Earn Up To 13% Annualized From This Compelling Investment Play In Colombia

In the United States, there are companies that offer cash up front for a structured settlement. The idea is to get people to sell their structured settlements from lawsuits or other payouts. The person with the structured settlement gets cash today and the investor (the company) buys a set of cash flows at a discount. It´s win-win for both parties involved as the person does not have to wait to receive their full settlement and the investor is able to generate a nice return from the discounted cash flows.

Right now, there is a similar cash-flow investment opportunity available to investors in Colombia. It involves lawsuits that have been won against the Colombian government. While the payouts are not structured over time, the government takes between 8 to 24 months make the payments. Considering that the plaintiffs have waited five to eight years to get a judgement, they are not thrilled about waiting an additional two years to get paid.

This is where YOU come in. There is a firm that packages the judgements and pays out cash to the plaintiffs at a discount. The investor earns an above average rate of return for the period they hold the claims.  Specifically, each investor earns an annualized yield of 13%.

Some of the risks involved in this investment include:

  • Non-payment. As the government is the debtor, the likelihood of not getting paid is small, but the timeline is not specific. The government intends to pay within 10 months, however payment can take up to two years.

  • Unfavorable Exchange Rates. This investment is done in Colombian pesos. It is hard predict what the value of the Colombian peso against the dollar as it can go in any direction. Either way, you can always roll over your pesos into another investment. 

  • Fraud. The plaintiff may sell you his payments but not transfer them to you. The firm that facilitates does the due diligence on each settlement and ensures that the rights to the settlement are properly transferred before releasing fund to the plaintiffs.

Investment opportunities like this do not come around often and when they do few people are privy to them. However, right now you take advantage of this play and earn a minimum annualized yield of 13%. Additionally, there is a low entry point for this investment with a minimum capital requirement of US$50,000. 

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