What If You
Could Own Your
Dream Home Abroad…

That Also Paid For Itself…
Earned A Strong Cash Flow…
And Financed Your

Lee Harrison
Editor, Overseas Property Alert

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

I bought a beachfront home, directly on the sand, for less than $62,000.

After furnishing the solid, 2,000-square-foot house, I proceeded to have one of the most enjoyable times of my life while living there. A retirement that dreams are made of.

And this house, on a bona fide tropical island, was not intended to be an investment property. On the contrary, I bought it strictly to enjoy the clear water, sandy beaches, fresh seafood, and great neighbors from all around the world.

I was not counting on the price going up when I bought the house... but, after nine months, I sold it for $110,000.

So without really planning on it at the time, the vacation home turned out to be a great investment.

A super buy at less than $62,000...

And as it turned out, this wasn't the only time I made money by making real estate purchases that likewise were not “investment properties.”

I grew up in the countryside, but a year in Manhattan taught me to appreciate the fun and convenience of life in a big city. I enjoyed having great dining and entertainment, and all the amenities of city life at my fingertips, without having to own a car.

And while I couldn't afford a part-time retirement home in Manhattan, I could buy one in another city that really appealed to me—Montevideo, Uruguay.

Awesome location in downtown Montevideo, Uruguay...

Located directly on one of the city's most attractive parks, we were an easy walk to the local tango clubs, orchestra, theater, street fairs, and some of the city's best dining. A spacious apartment with two bedrooms, it was a great place to live and a great place to invite guests... and it even earned a modest rental income when we weren't using it.

Again, this apartment was fulfilling a dream... it was not an “investment” property.

But after about four years we sold the downtown apartment, in just one day, for 76% more than we'd paid.


Real estate is an excellent strategy for achieving the retirement of your dreams

Since I opted for leaving the 9-to-5 workforce in 2001, I’ve enjoyed some of the world's best locations for retirement... some full-time, and some part-time.

Living the good life in South America's #1 beach resort...

For almost six years, my primary home was in Punta del Este, Uruguay, South America's #1 beach resort. With its fantastic beaches, fine dining, and nightlife, it's a mecca for international travelers... and offers a super quality of life for the money.

Since retiring, I have also enjoyed a part-time home in Ecuador's Valley of Longevity. With pure air and water, the world's best weather, and some of the Andes' most staggering views, Vilcabamba is reputed to have the highest concentration on Earth of people over 100 years old.

The house in Uruguay went up 87.5% in value in six years (during the U.S. recession and housing crash)... in Vilcabamba, the home I purchased increased in value 120% in four years.

More recently, the apartment I purchased as a part-time home in Medellín more than paid for itself, earning me $2,200 per month in rental income when I wasn’t in residence. When I add in the apartment that I bought with my 401k as a rental there, my total income was $4,100 per month… easily enough to live on, from just two properties.

Our backyard was inspiring in Ecuador's Vilcabamba...

Now these gains and incomes are good (and real) but they’re not spectacular… you won't see them in blaring, sensational newsletter headlines. But I appreciate the gains even more because the properties weren’t intended to earn money… it was just icing on the cake.

I bought each one of the properties to fulfill my dreams of a better lifestyle. I was creating my own version of the perfect retirement, and each real estate purchase has been an important part of realizing that successful objective.

At the same time, because I've also been buying in countries and areas that were on the upswing, the properties paid their own way… each one covering its carrying costs, and generating a profitable cash flow.

Each real estate investment helped to bankroll both my next real estate purchase and the very appealing and adventure-filled retirement I’ve been enjoying all along the way.

Enjoy the Caribbean's best diving and snorkeling from the comfort of your own home on this white-sand beach...

I've owned and lived in a home in a beautiful riverfront mountain setting... two awesome downtown apartments... a large beach house on a tropical island... and a sprawling home in a famous beach resort...

And collectively, these purchases have enabled the amazing retirement I've enjoyed.


Your version of “success” may be different from mine… but you can achieve it just as surely as I did

Many people—maybe most people—would prefer to buy one carefully chosen overseas property and simply enjoy it indefinitely. The proverbial second home in the sun...

Others would like to retire abroad full-time in a dream location, someplace where they can savor the good life with a low price tag...

And others are interested in making money, pure and simple. Investing in real estate overseas can allow you to take advantage of a few important items:

  • Reliable rental returns
  • High yields
  • Non-dollar income
  • Strong capital gains

Regardless of the vision you have for your own quality of life or retirement, I can guarantee you that being an overseas property owner will be the most enjoyable way to make it a reality.


Whatever your lifestyle priorities or financial objective, buying property abroad will help you realize your goal

By expanding your horizons overseas, you can...

