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Lief Simon

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

My name is Lief Simon.

I’m Editor of Simon Letter and Offshore Living Letter.

If you’ve ever thought about living or investing in a foreign country, then it’s urgent that you read the message I’m about to share with you.

When I say “Panama Papers” or “Paradise Papers” what sorts of images come to mind? Maybe greedy rich folk who will stop
at nothing to hide their money from the IRS?

What most people don’t realize is that the vast majority of companies and money being held offshore in places like Panama by foreigners like you and me is completely legit.

In fact, Steve Forbes had this to say about Panama:

You see, there’s a big difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance. Tax evasion will land you in jail. Tax avoidance is just plain ol’ smart.

Why wouldn’t you want to legally reduce your taxes? Do it right and you can make up to $208,200 and pay zero taxes—I’ll explain how in a moment.

If you’ve been a reader of mine for any length of time, then you know I’m all about tax avoidance. And you also know that we set up our operations in Panama years ago.

That’s because Panama is a great jurisdiction to use the same legal loopholes that the rich do.

Don't pay a cent more in taxes than
what's legally required

And while Panama works for us as a center of business operations, my wife Kathleen and I have investment property all over the world. Residency options too.

In truth, we’re no more tied to Panama than we are to the States. While Panama has been singled out by the news media, there’s corruption and opportunity everywhere.

Panama is but one country where your fellow Americans are getting a legal leg-up on lifestyle, tax savings, and investment opportunities. We could just as easily have been hearing about the Belize Papers.

This kind of thing has been going on for decades. But what’s changed recently is this…

Thanks mainly to the Internet, just about anybody can set up business operations, investments, and even a new life in a number of countries around the world.

In fact, you can invest legally in another country in such a way that the IRS doesn’t even want to know about it. That’s not evasion, that’s just taking advantage of the same rules the rich have.

And you certainly don’t have to move to any of these countries to take advantage; although many of us love the fact that you can live so much better, for so much less, outside the United States.

Yes, you can live like the rich even if you’re of modest means. Especially right now…

While There’s Never Been A Better Time In History To Diversify And Protect What’s Yours…

I Fear Americans Are Sitting On 
A Ticking Time Bomb…

Thanks to 21st century technology, it is now easier and cheaper than ever to use the same wealth strategies as the rich and powerful.

Unfortunately, this new middleclass ability is destined to be short-lived…

In fact, we are now on borrowed time.

You see, every American knows that the government’s debt is counted in the trillions… 

And you already know that your rights will dissolve the minute the cracks from that debt start to show…

But this time bomb is about much more than just debt... 

In fact, I count at least eight different factors that could leave you penniless and powerless within the next ten years…

1: U.S. debt has now exceeded its gross domestic product...

June 29, 2015, Greek citizens woke up to find their banks closed. There was no warning and no chance to make a last-minute withdrawal to hold them over.

No credit card transactions, no debit cards, and no checks.

People lined up around the block for ATMs, just to get the few bucks they were allowed in the short time before the ATMs ran out of cash.

Greece: no money, no warning...
Image from The Guardian

This was no surprise to most of the world. We’ve watched as Greece spent their way into oblivion—spending far more than they take in—secure in the belief that the rest of Europe would be foolish enough to keep pouring money into their country.

Miraculously, that year Europe proved it was indeed foolish enough to bail Greece out again. 

But make no mistake…  

Relieving unpayable debt by taking on more debt is a recipe for an even-bigger disaster. It’s simple math: you have to spend less than you earn. 

This is common sense for you and me, but politicians take a different approach… they’d rather please voters and bankers now, and leave it to the next guy in line to solve the problem. 

Unfortunately, the problem is quickly gaining a head of steam… 

U.S. debt is a whopping 103% of our GDP: a level seen only once in our history, at the end of WWII

And it’s not going to get better anytime soon…

The Congressional Budget Office reports that debt will continue to climb, while GDP growth remains unchanged, nearly every year until the end of their projection in 2027.  

Yes, most of the world is in far better shape than we are. And almost everyone in the United States is thinking “Nothing like Greece can happen here…”

In fact, there’s no way to predict when the house of cards will topple. 

That’s why so many of the world’s citizens lately have been caught by surprise when their accounts were frozen, when banks closed, or when their savings were lost.

But, as we’ve seen with Greece, the penalty for over-indebtedness is always the same… even here in the United States.

2: Could the country's greatest thief target you next?

Did you know that, in 2014, the U.S. government officially became the country's biggest thief? 

An impressive feat to be sure, and to the tune of more than $5 billion dollars. 

Take a look... 

Image result for asset forfeiture 2018

And if you thought that the police were simply doing a better job, think again...

Back in March last year, the Department of Justice released an alarming report:

Since 2007, about $3.2 billion (yes, with a "b") of the cash seizures were "forfeited administratively." In other words, the cash was taken without proof or criminal convictions.

And that just covers the cash… the values of seized assets and properties could be as much or more.

The Inspector General himself concluded that these seizures "present potential risks to civil liberties."

Well, that's one way to put it.

Again, we’re not talking about criminals getting fleeced by the government, we’re talking about regular folks like you and me…

Mandrel Stuart was the 35 year-old owner of a small barbecue restaurant in Staunton, Virginia: Smoking Rooster’s BBQ Pit and Caribbean Cuisine.

This is all that’s left of Smoking Rooster’s BBQ
The Washington Post

One day while on his way to buy restaurant supplies, he was stopped on suspicion of having improperly tinted windows on Interstate 66 in Fairfax.

