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Country Retirement Report

Country Retirement Report Cambodia

A major cultural revival is underway in this SE Asian capital city and it’s affecting every part of daily life. In this report Cambodia expert Robert Carry writes that the arts, dance, food, religion, music, and even clothing are thriving after years of repression. Tourist numbers are exploding—up 180% since 2004—which is often a precursor to developers moving in and property prices zooming up. It’ll be a while before that really takes a grip so take a look now and see what’s happening in Phnom Penh today.

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Discover Asia Kit

Discover Asia Kit

The World’s Cheapest Retirement Havens…Are Also The Most Exotic

Follow some of the world’s most intrepid travelers as they take you on a journey through Asia unlike you’ll find anywhere else. Our editors introduce you in real time, and a very real-world way to the cities, villages, and beaches of this region that we’ve identified as holding out real potential for the adventurer retiree.

Let our correspondents show you how in this brand-new and fully illustrated guide: Around Asia— On The Trail Of Adventure In The World’s Most Affordable And Exotic Places To Spend Time

The Discover Asia Kit collection has just been published in a greatly expanded New Edition that includes six separate Country Retirement Reports introducing you in full detail to our top Asia picks, and a residency report comparing all of Southeast Asia’s best residency programs. Asia’s a big place. Where, specifically, should you focus your attention? These six special-focus guides direct you to the best of this ultra-exotic and super-affordable region.

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