    No car needed in this ancient European city...
  • Enjoy a dream home... or a dream retirement... while the property "pays its own way"...
  • Gain access to an entire world of properties outside the United States, at prices that you simply can't find within the United States, meaning you can reinvent your life and your investment portfolio at the same time...
  • Take advantage of a super low cost of living while abroad, in some cases living well on as little as $1,100 per month...
  • Enjoy the advantages of diversifying part of your assets outside the U.S. dollar (this objective has never been more important than it is right now)...
  • Lay the groundwork for obtaining overseas residency and a second citizenship, if desired... while greatly broadening your world view and enriching your cultural experience.
  • Generate an income to help sustain your dream retirement lifestyle...
  • Access profitable and reliable yield-producing investment opportunities...

In other words, you can have your cake and eat it, too. You can enjoy the property of your dreams... and make a profit while living the good life.


Best of all, today’s overseas buyers are now cashing in on huge currency discounts

The U.S. dollar is now near its highest level since 2001, which has dramatically increased the buying power of Americans abroad.

The strong dollar has resulted in steep currency discounts, making some of the world’s best real estate markets more affordable than they’ve been for many years.

Savvy Americans are buying abroad in record numbers, with some prime markets seeing as much as a tenfold increase in volume. This is starting to affect inventories and local pricing.

Look at these sharp increases in USD buying power that the strong dollar is handing you, when compared to exchange rates in 2013.

Increase in USD Buying power since 2013
(as of November 2017)

U.S. Dollar Discounts















But this currency advantage won’t last forever. The present situation came about rapidly, and it could go the other way just as quickly.

In fact some of these “discounts” have already fallen from their peaks.


If you have an IRA, 401k, or stock portfolio, international real estate is the perfect way to take some of your winnings off the table

The U.S. stock markets are well into new territory at all-time highs, and many IRAs, 401ks, and portfolios have seen the benefit. But you don’t want to put too much of your money at risk by simply “hanging on too long.”

There are three factors to consider at this stage of our economic cycle.

Recession timing

  • Since the Great Depression, the longest time between recessions has been 10 years (during the 1990s).
  • The average time between recessions has been 4.7 years.
  • As I write this today, the time since our last recession is 8.4 years… almost twice the average uninterrupted length.

So by our own historic measure, we are “due” for a recession. Of course it could start tomorrow, or years from now. There’s no way to know. But a recession is certainly far more likely today than it was a few years ago.

Interest rates
During a recession, the Fed will lower interest rates to help turn it around. But this time will be a problem, looking at history:

  • The smallest recession rate cut ever has been around 2%.
  • The largest recession rate cut was close to 10%.
  • Since the 50s, the average recession interest rate cut has been about 4%.

The problem is this: as of today—with a current Fed Funds Rate of just 1.25%—there is simply nowhere to go. Even a rate cut that matches our smallest in history will put us into negative-rate territory.
Growth of stock prices
Since the end of the last recession, stock prices have risen 332% (as measured by the S&P 500). And perhaps more importantly, it’s up 166% since the pre-recession peak.

What’s more, stocks today are overpriced, as measured by the S&P 500’s price-to-earnings ratio. Today’s PE ratio is 25.48, meaning that company stock prices are more than 25 times their earnings. The only time it’s been higher was during the Dotcom Bubble and the Great Recession. The mean P/E ratio (since 1870) is just 15.6… 39% less than today’s valuation.

Now if this were a card game…
Picture yourself in a high-stakes card game. You’re on a remarkably long streak, and due for a bust… the bust will be particularly hard to recover from… and you’ve doubled or tripled your money so far in the game. You would probably not let all your winnings ride on the next hand… it would be sensible to take some of those profits off the table.

Likewise, now is the perfect time to skim your gains out of the U.S. stock markets, and diversify them abroad by investing in an overseas property. This is easily done if you have a normal portfolio. But even if you have an IRA or a 401k, you can convert these tax-deferred funds into a self-directed plan, and put those dollars to work abroad.

Seizing this overseas advantage wasn’t always easy for me... but it can be a lot easier for you

It wasn't until I cast my sights abroad that a second home became affordable. Prior to looking overseas, the lifestyle I enjoy today simply was not within my grasp.

But now that's all changed... I can take advantage of some of the best opportunities that the world has to offer, and I am enjoying an enviable new life as a result.

Although, in my case, it wasn't always easy.

I had to learn to speak both Spanish and Portuguese (after age 50)... and explore many new countries, on my own. I had to unravel the local markets, and try to discriminate a good deal from a bad one. Usually, there was no established expat community that I could learn from.

I had to find good legal support and try to separate the crooks from the good guys in far-flung real estate markets.