He had $17,550 in cash in his car.

The money was confiscated by the police… even though he was never accused of a crime, and hadn’t done anything wrong.

Mandrel decided to fight. And when the government offered to give him half of his money back, he demanded a jury trial.

He eventually won, and they gave all of his money back, including his $12,000 in legal fees.

But, in the meantime, he lost his business because he couldn’t cover his overheads without that money. Smoking Rooster’s is permanently closed.

Lyndon McLellan
The Daily Signal

Again, this is becoming an alarmingly frequent occurrence

Lyndon McLellan has been running the L&M Convenience Mart in rural Fairmont, North Carolina, for more than 10 years. One day, without warning, the IRS confiscated his life savings of $107,000… money that had taken him more than 13 years to save.

He was not charged with any crime.

And, indeed, after a fight, he got his money back… but the government refused to compensate him for over $19,000 in legal and accounting fees.

Carole Hinders
Des Moines Register

Carole Hinders had owned and operated Mrs. Lady’s Mexican Food in Spirit Lake, Iowa, for over 38 years before the IRS swooped in and cleaned out $33,000 from her bank account.

Because Carole runs a cash-only business, it’s necessary to make frequent bank deposits to minimize the amount of cash in the restaurant. 

As a result, the IRS accused her of making deposits of less than $10K in order to avoid them being reported by the bank.

They took all of her money, and now she has to sue to get it back.

I've seen and heard of dozens and dozens of similar accounts. Asset seizures by the government are at an all-time high, and you don't need to have done anything wrong to have your property confiscated.

A 10-month study by The Pittsburgh Press showed that 80% of the people who lost property to the federal government were never even charged.

And, as with Mandrel, Lyndon, and Carole, most of the seized items weren't the luxurious playthings of drug barons but the hard-earned savings and property of ordinary people.

Remember when America was proud of its entrepreneurs?

Unfortunately, these days, business owners have become a target…

3: We’re all potential targets of devastating lawsuits...

Just about everyone is a potential target for a lawsuit today. Over 19 million lawsuits are filed in the United States each year. We have 5% of the world's population, 80% of the world's lawyers, and 90% of all lawsuits.

It's worse if you own a business, investment properties, or if you practice a profession. In these cases, you have one-in-three chance of being named in a lawsuit... this year.

You know the truth as I do: you don’t have to be negligent to lose everything you own to a lawsuit. You just need to have assets worth targeting.

4: Your retirement funds are not sacred, and they’re not safe...

Many of us feel that we can’t be totally wiped out, because most of our wealth is in retirement savings, which are sheltered from lawsuits.

This is not true.

If you’re part of an employer-sponsored retirement plan or 401(k), you are indeed protected by federal law. But, if your funds are now in an IRA or you have a Solo 401(k), then you’re at the mercy of state regulations.

Some states hang you out to dry, leaving all of your IRA retirement funds exposed to plaintiffs… some protect part of your IRA… and some have protection similar to the federal government’s.

It’s a dangerous lottery in which the rules of the game depend on which state you’re sued in.

And all bets are off when it comes to an ex-spouse. 

I’ve recently reviewed cases where they were even able to claim employer retirement plans—many years after the fact—by claiming that their needs were overlooked or that they were treated unfairly.

5: Significant federal tax increases are required just to maintain the nation’s debt at current levels...

I know what you’re thinking… and, yes, President Trump did just sign a new tax overhaul into law.

However, Congress’ nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation warns this new tax plan will add more than $1.4 trillion to the budget deficit over the next decade…

And what do you think will happen when we have a new presidency and these cuts expire several years from now? 

I can tell you this: it won’t be another tax cut.  

It may be delayed some years, but you’ll never escape your ever-increasing share of taxes...

And I can guarantee you that your tax burden of today will not be your tax burden of the future.

As one of society's productive members, the responsibility for the country’s fiscal dilemma will fall to you.

Let's look at just one small example: public pensions.

When Detroit declared bankruptcy, they revealed that the shortfall for retiree medical benefits and pensions was more than $8 billion. And Detroit is just the tip of the iceberg. The New York Times subsequently reported that Chicago's shortage is a staggering $19.5 billion... not counting the teachers retirement fund, which is at the point of collapse.

Furthermore, the U.S. Department of Treasury’s latest report on pension funds reveals that the national pension gap over the next 75 years is a staggering $46.7 trillion.

But that’s not all… a Stanford study done last year shows that state pension plans are already behind and need to come up with $3.85 trillion in order to cover the growing costs.

In fact, the study says exactly zero cities or states are running a balanced budget right now when it comes to their pension systems.

Now, you can bet those hard-earned pensions will be paid... no politician is going to take on that level of fallout…

So the tab will fall to those of us who are able to pay—those with savings or assets that can be taxed.

And, remember, these pensions are just one tiny part of the overall burden that someone needs to cover.

6: Your estate can fall prey to taxes and lawyers…

Elvis Presley
When the king of rock ‘n' roll died in August 1977, his estate was valued at more than $10 million. 

Unfortunately, Elvis Presley's will wound up going through probate, and it took three years for the lawyers to work things out in court. Finally, the court ruled that the estate should pass to his only daughter, Lisa Marie.

But Lisa Marie Presley didn’t get the $10 million. Between taxes and legal fees, Elvis's estate was reduced to just $3 million.

Yes, 70% went straight to the taxman and the lawyers, while his daughter was left with just 30 cents on the dollar.

Another king, however, was the Oil King H.L. Hunt, and his story has a far-different ending.

