Investing In Panama

What We Conceived In Andrew’s Loft Yesterday

We’re in Baltimore this week to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family…but also to meet with our Baltimore-based staff. We spent yesterday holed up in their loft digs finalizing plans for the launch of something so big…so exciting…I’m seriously tempted to let you in on it right now.

But I promised my team I wouldn’t let the cat out of the bag until they’re fully prepared to fulfill.

Things are moving so fast around here right now, it’s hard to keep up as we work around the clock to finalize our special report “Launch Your New Life In Panama.” Our editors are putting the finishing touches on the document as I write…and our marketing team is making sure we’re able to deliver on every single opportunity this important document introduces and details.

I’ve been covering this beat for nearly 25 years, and I’ve been spending time and doing business in Panama for nearly 15. And I have to say: I’m wowed by what we’ve been able to put together. Frankly, I believe sincerely it’s the best thing I’ve accomplished in my career to date.

OK…I’m getting ahead of myself. For this important opportunity isn’t quite accomplished yet. And, again, I’ve promised my team I won’t tell you more until they give me the green light.

Meantime, it’s all Panama resources, contacts, experts, colleagues, correspondents, advisors, and friends on deck.

One more word: Voucher…

Kathleen Peddicord

P.S. Panama is the world’s top lifestyle, retirement, and offshore haven. After more than a decade making a career as a global property investor and more than two years of focused research to identify The Next Big Thing, Lief Simon, my husband, chose Panama as the place to invest his money and his time. He’s busy out on the Azuero Peninsula developing a long stretch of beautiful beachfront.

And, after more than 24 years doing business all over the world, I chose Panama last year as the place to invest my time and my money in the launch of my new publishing venture. (Lucky for Lief and me, I guess, that our two geographic agendas collided!)

All things…and this whole wide world considered…it was a no-brainer at the end of the day. We made our lists…pooled our decades of international travel, investing, and business experience…and we arrived at:


We’re chasing our dreams in this beautiful little country with such a big future. And we’d like to help you do the same. Full details of this important opportunity will be released in our new “Launch Your New Life In Panama” special report. Watch this space.