And when that legal support was mediocre or nonexistent, I spent hundreds of hours reading legal statutes and legislative rulings in foreign languages… it’s enough to give you a headache.

To be honest, it took me years of travel and investigation to identify my top picks in four countries. And, in some ways, I was just plain lucky the way things turned out.

But this journey can be much easier for you than it was for me. In fact, I'll show you how to explore the world's best property markets... all in the same place... and all at the same time.

You'll get to see the countries... to meet market experts from around the world... and discover the best property deals and investment opportunities that each destination has to offer...

...all by joining our team of international experts at the 2018 Global Property Summit.

You can hope to be lucky … or you can be prepared.

Global Property Summit

March 14-16, 2018

Westin Playa Bonita,
Panama City

Follow your dream... Live the good life... Make a profit

At the 2018 Global Property Summit, we'll help you:

  • Choose the country and the location that’s right for you, ideal for your overseas purchase...
  • Determine the best property for your intended lifestyle and investment goals...
  • Learn the fundamentals of buying real estate overseas safely and securely...
  • Understand how to manage an income-producing rental property when you're not in residence...
  • Develop your own worldwide network of international property contacts and support...
  • Learn how to identify a promising market... and how to determine the amount you should spend to buy what you want...
  • Navigate markets with no multiple listing service (this includes most of the world!)...
  • View a range of properties currently available in the world's top property markets...
  • Obtain access to exclusive investment offerings, including turnkey yield-producing opportunities that could earn you up to 20% per year and more...
  • Connect with the most promising markets for agricultural investments, including introductions to the best current productive land plays anywhere in the world today...

You do not have to buy a cookie-cutter condo in a high-rise block to enjoy life, make a profit, or earn an income from international real estate.

But you should not run off to make your first overseas property purchase blind, either.

You can buy the home of your dreams in a location where you always wanted to be and make money off the purchase... all while avoiding the potential pitfalls and mitigating the risks.

We’ll help you to decide what to buy… where to buy… and how to get started. And we’ll show you the ropes, so you’re not cheated… or disappointed.


The toughest part of buying international real estate can be deciding where to start looking

But We’ve Got That Covered…

With so many attractive options around the world, you'll be as hard-pressed as I was just deciding where to begin.

Maybe you're fascinated by the lifestyle offered by a 16th century Spanish-colonial city, with its cobblestone streets, stately cathedrals, and centuries-old open-air markets. The colonial-style homes with their center courtyards will take you back in time, while new, modern condos are an easy walking distance away.

Colonial charm in one of Latin America's lowest-cost cities...

Or maybe you dream of tropical beaches, a place where you could get up bright and early each morning and start each new day with a quiet walk along the beach... then finish it with an al-fresco meal of fresh caught, wood-grilled seafood.

Of course, not everyone is a “beach” or a “city” person. Many of us prefer cooler weather, a country lifestyle, and dramatic mountain views.

I used to put breakfast together by picking mangos, bananas, passion fruit, and oranges right from my own yard... while spending many an afternoon walking or riding horseback through the panoramic Andean countryside.

At the same time, I've also become a fan of sophisticated, upscale city life, especially when it comes at prices you just can't find back home. I enjoy the fine dining, well-tended parks, small cafés, and cultural attractions of a large city, all without the burden or expense of owning a car.

As I said, it can be hard to make up your mind with so many appealing choices.

And lifestyle desires aside, there are practical issues to consider when choosing where to make your real estate purchase overseas.

We’ll help you find a place that offers:

  • Secure property purchase process
  • Guaranteed property rights
  • A safe environment
  • Reasonable transfer costs and taxes

At the Global Property Summit, we’ll show you the best locations the world has to offer for lifestyle and investment.

  • Discover the markets that make the purchase of real estate easy and straightforward... where your rights as a foreign property owner are protected... and where you can save on taxes...

Beautiful sunset in Northeast Brazil...

  • Explore the countries—their advantages, disadvantages, lifestyles, and market climates—that offer today's best opportunities for buying real estate, whether for retirement, as a second home, or as an investment (or all three)...
  • Learn where not to buy... markets that are best avoided, despite how tempting they may seem...
  • Everything you need to know about signing a real estate purchase contract in a foreign country (and in another language)...
  • See how to size up any particular purchase opportunity, including the 14 things you must confirm before signing on the dotted line...
  • How to find the local resources you need to buy safely and securely...