Just prior to his death in 1974, Hunt's net worth was an estimated at $2 billion... that's about $9.6 billion in 2015 dollars.

But, fortunately, this king was better prepared. He had carefully distributed his assets into all sorts of legal structures—funds, trusts, life insurance... you name it.

After his death, the only asset that could be linked to H.L. Hunt was a pick-up truck worth $2,000—hardly worthy of a courtroom battle. His fortune remained intact.

Frankly, this tale of two kings reflects your two estate-planning options: reserve it or give much of it away.

The moral of the story? Only you have control over your wealth

You—not the government, creditors, litigants, or the banks—get to decide what happens to your assets, now and in the future.

7: There’s a risk to having all of your assets in U.S. dollars…

Currency diversification may be one
of your most important strategies...
And aside from litigation, seizures, and taxes, the very currency that we're saving is losing value to inflation and devaluation.

Frankly, Greenback-holders have had a lot of good times recently… 

But overblown budgets and misguided demands to create more money out of thin air are sure to leave the dollar's future uncertain.

Even if the dollar remains stable and increases in value, having 100% of your assets in dollar-based investments or dollar-valued real estate is simply not good planning.

Face it, you don't have a diversified portfolio if all your assets are in one currency... any currency.

8: Our personal privacy is a thing of the past…

Over the past several years, volumes have been written about the U.S. government spying on its citizens. So much, in fact, that I'm sure I don't  need to talk about it here.

Gone: private calls and email...
The Guardian

But there are two serious incidents that I'd like to highlight today… 

One is a court ruling... stating that "warrantless cellphone location tracking" is not a violation of our Fourth Amendment right to privacy. Specifically, cellphone companies can give the government all data about where you've physically been, without a warrant.

Did you stop to watch an anti-war demonstration? Pause to tie your shoe in front of an adult book store? Have dinner in a Middle Eastern restaurant? Stop by a gun shop?

If so, you may be on a list as an anti-war activist, a pervert, or a terrorist, based on continuous, unfettered access to your physical location.

And if that weren't enough, a program called X-Keyscore is a U.S. government spying operation that tracks basically everything you do on the Internet and everywhere you've been.

And even when a warrant is required for citizen spying, it’s often approved by the FISA court: a secret court, right out of the Soviet era. Don’t look for any accountability to the citizen here…

The right to privacy as we've known it—both financial and personal—is gone.

This Is All 100% Avoidable Profit While Protecting Your Assets, Saving On Taxes And Regaining Privacy

You could do nothing... 

And when the coming crisis comes, at least you'll have the company of everyone else who's doing nothing.

Or you can take control and be the master of your own financial future.

That is, you can position yourself for a world of new opportunities, while preserving everything you've earned so far.

I have dozens of colleagues and friends—many of them readers like yourself—who calmly sailed right through the last recession because they were internationally diversified.

And I'm not suggesting that you do anything illegal. Far from it. 

It's a matter of organizing your assets using legal strategies that make it impossible for anyone to seize them... and, in many cases, for the taxing authorities to tax them.

Going this route, you get to enjoy more of your money today... protect your retirement nest egg from further crises... and, when you're gone, still leave behind something for the people you care about, without the additional pain of a huge tax bill or an expensive and lengthy probate process.

Really, the decision to take action should be easy…

Offshore Wealth Summit
July 25–27, 2018
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Protect What's Yours... 
Pay Less Tax...
 Make A Profit... 
And Have The Adventure Of A Lifetime...

I've done it... thousands before you have done it.

And now you can do it too.

  • Drastically reduce your tax obligations or even live income-tax-free...
  • Set up an iron-clad defense against future litigation, frivolous suits, or divorce actions...
  • Discover the five easiest places to obtain offshore residency, often without having to even live there...
  • Get to know the world's best havens for bank privacy and legal offshore structures...
  • Discover three ways to profit from the best international real estate investment opportunities...
  • Learn the value of holding physical precious metals offshore; something that can be legally non-reportable to the IRS...
  • Learn the many benefits of incorporating and doing business in an offshore location…
  • Discover six easy ways to diversify safely outside the U.S. dollar to obtain a truly diversified portfolio (and never worry about a declining U.S. dollar again)...
  • Rediscover the true privacy that existed in the United States 50 years ago.
Over Three Information-Packed Days, You'll Connect With The Experts Who Represent The Gold Standard In Today's Offshore World...

Limited Attendance:
For A Select Group Of Forward-Thinking People

When you join me and my staff of international experts at my 2018 Offshore Wealth Summit, you'll not only be handed a comprehensive roadmap to the offshore world…

...but we'll also help you build your own personal plan tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle desires.

If You Act Now, You Still Have Options... 
And Big Opportunities To Profit Abroad

Don’t Pay One Penny More In Taxes
Than Legally Required

I mentioned President’s Trump’s new tax plan earlier…

While he’s required to tout the bill as a nod to the middle class, the truth is that the tax bill is mostly an attempt to get businesses—and their profits—back into the United States where they can be taxed.

You’ll note here that the U.S. government could not force these companies to pay…

Keeping money overseas and out of reach of the taxman is completely legal.

In fact, the government had to come up with an irresistible deal just to lure these profits to where the IRS could get their cut…

Apple managed to avoid paying $12.5 billion in U.S. taxes in just two years. And, over a four-year period, they managed to shelter $40.4 billion in earnings. But, again, Apple did absolutely nothing wrong... it was entirely legal.

In fact, they owe it to their shareholders not to pay one penny more in taxes beyond what's legally required. They'd be irresponsible to do otherwise.

