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Primroses And Fruit Blossoms…Springtime In Southern France

Béarn, France

“My garden is a mass of primroses, daffodils, violets, tulips, fruit blossoms, and camellias,” writes France Correspondent Lucy Culpepper from the Béarn region in the southwest of that country.

“In the distance, I can see a tractor plowing the deliciously rich, chocolate-brown soil in preparation for the coming maize season. A woodpecker is tapping away at a hollow tree in the woods behind the house, and a hoard of garden birds is busy chasing the emerging gnats to feed to their young.

“Spring has arrived in the Béarn!

“The distant Pyrenean ski resorts are all but closed and will be tidied up over the next month in preparation for walkers, cyclists, and water-sport enthusiasts. Our thoughts are turning away from the mountains toward the ocean and the beautiful Atlantic beaches; already surfers are braving the waves and the frigid water temperatures of the ‘hot’ surf spots on the Basque coastline.

“This weekend, we’ll be joining our neighbors at the villagevide grenier (which means ’empty attic’) to sell unwanted stuff that we have accumulated over the last year. Thevide grenier is an institution in France; it’s like a mass yard sale with food and drinks sold alongside and often includes an organized family walk or bicycle ride.

“One of the great attractions of the Béarn is that there is something for everyone to appreciate with every season…”

Reading Lucy’s note from southwest France this morning, I nearly ached with longing to be where she is right now. The truth is, from a pure quality of life point of view, nowhere on earth compares with France.

Lucy realized this after spending two years on the road in a focused search for the best place in the world to settle with her young family, and I’m delighted to say that Lucy will be bringing all her French Country Living experience with her when she joins us in Paris this July for our Live & Invest in France Conference.

Many other friends in this country will be joining us, as well, for a How To Make Your Dreams Of A New Life In France program that I’m keenly looking forward to.

More details soon. Meantime, you can get your name on the list for special pre-registration discounts here now.

Kathleen Peddicord

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