We’ll have representatives from the world’s top destinations…

Destinations that are now making news in expat and investor circles around the world, such as…

  • Portugal is the #1 hotspot today, and the world’s #1 retirement destination (again). With some of the world’s best weather, best beaches, and finest European cities, Portugal is hard to beat. Lief Simon and Kathleen Peddicord have already invested here, and are scouting for another investment now. A friend of mine bought an oceanfront home in the Algarve for less than €100,000 (just over $100,000).
  • Panama continues to be a powerhouse for the income investor, with a profitable run of more than 15 years. Capital gains also continue to be strong, and Panama remains a popular destination for retirees and part-year residents. At the Global Property Summit, we’ll be showcasing many of Panama’s investment and lifestyle opportunities.
  • Belize offers some of the Caribbean's most affordable luxury beachfront… but the interior of Belize hides another world entirely. We’ll bring you the best of Belize’s beachfront properties… but you’ll also discover projects designed for comfortable, off-grid living as a way to break into the popular sustainable lifestyle.
  • Colombia has been high on our list since 2010, and has changed remarkably during that time. Medellín was once a leading-edge investment, but is now one of the world’s standards for upscale city living. But aside from Medellín, we’ve now discovered a hot, new market that offers a new world of opportunity. You’ll see what it has to offer at this year’s Global Property Summit.


…but we’ll also introduce you to some areas that you probably haven’t heard about for a while.

  • A tropical Caribbean destination offers white-sand beaches, deep azure waters, and one of the world’s best rental markets. The multicultural expat community here has brought their food, customs, and traditions to the New World, conveying a cosmopolitan feel to what first appears to be a laid-back beach town.
  • And one of our old favorite countries has come back to life, after remaining quiet for a few years. With thousands of miles of beaches, we’ve zeroed in on a few amazing buys… including beachfront lots at prices we haven’t seen for years, thanks to today’s favorable exchange rates.
  • Finally, the world’s easiest place to relocate abroad—and one with the easiest and fastest residency process I’ve ever seen—is back in our sights. We’ll have reports and properties from several regions of this fascinating country.


Picking the best property in your chosen location can be hit-or-miss if you don’t employ a sound process

And "Process" Is What This Conference Is All About…

I've got a lot of experience looking at real estate overseas. I have looked at hundreds of properties per year while on assignment in Latin America... yet when I don’t follow my own process, I can still have trouble zeroing in on the right property when buying for myself.

For example, I made three trips to Medellín during 11 months and looked at a combined total of 92 properties... all of which pretty much met the criteria that I'd specified to the real estate agent.

Why so many?

The problem was (even though I know better) that I hadn't organized and prioritized the criteria for the property I was looking for, based on its intended purpose. I ended up mixing up my agendas.

I was every real estate agent's nightmare. And my search took much longer than it should have.

On my next buying trip to Medellín, I practiced what I preach; and I had a super rental investment property in less than five days.

At the Global Property Summit, we’ll lay out a step-by-step process for finding the property that fits your investment or lifestyle needs.

We'll walk you through the critical thinking that should go into determining the best property buy for you, depending on your objectives and budget.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you looking to retire overseas full-time?
  • Will you live abroad for part of the year?
  • Do you dream of your own vacation home in the sun?
  • …or perhaps a pied-à-terre in your favorite chic and cosmopolitan European city…
  • Maybe you want to diversify your investment portfolio and make money, plain and simple. Based on our collective experience—gained while buying hundreds of properties for these same reasons—our staff of experts at this year’s Global Property Summit will have a plan for success that’s right for your needs.

It’s time to rethink how to define “success” in your property investment

Usually, “success” means that you’ve found a property that meets your primary objective. But often, with good preplanning and some groundwork, you can really hit a home run.

Consider this:

  • Invest in a property overseas that allows you to escape for regular holidays right now...
  • That’s also a property that will be waiting for you when the day for retirement comes around and you're ready to move in full-time...
  • That also, in the meantime, could earn you a good (or even a great) yield in the form of rental cash flow...
  • That all the while is appreciating steadily in value year after year...

That's what we call a “perfect storm” property purchase, and we’ve seen readers succeed in doing it. At the Global Property Summit, we'll show you where to look for buys like this, and how to make them work for you.

Here are some of the topics we’ll cover on finding a property that’s the best fit

  • Learn how to organize and prioritize the attributes you're looking for, so you can find the property that best suits your needs and wants efficiently...
  • Explore the secrets of buying an individual property on the local market... and how to protect yourself while finding the best values...
  • Discover the tricks to finding a productive income property and how this kind of purchase differs from buying a residence...
    Buyers of beachfront lots at the other end of this new bridge in Ecuador made a handsome gain as “path of progress” investors…
  • Learn how to select an overseas developer you can trust and get up to speed with the risks and rewards of pre-construction buying...
  • Crisis investing can be the most lucrative way to earn solid gains abroad. Understand when it works, why it can fail, and how to time your investment in a crisis market…
  • See how to spot the signs for successful path of progress investing… opportunities to buy in the path of key highway expansions, airport development, or other key infrastructure improvements...
  • Discover why productive land can be today's best value for long-term income and gains...
  • Explore the opportunities for building and renovating in a foreign country...
  • Romance vs. return on investment—discover the property buyer's biggest trap and how to avoid it...