And you shouldn't pay one penny more than necessary either.

As long as you’re acting within the law, taking advantage of a strategy like this is a good thing.

This Panama Papers strategy is not just for big corporations… it works well for the little guy, too.”

The strategy Apple employed is simple, and it's not just for multinational corporations or the mega-wealthy either. Almost anyone can benefit from the same tactics.

A retired friend of mine—with an earned income of less than $50,000—uses the same idea to legally avoid taxes on almost all of his income. In fact, I use the same principles myself.

Unfortunately, most people think these strategies don't apply to them... and end up paying far more in taxes than they need to.

At this year’s Offshore Wealth Summit, our team of international experts will show you exactly how you can maximize your tax savings.

And what's more, we'll coach you through your own personal strategy if you'd like a one-on-one consultation.

Earn Up To $208,200 Per Year, Tax-Free

It's normally not worth it to set up your own company—either at home or overseas—just to minimize your taxes. But if you're inclined to be an entrepreneur or already have your own business, then you ought to weigh the costs of transplanting your business residence beyond U.S. shores.

Don't Pay A Cent More In Taxes Than What's Legally Required...

By setting up a company in a tax-free jurisdiction, you can draw a salary up to the value of the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion and not pay any federal income tax on that actively earned income.

Panama is a world leader in the
realm of asset protection

The maximum exclusion for 2018 is $104,100. And if your spouse is an employee of the company, you can double your tax-free earnings to $208,200.

And better yet: If the business is operating from a country that doesn't tax foreign-sourced income, the result could be that the money is entirely tax-free.

Yes, some effort is required to organize things so that your structure is effective and compliant, but the tax advantages of incorporating offshore can be huge.

Of course, this is how it is today… 

What about the next presidential election two years from now? 

If a Democrat wins, we both know they will do everything in their power to reverse everything President Trump has done…

Not only that, but you can bet they’ll try to go above and beyond when it comes to taxes. 

Who’s to say for sure. But we do know this…

Even President Trump has a dangerous approach to our mounting crisis.

When faced with the seemingly insurmountable $19 trillion dollar American debt, Trump’s reply:


Oh yeah? Ask Zimbabwe what happens when you continue to print money in this kind of fashion—it doesn’t end well.

But that’s not really my point.

If Trump can’t get more creative when it comes to dealing with the debt, I certainly wouldn’t bet my future that he won’t claw back the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion.

At the risk of repeating myself… if you want to take advantage of this potential tax-free lifestyle, then you need to begin taking steps now in advance of the election.

Luckily, legally avoiding taxes is among the most important topics we'll be covering—from a number of angles—at my Offshore Wealth Summit.

Shield From Lawsuits, Claims,
And Unfair Judgements

In the United States, a new litigation suit is filed every few seconds... about 19 million civil cases per year. The most newsworthy targets are large corporations... but, more often than not, the suits are against average homeowners, car owners, small-business proprietors, former spouses, or heirs.

Everyone is a target, and the more assets you have the bigger target you are.

“The quality of the event was excellent. I am glad I did not delay.”

--Carlos R., United States

By far, the best way to protect your assets is by moving them offshore. Your assets will be outside the realm of U.S. judgment and almost impossible for those creditors, litigants, or ex-spouses to get their hands on.

When we meet for the Offshore Wealth Summit in the Dominican Republic, you can come away with a virtually iron-clad system for keeping your assets safe from judgments in the United States.

And if your plan has anything to do with buying a home or other investment overseas, common wisdom says to do it now while the dollar stretches your buying power so much further.

Discover The Power Of A
Foreign Residency... Or Two

Obtaining residency in another country provides you with more flexibility and security than any strategy you can employ.

With a residency visa, you have full access to the local banking system, financial services, and equity markets. And often you can easily establish the overseas location as your "tax home"... a legal move that could save you thousands.

Good exposure to some really interesting opportunities for investment and income outside of the
United States.

--Joe S., United States

Obtaining residency in another country
provides you with more flexibility and
security than any strategy you can employ…

In many countries, there is no requirement that you actually live there to obtain residency... and you only need to put in an appearance now and then to keep it current.

Another advantage is that residency usually leads to citizenship allowing you to obtain an all-important second passport... the ultimate back-up plan if things do get really nasty back home.

And, most importantly, a foreign residency guarantees you another place you can call home... a place you’re always welcome should you want or need to go there.

This is the best in asset and litigation protection... and the more residencies you have the better.

At the Offshore Wealth Summit, my team and I will guide you to the best and easiest places for obtaining foreign residency and cover the pros and cons of each country.

Discover The World’s Best Financial And Privacy Havens From Professionals And Expats Who Actually Live There

One critical benefit of participating in this Offshore Wealth Summit is that you'll get to know the world's best jurisdictions for setting up offshore entities or banking operations.

Places like Panama, Uruguay, and Belize, for example, have stood out in the world of offshore banking and asset protection for years and continue to rank at the top of the list today.

The Summit Is Being Held In The 
Dominican Republic For Good Reason:

This Is The World’s #1 Offshore Haven

The Dominican Republic is an Offshore Paradise…

Only a two-hour flight from the United States, the Dominican Republic has worked over the past several years to make itself an irresistible destination for North Americans.

And I can personally vouch that they really knocked it out of the park...

Remarkably, this Caribbean escape is a one-stop shop for whatever your goals may be abroad... this is a diversification paradise

Here you can quickly and affordably set up your retirement, and property values are easily the best in the region and a global bargain.

