Opportunity In Panama

Opportunity In Panama

“What would be involved with setting up a small business in Panama? Could you help?”

“What is the full story with regards to current immigration policies in Panama?”

“I am sold…Panama is it. I’m ready to make the move, but I need help…”

“Do you have a source for a Girl Friday assistant in Panama, to help with the language and shopping?”

“Thank you, Kathleen and Company. Your enthusiasm and information about Panama are appreciated. I have not visited yet but plan to in 2009 and can’t wait. I’m not so interested in the big city, but El Valle, Sora, Boquete, and Bocas are of interest for part-time to full-time residency. I have had it with life in southwest Florida. It is such a rat race. I have a cabin in the Georgia mountains and plan on cutting out the middle man (Florida). Keep that sage information coming about your beautiful Panama…”

We give a lot of virtual ink to this country at the hub of the Americas. Panama’s certainly not the only appealing place in the world to think about living, retiring, starting a business, mitigating your tax burden, investing in real estate, reducing your cost of living, or having a grand adventure right now…but we’d argue that it’s the best.

Lief and I could be anywhere at this point in our lives, and we’ve chosen to settle in Panama…for some very good reasons that we’ll continue to share with you in these dispatches.

But we’re preparing as I write to do you a whole lot better.

Once you’re “sold,” to borrow the sentiment of the reader I reference above, it’s not a book or a report or an e-letter or a website or any amount of Internet research that you need.

What you need is to move to the next level. You need real-time intelligence. You need on-the-ground support. You need a local infrastructure…you need to be connected (and introduced personally) to key local resources…

To move your Panama plans from dream to reality…from the theoretical to the practical…you need more than information. You need expertise.

It’s who you know when it comes to living, retiring, investing, and doing business with success overseas. And, here in Panama, it’s who you know with palanca.

Ours is a big beat–the whole, wide world.

But we focus our attention where opportunity is greatest.

Right now, when it comes to opportunity, Panama is seriously hard to beat. To get in on it, you need help from others who’ve already made their Panama dreams come true…others just like you who are already enjoying a new life in this little country where both the living and the investing come with such big upsides.

Frankly, nobody knows Panama better than we know Panama. Over the past four months, our editors, correspondents, friends, contacts, and other in-country resources have been working feverishly to help us pull from our dozen years of experience spending time and money here to create something so big I’ve barely been able to contain myself, wanting for weeks now to let you in on what’s been going on behind the scenes.

Finally, I’ve got the go-ahead. Almost. We’re putting the finishing touches on the document as I write.

This is the answer to every single Panama-related question we’ve received from readers over the past many months (including those questions I shared with you at the opening of this dispatch).

This is nothing short of everything you need to Launch Your New Life In Panama.

This is the secret to making your Panama dreams come true.

The full report will be released Tuesday, Dec. 16, at noon EST. Things are happening so fast around here, I’ve got to go so I can try to keep up.

I’ll leave you with one more word right now: Voucher.

Full story Tuesday.

Kathleen Peddicord

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