Portfolio diversification is one of the biggest benefits of buying real estate abroad

As the Global Property Summit, we speak to investors…

As you've seen, a smart “lifestyle” property purchase can make you a handsome profit. But maybe you’re looking strictly for an investment.

Based on our very long and extensive experience at this, we can assure you that there's a lot of money to be made this way.

An investment in a well-selected piece of real estate overseas is the smartest thing you could do with your money right now. Like real estate anywhere, real estate overseas is a hard asset, and, in the current investment climate, hard assets are the most sensible investment class… the best choice for storing value.

Real estate overseas brings portfolio diversification—diversification of currency, diversification of market, and diversification of asset type. It provides the opportunity for you to position yourself to profit in a long-term way that can create legacy wealth.

Furthermore, real estate overseas is one of but two remaining asset types that an American need not report to the IRS... meaning this is an opportunity for you to store and grow wealth privately.

And a real estate investment overseas can bring tax advantages, including deductions you can take on your U.S. tax return.

At the Global Property Summit, real estate investment guru Lief Simon is going to walk you through all the advantages of buying real estate overseas for investment.

Lief is also pulling together a solid array of investment opportunities from around the world, so you can see the potential for yourself.

Agricultural: Today’s best yields and lowest investment levels

Here are some of the best agriculture investment offers we’ll be presenting

For the past six years, an important focus for us has been agricultural investment opportunities worldwide. Productive land is the ultimate hard asset, with the potential for long-term and even legacy yields.

Here are a few current examples that have caught my attention:

Timber in Nicaragua ($37,700)
Historically, timber has enjoyed the best risk-reward ratio of any investment sector, producing an annualized ROI of 12% to 15% per year, every year. It’s the long-held secret of the world’s wealthiest people.

At this year’s Global Property Summit, we’ll introduce you to two opportunities to join an experienced plantation manager, with your portion titled in your name.

Organic Fruit in Panama (from $49,000)
Panama offers the opportunity to cash in on the globally exploding demand for one agricultural product in particular.

We’re preparing a special presentation on this opportunity specifically as it’s one of the best agricultural investments we’ve identified in six years of searching.

In fact, it’s our most popular agricultural offer of all time.

Aquaponics in Thailand (from $31,000)
With aquaponics farming (on water), production cycles are weeks rather than years, meaning that cash flows begin far sooner than for any land-based farming operation.

In this offer, you get to buy your own aquaponics unit, and then partner with an experienced farm management company to grow your produce and fish.

Over the life of your unit, the expected return is just over 15%. Initial outlay is $31,000 at this time.

Vineyard in Argentina (from $47,500)
In the heart of Argentina’s Mendoza wine region, we’ve found an exciting opportunity to own a part of a vineyard (titled in your name), that comes with an experienced management and existing contracts with big-name wineries.

The forecast annual return is 14%, and you can buy in now for $47,500 per hectare (only 10 hectares remain).


Income properties: The bedrock of long-term security

We’ll show you the best markets where you can “put your property to work”

The name of the game for the global property investor today is buying for yield.

Many overseas property buyers live overseas full-time, but even more of them don't. Those who don't live abroad full-time fall into two categories: people who just want their property secure while away, and those who want to “put the property to work” earning an income while they're not using it themselves.

Here's one important fundamental in this context: Buying a rental property is not like buying your own residence.

I learned this the hard way while looking at those 92 properties in Medellín. When buying a rental property, you need to minimize your investment to maximize your return... and it's critical that you spend your money on the right attributes... which vary market to market.

At the Global Property Summit, we'll make sure you have the information and insight you need to select, evaluate, and manage an income-producing property anywhere in the world:

Apartments in this neighborhood can earn over $3,000 per month in rental income...
  • Discover the world's best rental markets and how to size up a potential purchase in each one of them...
  • Learn to calculate the full “round-trip costs” of buying or investing abroad... using real-life examples...
  • Learn the tricks of managing a rental and controlling your costs...
  • Understand how to find a good property manager (this one recommendation will make the difference between making a good return on your rental investment and losing money)...
  • Look at the tax advantages (and possible consequences) of owning a rental property abroad...

Here are two of our favorites today:

Panama City
We’ve been recommending Panama City for rental investment for more than 15 years. In that time, investment guru Lief Simon has earned a cash flow of 15% per year (net) and has helped many, many other investors do the same.

Many post-2008 pundits proclaimed that this market would collapse, like so many other markets around the world at the time. We ignored them and continued recommending Panama City for rental property investment.