More to the point, expats here have access to the quickest and easiest paths I have ever seen for starting a business, gaining permanent residency, and obtaining a second citizenship and new passport. 

You can obtain citizenship and a second passport in as little as 18 months... and you don't need to be rich to afford it.

In fact, this little island nation offers a simple and very low-cost naturalization-through-residency program that comes with plenty of qualifying options... from retirement pensions to property purchase...

What's more, permanent residency here includes tax-free import of your vehicle and household goods, tax exemptions on household items and property transfers, a 50% reduction on property tax, tax-free pensions, and much more. 

Furthermore, you can qualify for residency at any age, and temporary residency is usually granted within 45 days of applying. 

This is a beautiful place to live, of course, but this is one of those countries where residency doesn’t require you to live here full time. In fact, I am going through the visa process here myself right now, and I have no intention of living here full time.

Regardless, for all these reasons, the selection of the Dominican Republic for my Offshore Wealth Summit was an easy choice.

At the event, I'll have the resources on hand to help you discover the “DR” and all it has to offer the offshore investor and the potential resident.

Of course, we’ll discuss at least a dozen options, including…

Belize: An English-Speaking, Frequently Overlooked Haven Where You Can Reduce Your Tax Burden To Zero

You don't want to organize your life overseas around tax code. And, in fact, protecting your wealth and planning a new life overseas are usually separate strategies. But sometimes the two agendas can converge...

That is, it can be possible to relocate to the paradise of your fondest daydreams... while reducing your tax burden—maybe to zero.

This is the case in Belize.

Belize Can Be A Haven For Your Money…
And A Paradise For Your Retirement...

It's a country that rolls out the welcome mat offering significant benefits for foreign residents… including seriously appealing tax advantages.

And, better yet, Belize is one of the easiest places in the world to become a full-fledged legal foreign resident.

Also, it's one of the countries I mentioned above where you don't have to take up residence full time. A month per year is all it takes to qualify.

"The level of experience, knowledge, and competence is top-shelf. Primarily, I appreciated the sincere and honest approach of the organizers and all the presenters, as well as the obvious desire to give participants complete, accurate, timely, and appropriate information and to answer questions thoroughly."

--Andrew F., United States

And, as a full-fledged Belize resident, there's something else you may never have to do again: pay income taxes.

When you hear talk of offshore accounts and private banking centers, places like Austria, Liechtenstein, and the Cayman Islands probably spring to mind.

But Belize is not normally an offshore jurisdiction you see flaunted in the advertising pages of glossy in-flight magazines. That's the way Belizeans (and those putting their money here) like it. Under the radar suits them just fine.

Not only a haven for your money,
Belize can be a paradise for your retirement

While no one has been paying any attention, Belize has developed into one of the world's safest and most stable banking havens. Belizean banks are required by law to maintain liquidity levels of 24%. That's unheard of anywhere else in the world.

And it's how Belize managed to escape the financial meltdown in 2008 and 2009 that shook much of the rest of the world.

The even better news is that opening a bank account in Belize is a straightforward process. You don't need to be physically present in the country and no minimum deposit is required. You could even open an account at our event.

Yes, at the Offshore Wealth Summit, we'll have bankers, expats, and developers from Belize to show you the ropes of this premier offshore haven.

Asset Protection:
Not Just About The Americas

At this unique event, our team of experts will consider the best opportunities in the world including not only the Americas but some of Europe’s premier havens as well.

We’ll show you how to:

  • Safeguard your assets…
  • Minimize your tax-burden...
  • Make sure your estate is preserved and passed on to your heirs...
  • Keep your private affairs private…
Real Estate:
The Ultimate Tool In Asset Protection
And A Foreign Asset That You Don’t Have To Declare To The IRS

Believe it or not, as of right now, you can own a second home in a foreign country (whether for investment or personal use), and you are not obliged to inform the U.S. tax authorities.


Investors Are Earning Incomes Of Over 8%... Plus Capital Appreciation...

Real estate is the ultimate tool in asset protection... it's impossible for anyone in the United States to seize and repatriate it.

The beauty of this is that you don't have to be super-rich to use real estate overseas to protect your wealth. Opportunities to buy land, houses, and apartments—for both investment and personal use—exist at all price levels.

And, while not liquid, real estate can fill a number of needs in your portfolio, aside from serving as a seizure-proof asset.

You can hold real estate for potential capital gain. And, even more popular these days, it can serve to generate a handsome income... in some markets it’s easily 8% or more.

Another benefit of holding international real estate is that it often allows you to diversify outside the U.S. dollar and generate non-dollar income.

Having cash in currencies other than the dollar is the only true diversification when it comes to liquid assets.

But the biggest advantage is that—in addition to capital gains, income, and currency diversification—you can also use your real estate investment as your vacation home or retirement home.

At the Summit, our experts will analyze the best places in the world to invest in real estate and even show you specific opportunities in the markets we believe have the best potential.

You’ll have the opportunity—but certainly not the obligation—to invest in foreign property right at the Summit.

The Secrets Of Foreign-Kept Precious Metals… Another Asset Legally Under The IRS Radar

This may also surprise you, but the U.S. government doesn't consider precious metals to be the equivalent of money. That is, you can buy gold, silver, platinum—or any other precious metal overseas—and not have to report it to the IRS.

It's another medium of exchange (aside from real estate) that still can remain secret... legally.

“I can't tell you how good it feels to get straight answers to my questions... no hype and no baloney. Finally, I'm getting the information and the advice
I need.”

