough to the table—you usually have the opportunity to buy more than one lot. I call this multi-buy approach “stacking”—and it’s a strategy I regularly adopt to boost my own portfolio.

Should you stretch your investment to 2 hectares of fruit-producing land, your annual paycheck doubles to US$35,022 in those later years.

With 3 parcels, that eventually plays out as US$52,533 a year—more than 3 times your average annual Social Security income today…

You’d be hard-pressed to find a U.S. investment advisor who could project these kinds of returns for you.

But you’re here because you want to branch out beyond the traditional investments your parents used to supplement their pension…

You know there has to be a better deal.

And now, my team and I want to get every good deal we identify in front of our Global Property Advisor members asap… because we realize that the window for getting in on the current Golden Age is closing…

Here’s How I Handpick The
Opportunities I Present

Not every opportunity we consider makes the cut.

We reject at least 9 of every 10 deals we look at.

Our filter is simple:

Is this a deal we’d make with our own money?

Here are just a few of the opportunities we have presented to Global Property Advisor members in recent dispatches and alerts:

  • Fully managed vacation rentals in a prime but overlooked Caribbean haven…
  • The newest turnkey organic agricultural investment in Panama… my Global Property Advisor members heard of this first… before any other investor anywhere…
  • An exclusive off-book deal for oceanfront condos situated in an international and local tourist hot spot that also happens to be a bona-fide retirement and expat haven for North Americans…
  • An all-inclusive, hassle-free rental cash flow opportunity in one of Colombia’s fastest growing tourist destinations…
  • A low-cost, buy-and-hold appreciation deal on true beachfront lots along the northeastern coast of Brazil…
  • A low-risk, high-yield urban development project in Cartagena that takes advantage of the city’s housing deficit and expanding middle class…
  • A proven private mortgage lending opportunity that provides double-digit returns and immediate cash flow…
  • An aquaponics farm deal in Thailand that gives investors cash flow within 12 months of their initial investment…
  • A luxury short-term rental opportunity on the Greek island of Samos, home of two UNESCO World Heritage sites…

Some of these opportunities remain available today… though you’d be hard-pressed to find details advertised publicly. The developers and owners in question tend to keep them among their own networks. You’ll receive complete details when you become a Global Property Advisor member.

For A Limited Time, Test-Drive My
Global Property Advisor For 90 Days Risk-Free…
And Get Two Free Bonus Reports

Because I truly believe that the productive land opportunities we’re seeing come online right now are some of the most exciting deals of our lifetime, I want to do everything I can to make it possible for you to act now.

Right now.

So I’ve persuaded my marketing team to make my Global Property Advisor available to you for a 90-day test-drive.

“Another informative article. Your overseas real estate experience and knowledge is valuable.
Keep up the good work.”

–Paul B., United States

Here’s what you’ll get for your 90-day test-drive—and beyond when you choose to remain a member…
  • Your monthly issue of Global Property Advisor. The publication is digital and delivered to your inbox in real time each month. Each issue presents at least three current global property investment opportunities. In addition, each issue features how-to background and context material to help you filter and vet each opportunity so you can determine which ones make the most sense given your personal circumstances.
  • Plus, every Global Property Advisor issue includes an updated Portfolio. This is unique in the world of global property investing. I don’t make recommendations and then leave it to you to figure out when and how to exit. My team and I revise our entire current portfolio of recommendations in every issue. We tell you what’s still available… and what’s been sold out or closed out… We alert you to new inventory and to price increases so that you can track the value of your own portfolio over time. We even tell you when you should be thinking about selling… Of course, some investments are long term… even legacy. Some purchases you may have no interested in selling… ever. It’s all part of the plan… and the opportunity.
  • Instant property alerts. When we identify an investment opportunity that you need to hear about immediately… we tell you about it immediately. New inventory for an offer we’ve told you about in the past… Last-chance pricing for an investment we’ve put on your radar… an important currency move in our favor… close-out inventory… special Global Property Advisor member-only terms or discounts… first looks before any other investor group will be invited to get in on a deal… These kinds of things can’t wait for the monthly issue, so we draft an alert to alert you in real time. We want to make it possible for you to jump on a deal right away if it’s the right deal for you.

“Let me express my sincerest gratitude for sharing your wealth of information and experiences with overseas real estate investments.”

–Jorge M., United States

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  • Access to my personal Rolodex. When investing in real estate in another country, you need a reliable, proven infrastructure in that country. Depending on the type of investment, you may need lawyers, accountants, property managers, bankers… maybe an offshore structure… You could put in the time… the virtual and also boots-on-the-ground shoe leather required to build a network of advisors you can trust in the markets where you want to invest… Or you can leverage mine. Among my best friends are attorneys, bankers, and real estate professionals in dozens of countries around the world. When you become a Global Property Advisor member, they become your best friends, too.

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  • Overseas Property Alert, a weekly email dispatch from our far-flung network of editors, experts, and colleagues detailing the best opportunities today for purchasing, owning, and managing global real estate. This weekly communiqué provides the ongoing education and support you need to make every property purchase overseas safely and with confidence.

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As I’ve outlined above, my monthly Global Property Advisor brings you up to date on a variety of opportunities—from land deals to pre-construction condos to buy-and-hold capital appreciation plays…

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Bonus Report #2:
Expert’s Guide To Buying Property Overseas.

Historically, many of the world’s richest people have had real estate to thank for their wealth. And, I believe property is a crucial slice on any investment portfolio pie chart—it’s responsible for 90% of my personal portfolio. You don’t need to go this far… but, inside this special report, I’ll walk you through strategies for structuring your own portfolio… and answer all the critical questions that spring to mind when you’re approaching an overseas real estate purchase for the first time.I’ll walk you through:

  • 5 things you need to know before starting your due diligence on a real estate investment…
  • 3 things you must know to make money on an overseas property purchase…
  • Assessing your risks as a global real estate investor… and how to deal with them…
  • Hard money loans—why real estate developers use them… and why you should consider becoming a lender…
  • 3 websites you should use to market your overseas rental…
  • Your exit strategy—and how to avoid mistakes when engaging a real estate agent to sell your property…
  • How to buy and hold real estate in a selection of top markets…
  • And lots more…

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