Though the market softened, no collapse came, and Lief (and those who took his advice) continued earning excellent annual yields.

What do we think of Panama City for rental investment today? We’re more bullish than ever on this proven market. Panama City offers some of the most stable rental yields available anywhere in the world thanks to its unique flexibility. You can rent short-term or long-term… to businessmen, retirees, or tourists… to expats or locals.

The key is buying in the right part of town depending on which market you want to target. Our Panama pros will show you what and where to buy to generate the greatest possible yields while at the same time positioning yourself for what we predict is going to be excellent capital appreciation over the coming 5 to 10 years.

Medellín, Colombia
Medellín has been one of our favorite rental investment markets since 2010, and we’re more bullish than ever on this market’s prospects as we look ahead to 2018.

I’ve purchased two rental properties in Medellín myself… as have Lief Simon, Kathleen Peddicord, and hundreds of other investors.

In addition, we have identified an emerging neighborhood of this city that is poised to offer better-than-ever returns. This area is a focus of the local city planners, who are investing in important infrastructure improvements, which is drawing increased attention from foreign investors, travelers, and property buyers.

Meantime, the U.S. dollar is near a historic high against the Colombian peso, which multiplies our buying power. The time to act in this market is right now. We’ll have the details for where and how at our Global Property Summit.

Do you think international real estate is only for the wealthy?

We’re presenting investment opportunities with impressive returns starting at just $16,700

If you thought global property investing was a jet-set strategy, think again.

In fact, anyone with $16,700 can get involved easily, without leaving the conference.

With minimal capital, you can begin diversifying your portfolio, generating cash flow, and reaping capital gains.

We’ve identified a good selection of opportunities with buy-ins of $50,000 or less to showcase at this year’s Global Property Summit. Here are just a few examples as of today:

Minimum Investment





Teak plantation in Panama



Lots in beachfront project in Brazil



Aquaponics project in Thailand



Teak plantation in Nicaragua (with residency)



Organic fruit plantation



Large beachfront lots in Brazil

Buying an overseas property can be simple, safe, and secure… If you know the traps and follow the rules

At the Global Property Summit, we’ll show you
how to do it right

My first overseas property purchase took three hours from the initial offer to closing.

That sounds great, right? However, I learned that one reason the process can be so quick is the lack of safeguards.

Montevideo, Uruguay, offers an amazing lifestyle and great rental returns...

In my case, my entire due diligence process was performed within that same three hours I mentioned above. It consisted of my lawyer scrutinizing the deed for about 30 seconds, after which he said, “Hmmm... looks good to me.”

I was lucky that time. The next time, I was less lucky.

My next transaction was to buy a property in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. The time from offer to closing was a whole day... still pretty fast, right? But what I ended up buying in this case was not the property outright, but rather the rights of inheritance from the heirs of the now-deceased former owner.

It was a perfectly legal title, although a type that I'd never heard of. And certainly not something I could ever hope to resell to an American or European buyer.

I finally managed to straighten this out and get a clear, freehold title. But, again, I was lucky. If the title had been contested by any of the seven heirs, I'd have been sunk.

A simple purchase experience can be an advantage. You don't need the government to babysit the process for you, as long as you have the knowledge to protect yourself.


You can hope to be lucky…
or you can be prepared.

When you join us at the Global Property Summit, you will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of international property purchase and how they differ from your experience back home...
  • Get a complete list of tips for performing due diligence abroad—what to look for, what you can count on, and what you can't...
  • Find out how to "hold" your property overseas and learn the pluses and minuses of buying a property in your own name vs. buying via a corporation, trust, or other structure...
  • Discover what every property buyer needs to know about moving money around the world...
  • Look at your options for financing overseas and how to understand, consider, and take advantage of what's available to you...
  • Learn how to buy an overseas property with your IRA or 401(k).

Knowledge is indispensable... but we’ll also have exciting, actionable properties and investments from around the world

From pure investments to sunny second homes…
all will be there for your review

Island living less than an hour from the international airport...

It's critically important to learn the basics—the “rules of the road”—for buying property abroad...

...but it's all hypothetical until you start looking at and sizing up real, live-time opportunities.

One of the most important benefits of the Global Property Summit is that it will allow you to see the best of what's on the market today—from around the world—all from the comfort of our event center.

  • Discover today's best individual property deals, pre-construction buys, income buys, and agricultural investments—all opportunities that will be available, real-time, at the time of presentation...
  • A broad selection of lots, houses, condos, and rural homes... along with beachfront, city, mountain, farm, and plantation properties…
  • The best cross-section of planned communities from around the world…
  • The world's best agricultural investments you can make right now…
  • Agriculture-oriented residential properties…
  • Land for development…
  • Gain access to exclusive deals that you can't get anywhere else. Participants in this special property buying and investing event will be sharing conference-only special offers, exclusive terms (including developer and seller financing), and limited-inventory deals...