--Timothy S., United States

The ideal way to invest in precious metals is to hold the physical metals yourself—in your own name—in a secure offshore storage facility.

With currencies losing value the world over, the precious-metals asset class is one of the smartest strategies you can employ right now... and one of the safest assets you can hold long-term.

Most investors have chosen gold as their safe-haven investment, which is no surprise: Gold is not made of paper, and its had its own intrinsic value for thousands of years.

If the American economy finally collapses in on itself, there’s a very real chance that gold could move to $5,000 an ounce or more.

So if physical gold is an interesting investment option to you, you’d be wise to look into it while you have the ear of our gold experts at my upcoming Summit.

I'll Introduce You To Some Offshore Options You May Not Have Considered

Once you open your eyes to the world of offshore asset protection and investing, you'll discover a whole world of opportunity that doesn't exist within U.S. boundaries.

For example, a popular investment is to make cash investments with property developers. These investment loans—usually secured by property—typically pay interest rates that are well above market rates.

Attending sessions and being able to visit with speakers on a one-to-one basis was wonderful.”

--James C., United States

Granted, there are a lot of fly-by-night developers out there... but there are a lot of solid developers too with long track records of success who fund their projects this way. These are the developers we seek out to bring to your attention.

My team and I will also present opportunities for you to co-invest with developers: a strategy that often has a larger upside potential than making a loan.

Also, many people don't realize that the 5% savings account and the 6% CD are alive and well in a number of offshore jurisdictions.

And, with an offshore presence, you'll also have the chance to invest in stocks, funds, and markets that simply aren't available within the United States only because they choose not to work under the heavy burden of U.S. regulations.

At this Offshore Wealth Summit, we'll bring the safest, tried-and-true opportunities to the table for your review.

Offshore Banking Can Be Your Simplest And Easiest First Step Into The Offshore World

Contrary to what many think, you don't need to be a multimillionaire to participate in the world of offshore banking.

I enjoyed this seminar very much. I don't know how you got so many knowledgeable people in one place. It exceeded all my expectations.”

--V.R., United States

You could get started by simply opening a bank account in a haven that offers true private banking. In the right jurisdictions, it can be easy... easier than opening an account down the street in your hometown.

And something as simple as a foreign bank account gets your foot in the door in the offshore world.

Can't meet the minimum deposit of $100,000 required to open an Austrian bank account? Then why not try Belize or Uruguay?

Uruguay offers accounts in dollars, euros, or Uruguayan pesos... and a small deposit is enough to get you started.

In Belize, you can open a private bank account today without depositing a single dollar. And you can set this up—and manage deposits and withdrawals—all from the comfort of your own home.

Opening a foreign bank account is just one of the simplest and easiest offshore strategies we'll be exploring at my Offshore Wealth Summit... and we can make it happen for you right at the event.

Regain The Personal Privacy
That Was Enjoyed In The 50s

I can tell you from experience that there's no feeling like being off the radar.

Sure, the advantages you realize in banking, finance, and investing are part of it. But a bigger part is that amazing sense of well-being and relaxation that comes from knowing you're no longer at the center of world conflict.

And, what's more, you'll enjoy the simple luxury of not being watched... being able to say what you like on the phone or in an email without tripping a keyword trigger.

Believe me: When you're living the low-key lifestyle in places like Uruguay... or the wine region of Argentina... or the coast of Chile... or the beaches of Belize... then the daily menacing news of terror threats, drone strikes, etc., seem like they're from another planet.

You've opted out... and there's no reason for anyone to watch you anymore.

You might decide to join the 8.7 million people who've adopted this lifestyle full time... or maybe you'd rather set down roots somewhere part time to lay the groundwork for this lifestyle as a future option.

Personal privacy and the ability to fly under the radar will be an important part of this event.

No Cookie-Cutter Solutions:
The Right Offshore Strategy For You

Opportunities for going offshore come in all shapes and sizes. Generally, going offshore involves moving at least part of your assets, your business, your banking—or even yourself—to a safe haven...

"Great source of reliable information from trusted, proven sources."

--Jim C., United States

If visions of precious metals locked away in the vaults of a faraway haven make you uneasy, let me reassure you that going offshore isn't anything as cloak-and-dagger (or glamorous) as it may sound.

It's about legally defending what's yours in a way that makes it more difficult for creditors to attack.

Offshore strategies include trusts, foundations, international life insurance, and owning a foreign bank account, to name a few. These are all legal ways for you to build a wall around your assets. Pretty routine stuff, really. And easy to set up.

When it comes to retiring overseas, we know that there's no one-size-fits-all paradise. Everyone's perfect haven is different. The same goes for investing and structuring your affairs offshore.

The strategy that's best for you depends on your own circumstances… your age, employment status, current net-worth, current budget for investment, existing investment portfolio, time frame until retirement, your wishes for your estate, and so on.

The questions and considerations are many. The good news is that you don't have to try to wade through them by yourself.

I've Been Honing These Important Skills For More Than Two Decades

I've bought real estate and made other kinds of investments across the globe. I've set up bank accounts, offshore corporations, and other overseas structures in many jurisdictions. Here's what I've learned:

You don't want to try this alone.

Each time I've set out to invest or do business overseas, I've called in
the pros: attorneys... tax consultants... bankers... structures experts... real estate advisors... and so on... people with many more years of far more focused experience than I in their respective areas of expertise.

And that's exactly what I've done for this year’s Offshore Wealth Summit: I've called in the pros.

The Experts Who Will Help
Position You For Success Offshore

Speakers At The Event Are Available For One-On-One Consultation

When I decided to call this Offshore Wealth Summit, I put out a call to this network of offshore experts (my personal "offshore army" so to speak).

