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Map Of Turkey

Turkey's Geographical Location

The Republic of Turkey is located mostly in Asia with less than 5% of its land located in Southeatern Europe and its largest city, Istanbul, located on both the European and Asian Continents. It is the 37th largest country in the world, bigger than the state of Texas.

Turkey borders eight countries, Syria, Iraq, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Greece and  Bulgaria and is surrounded by the Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Seas.

This country lies on the North Anatolian Fault which moves back and forth roughly 8 inches a year.  This means Turkey is prone to earthquakes which range from barely noticeable to ranking five or higher on the richter scale.

The center of Turkey is mostly plateau with rough terrain and is sandwiched between two mountain ranges. Most of the terrain is of limited agricultrual value, especially in the east, but there are more fertile plains in the Igdir region.  It’s highest point is Mount Ararat which is a dormant volcano.

Map of Turkey

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