Our property experts have called on their worldwide contacts in pulling together this special event

The Global Property Summit has been put together by international real estate investor Lief Simon, managing editor of Global Property Advisor, Simon Letter, and Offshore Living Letter.

Lief Simon,
Managing Editor of
Global Property Advisor, Simon Letter, and Offshore Living Letter

Lief began his career as a real estate investor by taking a $5,000 gift... and turning it into a $150,000 profit on a real estate deal. Making money from real estate has been in his blood ever since.

In fact, Lief has now purchased more than 45 properties, investing in 23 different countries around the world.

He'll tell you that a half-dozen or so were strictly intended for personal use, rather than as an investment. But I can tell you that Lief Simon doesn't buy anything that's not intended to make money.

Just take a look at some of Lief's gains achieved over the years of his career:

  • Pacific beachfront in Nicaragua: 450% in 5 years. This was the perfect example of how being the "first in" can generate a big profit...
  • Apartment in Bucharest, Romania: 90% return in only 14 months...
  • Three apartments in Buenos Aires, Argentina: 100% gains in each case, plus a respectable 7% to 9% per year in rental income. This was Crisis Investing at its best...
  • Rental apartments in Paris, France: 100% profit in 5 years plus 6% per year in rental income. A great example of the Real Productive Assets strategy paying off in both income and capital appreciation...
  • Pre-construction buy on the Costa del Sol, Spain: 32% annualized returns in 2 years...
  • Renovation in Ireland: More than 40% per year for 5 years...

What We Needed In These Times

“You covered it! Exactly what we need to know in these changing times. So much is happening quickly worldwide, and this wealth of current information is so needed now!”

--Kelly Siegfried, United States

  • Riverfront in Panama highlands: 100% in 5 years... plus 60% from the harvest of the teak trees planted on the land at the time of purchase...
  • Rental in Panama City: 12% yields per year for 12 years (and counting) plus 50% capital appreciation...
  • Hard-money loan in Australia: 17% per year for 18 months (including the currency gain)...
  • Renovation in Medellín, Colombia: Current holding with estimated 100% appreciation in 6 years...

Kathleen Peddicord Publisher

Joining Lief and Lee in Panama City for this big event will be Live and Invest Overseas Publisher and Founder Kathleen Peddicord, who will bring more than 30 years of hands-on experience traveling, living, and buying property around the world to the stage and to the discussions.

Considered the World's foremost authority on overseas retirement, Kathleen has traveled to more than 70 countries, invested in real estate in 24, established businesses in 7, renovated historic properties in 6, and educated her children in 4. Her book How to Buy Real Estate Overseas is considered the bible for anyone considering a property purchase abroad.

Kathleen has moved children, staff, enterprises, household goods, and pets across three continents, from the East Coast of the United States to Waterford, Ireland... from there to Paris, France... and then to Panama City, where she and her husband Lief Simon have based their Live and Invest Overseas business. These days, Kathleen divides her time between Panama and Paris.

Kathleen’s newest book, a new and expanded edition of her best-selling How To Retire Overseas, is being published by Penguin and will be available on bookstore shelves early 2018.

Lee Harrison
Editor, Overseas Property Alert

Lee Harrison is Latin America Editor for Live and Invest Overseas, and Managing Editor for Overseas Property Alert.

After spending six years flying with the US Navy, he completed a successful career in the nuclear power industry. Taking advantage of a post-merger early retirement offer, he left the States in 2001 at age 49 and retired to Cuenca, Ecuador.

Since that time, Lee has enjoyed and invested in properties in Ecuador, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Colombia, Brazil, and Mexico. And beginning in 2001, he’s written for a number of publications about living abroad, travel writing, and property investing.

Lee has obtained residency in Ecuador, Uruguay, Colombia, and Mexico. And he’s visited as many as 17 countries per year throughout Europe and Latin America, traveling and writing about retirement and investment opportunities.

Lee’s network of property insiders from those travels, along with his understanding of local cultures and languages, has helped him develop insight into local property markets that only the locals usually possess.


Our International Team Of
More Than 40 Real Estate Experts Will Share Their Wealth Of Experience Throughout The Event

From Pure Investments To Sunny Second Homes… All Will Be There For Your Review

Kathleen, Lief, and I have called on our far-flung global network of real estate experts from Belize to Argentina… from Ireland to Italy... from Panama to Uruguay and beyond.

Our colleagues, contacts, friends, and personal resources—including top developers, agents, and legal and tax advisors from the world's top havens—all will join us in Panama for what will be the biggest global property event of the year.