Over the three power-packed days of our program, this team of international attorneys, tax specialists, real estate investors, and more, will walk you through the best opportunities available to you offshore today.

And they will be on hand to answer questions on the issues that concern you, personally.

Spend three days with us in Santo Domingo, and, with the help of this team of experts, you'll walk away with a clear plan for how best to protect your own wealth for the long-term… and often earn a profit while you're at it.

And, perhaps best of all, you’ll get your foot in the door before the election and any ensuing fallout it may have.


Lief Simon has been taking a diversified global approach—to business, to investing, and to life in general—and showing others how to do the same, for more than 20 years. Lief doesn’t talk the talk, he walks the walk… and he has an impressive track record of real-world experience and personal success.

At his Offshore Wealth Summit, Lief will walk you through the fundamentals of global diversification and help you fit the pieces together to conceive and even begin to execute your own customized offshore diversification plan.



Joel Nagel is one of the world’s leading authorities on asset protection. At the Offshore Wealth Summit, Joel will introduce you to the most effective asset protection tools and strategies in the current global climate. Then he'll walk you through how you use them to achieve an iron-clad and legal asset protection plan of your own.

At this special event, you will have the opportunity to work directly with Joel to select the right structures, strategies, and jurisdictions for you so that you can manage and reduce your tax burden, protect your assets, and leave a legacy for your heirs.


President of Caye International Bank, Ltd. in Belize, Peter Zipper is a leading expert on offshore banking and investment centers.

Drawing on more than 20 years of experience in the private banking industry, Peter can show you how to benefit from all the advantages of banking offshore. With Peter’s help, you could even open an offshore account in Belize while at the event.




Our Colombia-based attorney, Juan Darío Gutiérrez, can start you on the path to establishing more flexibility and security via a foreign residency, which can lead to an all-important second passport... the ultimate back-up plan.





Rich Ellison is a Director of Business Development with OneTRADEx Ltd. with an impressive track record providing asset management services from bases in his preferred jurisdictions of Singapore and the Cayman Islands, where he currently resides.

Rich started his financial services career with KPMG in Canada and then worked with PwC in the Cayman Islands as a hedge fund specialist. He has worked as well with Barclays and Grant Thornton. He brings long experience in the Asian, North American, and Caribbean marketplaces to the table and to the discussions at this year’s Offshore Wealth Summit. 

Vincenzo Villamena

Vincenzo Villamena specializes in International Accounting and Tax Services for expats who want straightforward and transparent solutions. At the event, he will help you navigate the confusing world of expat taxes, ensuring you IRS compliance and maximized returns.

Vincenzo started doing expat accounting and tax services in 2005 to help out a few close expat friends. 11 years later, he has over 700 satisfied clients around the world and has become the go-to source for international tax support. 


These are just a few of the experts who we have convened for this event.

In addition, we'll introduce you to...

  • Other key experts presenting the current best options for protecting and preserving your wealth and diversifying your assets and your life in the world's top offshore jurisdictions (including Panama, Belize, Uruguay, Andorra, St. Kitts and Nevis, the Dominican Republic, and Hong Kong)...
  • Our top international life-insurance expert...
  • Our preferred bankers from key jurisdictions...
  • Experts to present some of the best current real estate opportunities...
  • The world's leading advisors on issues related to residency, citizenship, second passports, and expatriation...

Experts and advisors who will introduce you to the best current opportunities for investing in real and productive assets, including timber, vineyards and a very interesting natural commodity you may never have thought of… but that could double your money in three years...

Best of all, you’ll learn about all of these opportunities and strategies pre-election, so you can put your plan in play before any election ramifications come about.

Seize This Unique, Cost-Effective Opportunity
To Protect What's Yours... Pay Less Tax... Make A Profit...
And Have The Adventure Of A Lifetime...

In the room with these experts, over the course of these three days, you'll get the full story on:

  • Strategies for investing offshore that are both profitable and private... as well as the best opportunities available in the world right now in each area...
  • How to find the world's banking havens best suited to your needs, and how to take advantage of them...
  • The best places today to invest in real estate, for capital gain or to generate income (places where your dollar will go far)...
  • Strategies and actual opportunities to invest in rare metals, including secure, personal overseas storage…
  • Structures that will make it impossible for anyone in the world to touch your assets (again, all 100% legal)...
    Montevideo, Uruguay, is one of
    the world's ‘under the radar'
    offshore havens
  • Some of the most profitable and convenient opportunities for currency diversification in the world today…
  • The big tax issues to address when investing, living, and doing business offshore (including issues such as the foreign-earned income exclusion and taking advantage of low-tax and zero-tax jurisdictions)...
  • The world’s best places for those who want to remain
    off the radar
  • The benefits of incorporating and doing business in an offshore haven (as well as introductions to the best offshore havens in the world today)...
  • The top current options worldwide for obtaining residency and a second passport... and the important reasons why you might want one in the first place…

Perhaps most importantly, you'll have the opportunity to meet in person with the best qualified, most experienced offshore professionals I've come to know in more than 25 years of spending time and money around the world.

They're convened specifically to help you design and follow through on the offshore plan and strategy that suits you best to come up with your personal plan.

This Unique, Value-Packed Event Is Only Available For A Short Time At These Prices

My 2018 Offshore Wealth Summit is an exclusive opportunity to protect your wealth, minimize your taxes, and earn a profit abroad.

We'll have experts on hand from around the world to help you with every possible endeavor.

