QRP Residency And Self-Employment Work Visas In Belize

QRP Residency And Self-Employment Work Visas In Belize

“Kathleen, I have been receiving your newsletter and am very grateful for all the sound advice you offer. I am seriously wanting to invest in Belize.

“First, though, I would like to clear up one point. If my husband goes as a retiree, he cannot work in Belize and needs to show an income of at least US$2,000 per month. Is this correct?

“Can I go with him, not as a beneficiary, but as a self-employed artist of some 35 years? I need to earn an income. Can I go as a tourist on a one-month free visa, then pay per month for a visa thereafter? Then, after six months, apply for a work permit, and then, after one year of staying in Belize, apply for residency?

“I have looked at the regulations and see that they vary slightly. I am trying to get the true story before I make any decisions. Maybe you know someone who resides in Belize under similar circumstances and could help me to verify how this actually works?”

— Caroline T., United States

Yes, your husband must show a minimum income of US$2,000 per month to qualify for Belize’s Qualified Retired Person (QRP) visa. Correspondent in Belize Ari Kahn confirms the particulars of your plan for establishing self-employed residency in Belize:

“I just checked with one of our staff in the country who went through the process. He did exactly as you plan. As you say, you obtain a 30-day tourist visa free upon entry into Belize, then pay per month (US$12.50 per month) for up to six months of additional visas. During this time, you obtain your Temporary Self Employment work permit. If you’re not able to obtain the work permit during this period, you should leave the country for a day, return, and restart the process.

“Note that, otherwise, you should not leave the country during the first year. You need to establish intent of residency, and departing the country interferes with this.”