Some of the best lifestyle properties also make the best investments...


The Global Property Summit brings you a unique, cost-effective opportunity

Follow your dream… live the good life… make a profit

This event will arm you with all the tools you need to:

  • Enjoy a dream home—and a dream lifestyle—while the property “pays its own way”…
  • Be exposed to an entire world of properties outside the United States, at prices that you simply can’t find within the United States…
  • Enjoy the advantages of diversifying part of your assets outside the U.S. dollar…
  • Generate an income to sustain the retirement lifestyle you want…

Plus, you’ll see a virtual treasure trove of properties on the market today, from around the world…

including prices and special offers that will not be available by any other means.

And, perhaps most important, you'll have the opportunity to meet and speak in person with the best qualified and most experienced real estate professionals in the world.

This information-packed, one-of-a-kind summit is only available for a limited time at these prices

Current discounts are only available during the
Early Bird Discount period

The full list price of our 2018 Global Property Summit will be $1,095 per person, and only $1,595 for two. (Yes, if you come with a spouse or partner, the second person attends for less than half-price.)

But you don’t need to pay that much…

For starters, we’re happy to offer admission at half the regular price to members of the Panama Circle and Belize Circle and their guests.

And as always, admission is free for members (and their guests) who are Live Overseas Personal Consulting Clients, All Access Pass members, or Private Access Clients.  

Otherwise, when you sign up now, you qualify for the Early Bird Discount. This will slash the cost of admission to just $845 for one person and only $1,095 for two. In other words, your guest attends for only $250.
And chances are, you’ll be eligible for an even better discount, in addition to the Early Bird Discount.

On top of all that, you may qualify for one of the following additional discounts:

  • $50 discount for subscribers to Overseas Living Letter.
  • $100 discount for Overseas Retirement Circle members, and subscribers to the Simon Letter, or the Panama Letter.
  • $200 discount for Global Property Advisor members.

Here’s what’s included with the price of admission:

  • Admission to all presentations

  • Complete access to the restricted exhibit area

  • Enjoy the rich cafe culture in this historic Portuguese settlement in Uruguay...
  • Expert personal consultations

  • Formal and informal Q&A sessions, breakouts, and workshops

  • Introductions to reliable real estate sources, business contacts, fellow expats, and professional legal resources

  • Coffee breaks and snacks

  • Welcome cocktail reception and all sponsored lunches and events

  • Seminar materials, notebooks, and handouts

  • Downloads of all conference presentations after the event is over

  • A complete set of professionally produced conference recordings

  • Access to optional, restricted, post-conference tours

  • Access to special conference attendee-only offers, terms, and discounts on particular property opportunities in certain markets

So Many Experts In One Place

“I think the info and people I've met are super high quality and in the first day has more than paid for the expense of the trip.”

--Scot Cave, United States

Reserve your seat today by contacting Conference Director Valentine Fouché by email or by calling her toll-free at 1-888-627-8834. Valentine will have you booked and ready to go in minutes.

Or, if you prefer, you can use our convenient Online Registration Form.

Global Property Summit

Follow your dream... Live the good life... Make a profit

At the Global Property Summit you'll gain more knowledge about international property than you could learn on your own in years of research and months of international travel.

“Very Impressed With The Expertise”

“Very impressed with expertise of the presenters, so much breadth and depth. Great information on investment opportunities and asset protection. Lots of good tips for settling in.”

--Meribeth Dunsmoor, United States

We'll equip you with everything you need to identify the right market for you... to find the right property for you... to buy securely... and to have your purchase “pay its own way,” if you'd like to supplement your income.

Our staff of international experts will be available to you throughout the entire event, to make sure you get what you've come for.

This is the only event of this kind that we will hold in 2018, so I urge you to sign up today. You can call our conference line toll-free at 1-888-627-8834...

Or you can sign up online

Or you can email conference director Valentine Fouché with any questions (PropertySummit@LiveAndInvestOverseas.com).

This Summit is the only event of its kind... and one of our most popular and well-attended conferences. We are anticipating a sell-out crowd. So I urge you to reserve your place today, while seats remain available.

I look forward to meeting up with you in Panama.


Lee Harrison
Editor, Overseas Property Alert
Live and Invest Overseas

P.S.: I attend quite a few events every year hosted by Live and Invest Overseas… but this one is my favorite. I like it because finding the world’s best property buys is, to me, the most enjoyable aspect of living abroad. This event does that efficiently, with no fluff.

And remember… the current prices are good for a limited time only, and you may be eligible for an even better discount, on top of these Early Bird discounts. Register Today, While Seats Are Still Available!.

“Good job! I will attend another conference!”

--Greg Keller, United States

Follow Your Dream... Live The Good Life... Make A Profit