I think the info and people I've met are super high quality and in the first day has more than paid for the expense of the trip.”

--Scot C., United States

The conference is action-oriented. Based on past experience, some attendees will begin the visa process during the event... or open financial accounts... or begin to create their offshore structures.

The full-priced cost of admission for the Offshore Wealth Summit is only $1,095 per person, only $1,590 per couple. (That's right... the second half of a couple attends for less than half-price!)

But there's no need to pay that much...

When you sign up now, you qualify for the Early Bird Discount.

This will slash the cost of admission to just $845 for one person, and only $1,340 for two.

Here's what's included with the price of admission:

  1. Admission to all presentations…

  2. Complete access to the restricted exhibit area…

  3. Expert personal consultations…

  4. Formal and informal Q&A sessions, breakouts, and workshops…

  5. Introductions to reliable real estate sources, business contacts, fellow expats, and professional legal resources…

  6. Coffee breaks and snacks…

  7. Welcome cocktail reception and all sponsored lunches and events…

  8. Seminar materials, notebooks, and handouts…

  9. Downloads of all conference presentations after the event is over…

  10. A complete set of professionally produced conference recordings…

Reserve your seat today by contacting our Conference Coordinators by email or by calling them at 1-888-627-8834. They'll have you booked and ready to go in minutes. Or, if you'd prefer, you can use our convenient Online Registration Form.

The Window Of Opportunity Is Closing
Act Now... Before You Lose Too Many Of Your Options…

Swiss bankers no longer want U.S. clients... thanks to hassle from the U.S. government and its demand that banks provide personal details of U.S. account-holders. Other nations are following suit.

Many foreign banks are now turning away U.S. clients. And what’s worse is that many are closing existing U.S. accounts (some on short notice) rather than giving information to the U.S. government and the IRS.
The problem is the FATCA legislation. As its provisions take full effect around the world, it continues to restrict your ability to move money out of the United States and continues to limit your options overseas.

During the 2018 Offshore Wealth Summit, we'll cover your options thoroughly. Specifically, you'll see what you need to know before you choose a bank... pick a jurisdiction... or locate a business overseas.

But here's the critical point to remember today: Your ability to internationalize your life and implement your offshore plan may well be further hampered after the coming election.

And your dollar almost certainly will not be worth again as much as it is today for years to come.

Now is the time to act to preserve your options while you still can.

These Three Days Could Save You Thousands Per Year... Every Year For The Rest Of Your Life

This July in Santo Domingo, my team of offshore experts will lay out all the information you need to get started on a more secure, more bountiful future, for yourself and your family.

They'll outline the most appealing current strategies available to help you:

  • Increase your wealth…
  • Defend what you've already got…
  • Minimize your tax burden…
  • Protect and provide for your heirs…
  • Take back your personal privacy…

This is your last call-to-action in the face of the closing window of opportunity.

The freedom for Americans to do all the things you might want to do in the international arena is being compromised. And things can only go downhill from here.

Today, you have the power to control what happens to your wealth. Next year, you'll have less power... and possibly less wealth.

Take this step now to take control of your and your family's future.

Join us in the Dominican Republic for this rare and timely opportunity. I sincerely believe it could be the most important three days you spend this year.

I hope to meet you there.

Go here now to reserve your place.


Lief Simon
Editor, Offshore Living Letter

P.S. While starting implementation of your offshore plan is fairly easy, your ultimate offshore plan may take years to fully implement.

But you've got to position yourself now, before the coming crisis makes everything that much more difficult .

Reserve your place here.


Thank you to you, your staff, and the professionals who participated at the event. It was a great experience for me and I am sure for all the other participants, as well. I am so happy I made the decision to join the group. I learned a lot about investments, offshore banking, living in foreign countries, and much more. Congratulations for your organization.

-- Janet K., United States

Very pleased overall. More than met expectations. Speakers were excellent overall, lots of info & much of it relevant to us.    

-- Henry M., United States

Thanks again for all of your hard work in putting together the conference. For anyone considering a move to a foreign country, a conference like this one should be on their must-do list.

-- Diane D., United States

Kathleen, I'm sure it will take you a few days to recover from the intense effort that you and your wonderful staff put into the conference. From my perspective, it was an excellent production. Thank you.

-- Elmore S., United States

Kathleen, the honesty and realism of your information shines through. I am looking forward to continuing reading your offerings for a long time.

-- Carol C., United States

Just great. Very welcoming and supplied answers to all questions very well. I'll see you again soon.

-- Charles M., United States

Kathleen, thank you for all your hard work. You have made a lot of people dream and a lot of dreams come true. I enjoy all the e-mails from all your staff living all over the world. I am always telling people about you and how you started your publications years ago. In fact, I just today told my banker about how honest and smart you are, letting us know where to go. Wish I had listened to you more years ago...

-- Marlene M., Alaska

Very knowledgeable speakers, very interesting topics. I learned a lot. – Luis G.

-- Luis G., United States

This was a 10! Great event. Awesome job by the Live and Invest Overseas

-- Edward T., United States

The level of experience, knowledge, and competence is top-shelf. Primarily, I appreciated the sincere and honest approach of the organizers and all the presenters, as well as the obvious desire to give participants complete, accurate, timely, and appropriate information and to answer questions thoroughly.

-- Andrew F., United States

Kathleen, I have to say that you seem to dig deeper into the feel of a particular place and to do comparative analysis between alternative places. Your approach is more sophisticated and thoughtful and therefore more useful than that of other information sources covering these same subjects.

-- John W., United States