Tips For The Expat In Ecuador


“I have some questions about Ecuador

“Can I bring my dog along?

“Can you find newspapers in English?

“Is the water safe to drink?

“Can you find Chinese food?

“Are there a lot of insects?

“What kinds of goods are hard to find?”

— Ken K., United States

Ecuador Correspondent Mike Sager replies:

Yes, you can bring your dog, and there is no quarantine period. You just need up-to-date vaccination records.

Yes, in the major cities you can get American and international newspapers.

You’ll want to drink bottled water. We pay US$1.50 for five gallons.

Yes, Chinese food is very present in the big cities. There are a lot of Chinese Ecuadorians.

For me, the insect situation is one of Ecuador’s advantages. Bugs are way less a problem than in Costa Rica, Panama, or Florida, for example. This is one reason I chose this country. I have been living here for three years and still am amazed at how few bugs there are.

What’s tough to find in Ecuador? Good peanuts…

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