Earn 7% or More With This Investment Visa Combo In Colombia 
Take advantage of this turn-key investment opportunity that allows you to earn rental returns of 7% or more annually without the hassle of management or a huge cash outlay to buy your own property. Further, the investment includes the issuance of a Colombian investor´s visa giving you the right to live and work in Colombia up to 365 days per year. 

And right now investors can capitalize on the best exchange rate five years. Currently, one US dollar buys around 2400 Colombian pesos. This means that investors can take advantage of this investment, previously offered at US$35,000, for only US$26,500 and enjoy 25% in savings.

Cash-In On A Proven Business Model In A Market That Is In High Demand  
Casa Provenza, a mixed use property located in the heart of El Poblado, Medellin´s most exclusive enclave and a tourist hotspot, features three luxury motif themed, short-term rental apartments. The developer, who has a proven track record with several short-term rental units throughout Medellin, is a leader in the rental market for foreign visitors and is well-positioned to capitalize on increased rental demand as Colombia is becoming a preferred travel destination for North Americans.

Further, Casa Provenza, launched in 2012, has already established two years of successful rental history. This is very important to investors as the future projected rental income for this building is based off of real data.

For a minimum investment of US$26,500, investors can cash-in on this proven turn-key investment opportunity, qualify for a Colombian Investor Visa, and benefit from currency diversification outside of your dollar-based investments. Keep in mind that this opportunity is limited and there are only 18 shares available.

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