Gran Pacifica is a five-star resort community destined to be Nicaragua's premier upscale hotel and golfing resort. More than 200 leading business entrepreneurs, professionals, and retirees from around the world have already purchased home lots, and this window of opportunity will only be open a short while longer. 70% financing is available making your decision to own here even easier.

Products and services include oceanfront condos and homes, golf-front villas, and the casita village, plus rental and property management. Located less than an hour from downtown Managua, you always have easy access to the airport and the conveniences of the city. Living abroad in affordable luxury has never been so easy.

Here's why more than 200 smart, investment-savvy folks already have decided to own a home or condo at Gran Pacifica:

1. Infrastructure. Our "behind the scenes" infrastructure is world-class and will provide you with a comfortable environment to call home. This means well more than just the elegant beauty of paved streets, sidewalks, and streetlights. It's the underground electric, fiber optic cable to every home and the freshwater and sewer systems designed to U.S. standards that make the basics of life at Gran Pacifica convenient. Good water pressure means an enjoyable shower after a day at the beach. Fiber optic cable means fast access to the internet, inexpensive phone calls home, and cable TV with major U.S. networks means you can curl up to a good movie or sporting event whenever you feel like it. Because of extensive forethought and exhaustive planning, Gran Pacifica will deliver a quality of living that most North Americans take for granted...but that is, frankly, extraordinary for this part of the world.

2. Construction Standards. Your home can be of one of several pre-approved designs that meet the impeccable standards and architectural guidelines of Urban Design Associates, the world-famous land-planning firm hired by Walt Disney to create the 8,000-home Celebration community in Florida. You are also invited to select among the design offerings by independent architects who have been reviewed and pre-approved by the Gran Pacifica Planning Commission. Individual personalized concepts are also openly accepted as long as they meet the standards detailed in our guidelines. This ensures that your neighbor also will build an approved home, complementing and enhancing the value of yours. Additionally, very tight covenants and restrictions set the community standards by which all homeowners must abide. Resale value is significantly higher when strict guidelines are enforced.

3. Quality of Maintenance. Gran Pacifica Property Owner Fees (POF) are the highest in Nicaragua, because we offer the best. Anticipating most of the contingencies known to occur in residential developments, we only want neighbors who appreciate an upfront attitude of honesty and straightforwardness about the commitment required to maintain the finest quality, state-of-the-art infrastructure for the benefit of all homeowners.

4. Mayberry by the Beach. You will live in a glorious, safe, and friendly community of like-minded, successful people who wish to enjoy a lush vacation or retirement experience. To maintain our quality standards, home construction will be required within 24 months of your purchase of your property. For many reasons our unique community will deliver the intangibles of an upscale holiday or retirement experience.

5. Strategic Planning. Gran Pacifica's focus on strategic planning is evidenced by the team of leading, experienced experts who are building this reality. This dream team of international VIPs and organizations is making Gran Pacifica a place where you'll not only want to own, but where you'll also want to spend time. Every big and small detail has been considered for the long term.

Location, people, and planning are the key elements of the Gran Pacifica community and are what drive the value for you now and for you and all your fellow owners in the future. You have now the opportunity to get involved in Gran Pacifica at its earliest stage and to be a part of creating this uniquely special Pacific oceanfront community. Act now and be ahead of the crowd. Not many folks will have this chance. But you do.

Enter your contact information below and come see for yourself what Gran Pacifica is all about. You'll be glad you did.