Here’s Your All Access Pass!
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Dear New All Access Pass Member,

Congratulations on taking a critical first step toward realizing your dream of a new life overseas…

With your new All Access Pass, you’re now part of an elite group of individuals with exclusive access to every conference on the Live and Invest Overseas calendar…and to attend each and every one as a VIP, guaranteed…for life.

These conferences are the best way possible to create a comprehensive plan to reach your overseas goals, to develop a network of support, and to find new friends who share your similar plans and dreams.

The Following Is For All Access Pass Members Only!

First, save this email address:, as well as this phone number: 1-888-546-5169.

Both pieces of contact information are your direct line to our Events Team. Use them to get in touch with a conference representative to reserve a seat at the event of your choice, or to ask any questions regarding a particular conference or your All Access Pass membership.

Now let’s review the entire package of benefits at your disposal as an All Access Pass member. Every one of these special benefits is available to you starting right now:

  • Free entry for you and one guest to every Live and Invest Overseas Country Conference, Retire Overseas Conference, Offshore Wealth Summit, and Global Property Summit on the Live and Invest Overseas calendar…

We have up to 11 events every year. What’s more, our goal is to add at least one new event every 12 months, meaning you’ll have a chance to join us at dozens of different, new events over the course of your lifetime membership.

You can go here to view the current Live and Invest Overseas Conference Calendar.

[Please note: You must register your guest at the same time you register yourself for an event.]

  • Guaranteed VIP Status at every Live and Invest Overseas Conference…

You’ll now receive a VIP Package for every conference you attend, along with guaranteed VIP Status. These VIP Packages include opportunities to participate in private Q&A sessions, networking receptions, guided tours, freebies, and more. VIP Packages are claimed very quickly, usually within the first week of open registration. However, with the All Access Pass, you’ll attend as a VIP every time, regardless of when you register.

[Please note: Some aspects of certain VIP Packages are restricted by availability and quantity. These include seats on guided tours and other space-available events. We recommend contacting the Events Team as soon as you think you might want to attend a conference to be certain you’re able to take advantage of every VIP benefit every time. Your VIP Status, required to attend exclusive receptions, private sessions, and more, is always guaranteed. However, again, for certain tours and seated receptions, space is limited, so we ask that you register early to ensure your place.]

  • Access To Every Home Conference Kit for every past conference…and for every conference we hold in the future, too…

With the Home Conference Kits, you’ll gain access to the complete set of recordings for every conference you cannot attend in person. For some events, such as our Panama and Belize events, these Kits include full Starter Manuals and related reports. You’ll be able to access all Home Conference Kits and related resources via a private login site.

A conference representative will be in touch within 48 hours to provide you with your private login and password so you can access the private All Access Pass membership site. If for some reason you do not hear from a member of our conference team within that time, please feel free to get in touch directly using the contact information I shared above.

Again, congratulations…and welcome. You are on your way to the new life you’re dreaming of. And we’re standing by to do everything we can to help you get there quick.

We’ll be in touch again soon, and we look forward to the chance to meet you sometime soon at our next event.


Kathleen Peddicord and Our Entire Events Team
Live and Invest Overseas

P.S. For quick reference, here are contact details you should file away. Be sure to let our staff know about your All Access Pass status when getting in touch. You’re a VIP, and we want to be sure you’re treated as such.